Monday, August 18, 2008

The Secret Behind The Law Of Attraction

I had the opportunity recently to speak with Hope Bradford, author of a stunning new, soon to be released book entitled 'Beneficial Law Of Attraction - The Manifestation Teachings'.

Like many people, I have been a fan of 'The Secret' for some time now. However, like many people, I have not necessarily manifested my goals. Here, in this book, I learned why this has not yet occurred and specifically how to correct my previous missteps. The law of attraction is valid and does work - but only when applied properly.

In this revealing book we are given a wonderful opportunity to hear it straight from the source. The way in which this information was revealed is even more stunning than the revelations themselves . . .

Tell me a little about yourself and the special event that happened to you in 2004.

H.B.: I have practiced transpersonal hypnosis for over twenty years. As many of your readers may already know, hypnosis can be utilized for a variety of goals. My expertise, transpersonal hypnosis, addresses the more metaphysical aspects including past life regression, chakra alignment, visualization, etc. Even though I had facilitated hundreds of trance regressions I was not prepared for the singular psychic event that transformed my life: witnessing the spontaneously channeled teachings of the Buddhist deity Kuan Yin by my client Lena Lees. Agreeing to record and transcribe each of the twenty-eight sessions, I then compiled them into the book, The Living Word of Kuan Yin.

As many may not be familiar with Kuan Yin, please elaborate to our readers a little more about this Buddhist deity's origins.

H.B.: As a Westerner, I initially had a remote knowledge of Kuan Yin. Through witnessing and transcribing her spiritual teachings into The Living Word, I instantly recognized authentic wisdom. The passages therein represented words spoken by an Ascended Master, one who has completed ones karma here on earth. All emerging philosophies are eventually codified. With Lena Lees as her vehicle, Kuan Yin articulated her modern precepts concerning The Law of Attraction. The iconography of Kuan Yin depicts Him or Her in many forms, each one revealing a unique aspect of the God force's merciful presence. Known in early China as the male incarnation of Godly perfection, the Kannon Avalokitesvara in modern times has evolved to be considered predominantly female. In other legends, Avalokitesvara was associated with Potala Palace in Tibet well before the Buddhists came during the 7th century AD. Partly legend, partly origin myth, there exists extensive research and writings tracing how Avalokitesvara evolved from male to female, how he became Kuan Yin, the "mother of the human race". As the sublime Goddess of Mercy whose beauty, grace and compassion represent the ideal of womanhood, Kuan Yin came to Lena often as a young woman in flowing white robes, carrying in her left hand a white lotus, symbol of purity. During the sessions, however, Kuan Yin might also manifest as God: sitting righteously upon his regal throne. Not confined to traditional forms, Kuan Yin's ability to transform was seemingly limitless. During a channeled session Kuan Yin once dwarfed Ms. Lees, gently cradling her in the palm of her gargantuan hand. In this way Kuan Yin demonstrated the boundless love and mercy welling forth from the universe. Arriving for each new session, this god/goddess characteristically appeared as shapes meant to assist with her powerful message. For example, appearing as a woman with a thousand arms, she was described by Ms. Lees in the following way: “Earlier today, I saw Kuan Yin. She was immense, having thousands of arms. In each hand is a symbol, tools for understanding our lives. She was grasping different things like a candle, the Buddha, hands with eyes, a lotus, the Buddhist symbol for peace, her bottle containing healing elixir; instruments which are for peacefully slaying injustice, the fog of indecision. These are instruments for one’s protection, as well.”

Kuan Yin's form of law of attraction is called "Beneficial Law of Attraction". Why?

H.B.: Whether consciously or unconsciously, you are always doing LOA. The events and relationships you do attract range in varying degrees from beneficial to harmful. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have long known that if we are centered and properly focused we are much more likely to actualize that which is most fulfilling. Kuan Yin's spiritual teachings are the pioneer path allowing us to utilize the seven innate forces to achieve personal Beneficial LOA. Using Kuan Yin's interactive strategies, we can live, as much as possible, in our highest vibration: our "moment-to-moment" consciousness. Mastering this kind of positive energy is integral to successfully implementing Kuan Yin's six-step Beneficial LOA.

I noticed that you mentioned that Kuan Yin has fresh insights for understanding how the Law of Attraction works in our lives. How does your book differ from other Law of Attraction books?

H.B.: Because she is considered the embodiment of love and compassion, Kuan Yin's Beneficial Law of Attraction teachings offer an in-depth explanation of why it is essential to develop (in all areas of one's life) her Love and Forgiveness Principle so to attract one's ideal life. This manuscript places you at the foot of the "yellow brick road". Utilizing one's free will and unique creative mode, one leaps into "the waters of consciousness". Such courageous choices, however, require a full understanding of the correct protocols involved in awakening to one's power and, indeed, most expansive humanity.

Many seek answers in Law of Attraction books for what is sometimes referred to as the big three concerns in life: finances and career, relationship and health. What is Kuan Yin's approach to the concept that we each attract our reality?

Kuan Yin maintains that it these "realistic lives" of ours, which provide an opportunity for understanding our central role in "imagining the possibilities of something greater". Explaining that through understanding an individual's unique gestalt of beliefs, emotions and vibration, she wants us to "say and believe" that we can attract our most ideal reality. Stating that "prosperity can happen at any time", Kuan Yin wants us to know that we have the ability, right now, to envision and attract "the most divine life imaginable".

Above, I mentioned the primary three concerns for many people: money, relationship and health. Please explain to my readers why Kuan Yin believes it is so essential to develop an ability to attract ones most ideal reality in all of these areas of life?

H.B.: Kuan Yin insists that expansive or limiting emotional patterning can originate and then solidify from beliefs that have been formed and developed over lifetimes. Our in time (sequential) "dream", as Kuan Yin terms it, is the physical manifestation of one's personal beliefs and intentions. These beliefs and intentions are so powerful as to repeatedly magnetize souls into liberating or entrapping realities. Most decidedly, then, Kuan Yin's Beneficial LOA teachings concur with the "like attracts like" approach to manifestation: a basic premise that modern LOA texts must rely upon. Denial and repressed emotions can act like a logjam, though, preventing the creative force from naturally expressing itself in a positive way. Genuine healing from these entrapping cycles can only come through mastering Beneficial LOA.

You mentioned that certain beliefs can create a "logjam". What are some other obstacles to achieving Kuan Yin's Beneficial LOA?

H.B.: According to Kuan Yin, undo "worrying and busyness" can create their own unwanted "made-up" realities. Belief in evil can also attract polarized and undesirable realities: "Those choosing such experiences have a need to understand how it feels to believe evil powers exist. Again, I say that those who pursue this route are taking it too personally. They believe the story they've made up about themselves.” Kuan Yin also stresses that "allowing" a goal to unfold, rather than forcing it can avoid acquiring a "negative driving force":

"One can’t just 'hit life' and expect that it will co-operate, go the way one wants. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. You might have heard the sayings, 'the path is the goal' or 'the journey is the goal'. These sayings are antithetical to the reality of living in your culture. Your culture is very goal structured. There is always a push to be where one is supposed to be rather than savoring where one is right now. This is cultural, not instinctual. Naturally, one needs a driving force to survive. However, the concept of having specific goals is very Western. This kind of mindset makes people very ambitious. However, no one is obligated to live his life by this Western view of things. Its important to have an idea of the path one wants to be on. This statement comes with the warning that one not be too attached to the outcome. To have a concept about the nature of one’s life path can be a skillful tool in living one’s life. However there is a danger that one will misconstrue a goal to be the entire purpose of one’s life and in so doing perhaps create a negative driving force (emotions). Don’t be too harsh on yourself concerning the choices you’ve made during your life. When one subtracts from the equation of life physical birth and death, one can regard lessons learned as forming an infinite line. Then one can say to himself, ‘I’m learning this right now’. Try to crystallize the components of the lesson, excluding as much as is possible gender and financial factors. Repeat to yourself: ‘this is the lesson I’m learning right now, at this exact moment in time’."

What are some of the exercises and techniques offered by Kuan Yin for achieving Beneficial LOA?

H.B.: Kuan Yin offers her unique meditations, affirmations and visualization techniques. Saying that we are "made of sound" and "sound comes first in the universe", the deity discusses the importance of ones personal "tonal resonance" and how it can help to create an expansive or limiting vibration. Beneficial LOA also features clinical case histories: individual client's experiences utilizing Kuan Yin Beneficial Law of Attraction teachings and techniques.

What, according to Kuan Yin, are the greatest reasons for suffering on earth?

H.B.: The Fear Triad beliefs can attract "artificial" burdens and their resulting limiting realities. Understanding how to avoid these three "unfortunates", one can then learn how to effectively direct ego-centered consciousness.

Kuan Yin has stated that we've consciously joined this earthly "adventure": that we are living in a collective agreement. Why are we here? What is the purpose of life?

H.B.: Kuan Yin emphasizes that "acceptance of differences" is the foremost lesson of an earthly existence. Coming during a hypnosis session to Lena as Botticelli's "Venus"; majestic on the half-shell, Kuan Yin stressed the importance of bringing compassion and creativity into one’s everyday life. Poised upon her oceanic throne, the deity showed how this present life is one’s crowning spiritual experience, wherein one has the supreme opportunity to exact divinity from the mundane. These skills will serve us, this deity assures, not only here on earth, but in other realities, as well. According to Kuan Yin, we are here to "spiritualize matter"--that is, learn how to most effectively direct the creative force that is within each of us. Stating there are no missteps, that everything we do is important to the process, Kuan Yin emphasizes that love and compassion are the most powerful forces in the universe".

Many of us don't understand or even believe in reincarnation or other lifetimes. Yet, this deity insists its true. How does Beneficial Law of Attraction enter into all of this? Are we actually attracted to those lifetimes we reincarnate into?

H.B.: Kuan Yin wants us to understand more than anything else is that we all have free will and that the events in any lifetime stem from our beliefs and their corresponding emotions. Obviously, the beliefs and associations that determine which reality one is attracted to are very individual and personal. So it is important to examine what we truly believe in. It's interesting to note that when regressing a client, together we often discover the same belief responsible for, say, a lifetime filled with strife resurfaces as yet another untenable lifetime. It is the belief creating myriad simultaneous lifetimes, therefore, and not the other way around. In the following quote, Kuan Yin explains in metaphysical terms what physicists already suspect--that time does not exist: "You're at page ten but I understand the entire evolution. In reality, it's already over. It's a dream. Remember? You're living a dream. It's very complicated to hold the dream and live the dream. You are learning the art of juggling the dream and the world of dreams. No one really gets hurt-...You've already lived all of your lives!"

The hypothesis of multiple universes is now a universally accepted scientific
probability. What does this deity' sweeping statement reveal in terms of our supposed in-time existence? How does one reconcile such a precept with traditional definitions of reincarnation: doctrines stating one is reborn into a succession of lifetimes? Stating that we each are a part of god simultaneously "playing out adventures from his or her beliefs," Kuan Yin insists personal reality is a result of ones mindset: a powerful gestalt of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and intentions and that the present is our "escape hatch"—our way out of limiting realities. Further, each individual is endowed with free will, the power to envision the possibilities, creating ones most expansive reality.

I suppose the above discussion is a good segue for revealing Kuan Yin's teachings concerning the difference between karma and free will?

H.B.: Yes, according to Kuan Yin, we have free will and are here to learn how to effectively direct the creative force so to attract our ideal reality--and perhaps more importantly, to learn the power of compassion and love. There are some who believe violation is power. But throughout her parables, Kuan Yin demonstrates that motherly love is the most powerful force in the universe. Concerning karma and free will, Kuan Yin says: "The cool thing about free will is that even if one has a huge bag of karma, there is still a lot of free will for all those souls coming into the world."

Periodically elaborating on its relevance throughout the text, Kuan Yin’s definition of karma departs from traditional Hindu and Buddhist cause and effect theory: the total moral sum of an individual’s life, determining the circumstances of one’s next life. Stating we’ve already lived all of our lives, Kuan Yin stresses that it is the accumulated expansive and/or limiting beliefs (from the simultaneous, past, present and future) creating “made-up stories” about oneself and, thus, reality. Many fear death and yet Kuan Yin insists death is but a doorway to a new reality. However, according to Kuan Yin, fear of death is responsible for much suffering and destruction and if not healed, can create further karmic lessons: “It is important to accept that the human condition is temporary, fleeting. It’s filled with pain and suffering, beauty, strange tastes, odors of death, everything that exists in the universe. Problems are created when one is so obsessed with his/her own death, when one is too attached to their life. This attachment to a single incarnation causes the species to play out gruesome deaths. If you knew you were more than just this life, you would not plunder the land, each other."

Do we have a soul?

H.B.: Kuan Yin wants us to know that we have an eternal soul or what she terms, ones "Authentic Self" or "Always Self": that part of us "existing before we are born and after we die": The God force experiences itself more clearly when it can separate itself out, obtain a different point of view. Because of this separation, the personification of the “Always Self”, there exists the possibility for pain. Experiential versus the God eye! Possessing 'ego vision', a person’s view from his physical eyes is quite versatile, able to discern wide and varied visages over huge distances and/or scrutinizing the minutest of details. Ego’s very nature: its capability for a relatively expansive, detailed, and yet individualistic perspective is crucial to the entire process. Separating itself out from the God force, ego extracts from its experience infinite unique perspectives, integral to humanity’s process of spiritualizing matter. Incarnating on the earth in a physical body is therefore critical for attainment of divinity...and is, the most important step in our evolution." Kuan Yin

It appears as though everyone's experience is so different, so individualized. What is Kuan Yin's opinion of these varying experiences?

H.B.: Kuan Yin states: “All anyone has the power to do is to develop their faith and trust. It is all anyone can do to understand the 'grand plan'. There is life and there is karma. There are so many levels of existence. Different people live on different levels. Everything is very individualized. It is these multiple dimensions, layers of karma that offer an understanding of that which is dense and impenetrable versus the ethereal. Encumbered by layers of beliefs and emotions, one unravels, through his or her earthly experiences, the mystery of each layer. That humans can experience a sequential life in a multi-dimensional universe is, indeed, the anomaly of voyaging the earthly plane."

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