Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Author Donna Louis Releases New Christian Book, 'Miracles of Direction, Miracles of Conquest, Miracles of Provision, and Miracles of Purpose'

Donna Louis has experienced three miraculous events. As the result of her experiences, she began an in-depth study of some of Christianity's most well-documented miracles

If we Google the phrase "miracles" we'll see thousands of articles about miracles and entire websites devoted to them. We'll see stories about miracles in respected publications such as The New York Times, Catholic Online, CNN and a host of others. We'll see the word "miracles" used in relation to healing, to sports victories and reference to miracles connected to everything from money to movies. But what is a miracle, really?

The dictionary tells us that a miracle is an event that contradicts known scientific law. Donna Louis, author of 'Miracles of Direction, Miracles of Conquest, Miracles of Provision, and Miracles of Purpose' delves into biblical miracles that took place while Jesus was here on earth and cross references with miracles that take place on a daily basis now - in the 21st century. She breaks these miracles down into four categories and presents example of each, taken directly from the Bible.

Donna Louis has personally experienced three miracles. As the result of her experiences, she began an in-depth study of some of Christianity's most well-documented miracles. In her book, she attempts to expand and explain both the purpose and the direction of those miracles.

"Miracles is a book for people who are looking for hope and purpose in their lives, and new believers who are ready and willing to accelerate their daily walk with Christ," Louis stated. "Miracles happen for those who believe and those who want to have hope that miracles do happen to prove that God exists."

'Miracles' has received rave reviews from readers. One review called it "amazing, uplifting and inspirational". Another stated, "I was profoundly impressed by the writing."

Donna Louis is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Miracles of Direction, Miracles of Conquest, Miracles of Provision and Miracles of Purpose' is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xulon Press. More information is available at her website at

About Donna Louis:

Donna Louis is happily married to her husband of 30 years Patrick Louis and currently resides in Florida. She lives to accomplish the task that God created her for and on a daily basis to follow Proverbs 3:5-6. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."


Donna Louis

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Christian Roots Of US Government - Author Darwyn Hassert Releases New Christian Book, 'Patriotism From An America Pulpit'

Hassert's work clearly demonstrates that the Founding Fathers used the Bible as a political textbook to create the greatest country in the history of the world

In the eyes of Darwyn Hassert, a study of American history reveals that the Founding Fathers took the Bible as a political textbook and founded our Constitutional Republic. The result is that America became the greatest country in world history. The thirteen chapters in his latest Christian book, “Patriotism from an American Pulpit”, reveal some of the rich legacy that the Founding Fathers gave to us and are taken from patriotic sermons that the author preached as a pastor.

"The Colonial clergy were instrumental in laying the Biblical and intellectual basis for our War for Independence," Hassert stated.  “Today America desperately needs men in the pulpits of our churches to again preach sermons on civil liberty so all Americans can enjoy the blessings that come from civil and religious liberty."

"American pastors need to understand our history to help perpetuate our liberties and freedoms, so that we can continue to serve Christ without governmental hindrances. The Colonial pastors had a profound influence on our War for Independence, because they preached liberty and freedom from their pulpits. The chapters in this book are the modern day equivalent of the sermons of Colonial days."

"During my research, I discovered that our Founding Fathers took the Bible as a political textbook and used its principles to found the greatest country in the history of the world. This book will present irrefutable evidence that America was founded upon these Biblical principles that can be preached from the pulpits of America without reference to any political party or politician.”

As further proof, Hassert offers quotes from both historians and the Founding Fathers:

"It is relevant…to note the prominence of biblical sources for American political thought, since it was highly influential in our political tradition, and is not always given the attention it deserves." - (Lutz, 1980)

“The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected, in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.” - John Quincy Adams

“To the Pulpit, the PURITAN PULPIT, we owe the moral force which won our independence.” - John Wingate Thornton

“In those days politics were preached in the pulpits and men were led to action on the side of freedom by faithful pastors.” - Benjamin Lossing

“[T]he religion which has introduced civil liberty is the religion of Christ and his apostles….and to this we owe our free constitutions of government.” - Noah Webster

"The reason for this book," Hassert concluded, "is that many Americans, and especially Christians, know so little of our history. They do not know why we are a Constitutional Republic and how we came into existence as a nation. I believe this book will help many Americans understand what it means to be called an American.”

Darwyn Hassert is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Patriotism From An America Pulpit' is available from Amazon. More information is available at Hassert's website at

About Darwyn Hassert:

Darwyn Hassert is an ordained minister. He has been a student of American History since the 6th grade. He regularly preached patriotic sermons on special occasions like Memorial Day, July 4th, and the Sundays before election days. At other times he delivered these messages to inspire and inform his congregation about the principles of Liberty.  He often used historical events to illustrate Biblical truths in his sermons.


Darwyn Hassert

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Author Tony Attanasio Announces Free Ebook Download Of Samples From His Most Popular Reality Based Action Novels

Attanasio's reality based action novels are based on his personal experiences with the NYPD, the DEA and the CIA

Author and Islamic Terrorism Consultant Tony Attanasio has announced the release of a free e-book sampler with excerpts from three of his most popular works: 'A Silent Star', 'The Iranian Connection: Code Word Orchid' and 'Kenny O'.

Unlike many other authors who write reality based action novels, Tony Attanasio writes from direct personal experience. Tony was seriously injured in a line-of-duty incident that ended his career with NYPD. He subsequently served ten years with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), where he served as an Intelligence specialist. During his tenure he served in Miami, Europe and New York City. Both in Miami, Florida, and Europe, he served as liaison with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and traveled to CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, where he presented a course on International Organized Crime.

'A Silent Star': Subsequent to the attack on the USS Cole in October of 2000, British intelligence reports pinpointed bin Laden's location in a safe house outside of Abyan, Yemen. A top secret project, code named, Perfect Justice, was carried out by a team of highly-trained CIA operatives, two male and two female, in a commando-style raid. It was to be a Black operation, one that would be conducted in absolute secrecy under the cover of official deniability. If unsuccessful, it would in effect, never be acknowledged by the CIA, or any other governmental organization, to have ever taken place.

'The Iranian Connection': Relates the actions of Iranian and Hezbollah operatives who planned to detonate a nuclear device in New York City in order to weaken The United States’ support for Israel in post September 11 months. Initially US Federal law enforcement assets work at odds with one another. Eventually the groups work together to thwart the explosion. The storyline highlights the non-cooperation among law enforcement agencies in the United States that made the Office of Homeland Security a reality.

'Kenny O': During the 1970s New York City was a Mecca for heroin and cocaine usage with addiction a major health concern. The majority of these drugs was trafficked and sold by traditional organized crime families such as the Gambino, Bonnano and Genovese LCN clans. One location where these groups planned, trafficked and sold these drugs, affectionately called Boy for heroin and Girl for cocaine, was in the Bronx. A special unit was put together to gather information on these groups and subsequently dismantle their networks. This unit of NYPD, under the auspices of the Organized Crime Control Bureau was able to accomplish this through many hard working hours and the assistance of an informant - KENNY O.

Attanasio's real world experience flavors every page of his works. Tony has had a long career in investigating organized crime, money laundering, and radical Islam. His previous two books have received national acclaim and five star reviews. Tony has consulted for Robert DiNiro in establishing authenticity for his film ‘Ronan’.

Tony Attanasio is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at The free ebook download, containing samples from each of his books is available at Payhip at All of his books are available at Amazon in both print and Kindle editions and at Barnes and Noble. More information is available at his website at, where Tony writes a daily column relative to issues that pertain to national security and radical Islam.

About Tony Attanasio:

Tony Attanasio is a former U.S. Marine and a retired NYPD Detective/Sergeant. He served ten years with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. He served in Miami, New York and while attached to the American Embassy in Miami and Rome, Italy, he served as DEA’s CIA liaison and liaised with various intelligence agencies from Europe and the Middle East. Tony has been declared an expert in International drug trafficking and organized crime by the N.Y. State Supreme Court, the U.S. District Court in Miami and the German (Bavaria) Supreme Court.

Tony has a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice (Core concentration - counter terrorism strategies). In 1991, Tony attended the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

He has served as an Adjunct professor at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where he taught an undergraduate course entitled: Terrorism intelligence issues.  Currently Tony is teaching at Palm Beach State College, where he teaches courses in Forensic Accounting, Human Trafficking Investigations, Organized Crime Investigations, Arabic/Moslem Culture, The Psychology of a Suicide Bomber and a course that focuses on terrorist investigations and intelligence collection techniques.

In addition, Tony is a certified Florida Department of Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Instructor and has taught at the Connecticut State Police Academy in Meriden, Connecticut. Tony is also a member of NYPD’s CT SHIELD anti terrorism group.

Tony has received numerous awards in the field of law enforcement and government, including seventeen awards for valor from NYPD, three awards from DEA for exceptional duty, an award from the BKA (Germany) and an award from the Republic of Italy.

In 1998, Tony received a commendation from the Governor of the Marianna Islands for the training of his investigators in the discipline of Forensic Science investigations. In 2004, Tony received the state of Florida’s prestigious “Davis Award.”

His first book, 'The Orchid Memorandum', was written with Howard Hellman was published in 2004. His second book, 'Kenny O - An Untold Story from the Annals of NYPD', was published in August of 2012. His 3rd book, 'A Silent Star' has received five star reviews since its publication in November of 2012, His most recent book ‘The Iranian Connection - Code Word Orchid’, published in 2013, has received numerous five star reviews at Amazon and B& as well as


Tony Attanasio

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Frances Fuller, Author Of Book About Lebanon, 'In Borrowed Houses', Issues Open Letter To Jimmy Carter

Frances Fuller's award-winning memoir, 'In Borrowed Houses', gives readers a penetrating glimpse of the Middle East from the inside. She puts a face on the Middle East many Americans have not yet seen

Frances Fuller, author of 'In Borrowed Houses', a memoir that details her time in Lebanon during the Civil War, has issued an open letter to President Jimmy Carter. In that letter she states in part:

Thank you for your years of work in the cause of peace and justice in the Middle East, especially for your book Peace Not Apartheid.

Many people (and I am one) admire you for your courage, your Christian attitudes and your willingness to speak the truth.

I know that you have given up on a two-state solution, because I read the article about you in the British magazine Prospect after seeing it quoted by Juan Cole in Truthdig.  I forgive you for this loss of hope. All realistic people can see that the West Bank is disappearing as a country for the Palestinians, becoming a little more each day covered with Israeli “settlements” (cities), just as Ariel Sharon predicted in 1973.

However, there are people who have not given up, and the struggle will go on. Three months ago I met a Jewish university student who intends to spend his life in this cause.  He is just an example of the wise and courageous Jews who are joining with Palestinians in the hope of their living together as equals. Just three days ago an Israeli citizen named Bradley Burston wrote an essay admitting with regret that Israel is an apartheid state and giving numerous reasons why the label fits. The article was published in Haaretz.  And even American Christians with their natural partiality toward the Jews are seeing that the Palestinians are an oppressed people.

These three kinds of people are working through numerous organizations with goals for positive change.  For example: Jewish Voice for Peace, B’tselem, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Churches for Peace in the Middle East, Foundation for Middle East Peace, If Americans Knew, Sabeel and Youth Against Settlements.

Such people, especially the Jews, are heroes in the making, honest and bold, like you, Mr. President, and there are more of them every year. They will change the world. Old people like you and me must trust them to build a fair future.  They are the reason we should not die in despair. They, and our loving, righteous God give us hope.

Told in short episodes, Fuller’s book reveals the alienation, confusion and courage of civilians in the Lebanese civil war, introducing to the reader a variety of real people with whom the author interacts: editors, salesmen, neighbors, refugees, soldiers, missionaries, lawyers, shepherds, artists, students. With these people she works, studies, plays games, prays, laughs and cries, all to the accompaniment of gunfire. Together these small stories tell what war is like for civilians caught on a battlefield, and they create the impression of the Lebanese as a fun-loving, witty, patient and resilient people. They also compose, not a political history, but a historical document of a time and a place.

Critics have praised  ‘In Borrowed Houses.’ A judge in the 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards called 'In Borrowed Houses' “…a well written book full of compassion…a captivating story…”. Another reviewer described the book as “Wise, honest, sensitive, funny, heart-wrenching…”. Colin Chapman, lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Near East School of Theology in Beirut said, “….western Christians and Middle Eastern Christians need to read this story…full of remarkable perceptiveness and genuine hope.”

Frances Fuller is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at Fuller's book is available at Amazon and other book retailers. A free ebook sample from 'In Borrowed Houses' is available at More information is available at her website at

About Frances Fuller:

Frances Fuller spent thirty years in the violent Middle East and for twenty-four of those years was the director of a Christian publishing program with offices in Lebanon. While leading the development of spiritual books in the Arabic language, she survived long years of civil war and invasions.


Frances Fuller

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Award Winning Children's Book Author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne Announces Free Ebook Sample Download Of 'Tails Of Sweetbrier'

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne writes captivating books that teach children valuable life lessons about tenacity and overcoming obstacles

Children's book author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne has announced a free ebook sample download from 'Tails of Sweetbrier'.

'Tails Of Sweetbrier' received honorable mention in the Young Adult Nonfiction category of the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards. The book also took the Silver Medal in the Feathered Quill Book Awards in the Juvenile/YA Nonfiction category in 2014. It was one of five finalists in the CLIPPA Awards in the 3rd - 4th Grade category.

'Tails of Sweetbrier' is a true story of a little girl who dreams of becoming a champion horseback rider. But this child has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The doctors say she will never be able to walk. What does her dad do?  He decides to teach her to ride horses.  But what might happen when things don't go well?  What happens when she falls off her horse?  Even if she prevails, she will need exactly the right horse so they can become a winning team.  This inspirational children's book shows young people that nothing is impossible if they don't quit.

Deanie recently received the Dragon's Loyalty Blogging award from author/ illustrator, JD Holiday. She also appeared on Holiday's radio show on Blog Talk Radio.

“I’m thrilled to receive The Dragon’s Loyalty Award for blogging. It is also an honor to have been interviewed on by author/illustrator, JD Holiday when I read two chapters of my book, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. This amusing story highlights bullying, teamwork, and friendship.”

Deanie believes the message that perseverance is the key to accomplishing amazing things is one that can benefit every child. Through her inspiring, real life and fictional works, children will learn that anything is possible if they refuse to give up on their dreams. Through her works, children are reminded that tenacity is the key to success. They will see proof that obstacles can be overcome and that quitting only guarantees failure.

Deanie wants to be a positive influence to children. She loves to write entertaining stories that emphasize important values such as; never giving up, setting goals, and working together to realize great things. Her objective is to write books that build self-esteem and confidence in children. She works tirelessly to write books that would appeal to children and also teach them valuable lessons, presented in an engaging manner. Other books written by Deanie include ‘Charlene The Star’, ‘Charlene The Star And Hattie's Heroes’, ‘Charlie The Horse’ and 'Charlene The Star And Bentley Bulldog.’

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at The free ebook download is available at Payhip at All of her books are available at Amazon. More information is available at her website at


Deanie Humphrys-Dunne is a children’s author with 5 published books. All of her books are beautifully illustrated by her sister, Holly Humphrys-Bajaj.

Deanie and Holly specialize in books that promote positive, character building messages for children.

Deanie is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. She has been featured on several author websites and received top billing in one of her interviews with renowned author, Amb. Claire Power Murphy on In addition she has been honored with numerous blogging awards and nominations including: The Sunshine Award, The Best Moment Award, The Super Sweet Award, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, The Dragon’s Loyalty Award, and The Shauny Award.


Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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