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Immigration, The Caravan And The Midterm Aftermath - Nothing New Under The Sun Says Joseph Ganci, Author Of Epic Biblical Novel Featuring Old Testament Revelations, 'Gideon: The Sound And The Glory'

In 'Gideon, The Sound, and the Glory,' Ganci combines Old Testament revelations with modern day revelations, action, and adventure to provide audiences with a unique, emotionally charged experience.

Immigration has dominated our headlines for many months now. While we like to think this is a modern-day issue, immigration - the journey to the promised land and a better life - have been with us for many centuries. These human sagas, replete with all the political drama that surrounds such issues, have been playing out since Biblical times.

While immigration and the accompanying political melodramatic plotlines may not first come to mind when considering stories from the Old Testament, author Joseph Ganci has managed to turn the little-known account of Gideon into a Bible-based novel that reads like a modern-day major motion picture based on current events. He shows us that Biblical stories can be more than just dusty history - they can be keenly entertaining. He brings the Bible to life and rekindles the fires of ancient passions. He offers practical application of revelatory insights of faith, visions, and spiritual determination for modern-day living. He does it all in ways that will entertain, motivate and enlighten. Consider the following:

"The people of Israel were now on the outskirts of Canaan, just beyond the River Jordan in the plains of Moab. They were within sight of the Promised Land, approaching the border of the land God promised to Abraham and his descendants. To assert their spiritual legacy would not be an easy undertaking. They would have to proceed by faith and rely solely on the strong hand and outstretched arm of God. The land of milk and honey was peopled by mixed and hostile populations who were violently opposed to yielding a cubit of ancestral lands—they would not go without a struggle. Canaan controlled the fertile valleys and the coastline with its unfriendly strongholds of walled cities. The high valleys were the domain of the Amorites. The Hivites, (Neo) Hittites, Jebusites, and Perizzites peopled the villages, towns, and hamlets of the central lowlands. This was Israel’s time of conquest and settlement, often by force of arms. Occasionally, an attempt was made to infiltrate peaceably.

"The Midianite kings were the sworn enemies of Israel and had been ever since their first encounter at the Battle of Mount Tabor. They witnessed firsthand the ever-growing might of the wandering vagabonds who had escaped Egyptian rule. Israel was, after all, an uninvited and unwelcome visitor who, by force or by stealth, insisted on making a place for themselves. Now they had become an ever-increasing problem on the ancestral lands of the Midianites, Amalekites, Canaanites, and all the children of the East. The land of their birthright from the beginning of time was being stolen by the fertile increase and unstoppable multiplication from the slave children called 'Israel.'”

Ganci takes a ground-breaking and revelatory path in his quest to bring the awe-inspiring story of Gideon to life and ultimately to film. He believes that connecting facts are far more enchanting than loosely fitting fantasies. He works within a framework of an engaging and dramatized fiction that, while exceedingly rich in detail, remains faithful to uphold spiritual principles. He bases his work on three primary pillars:

* The rock-solid cornerstone is historical biblical geography.

* The creative arch is revelatory in its timing and issues.

* The research is concrete, firmly rooted in customs, languages, and traditions.

Gideon coverGanci fills in the blanks with rock-solid research and prophetic revelations. It is a style that has allowed him to create breakthrough approaches that are exciting and breathtaking while remaining within the limits of believable biblical teachings.

Mysteries long hidden in ancient shadows now leap to life blazing unto the pages of revelation. Details that link passages, peoples, and places are the most exciting part of the storytelling process. Details give possibilities a firm foundation as bones give form and strength to living flesh. Details long since lost or misunderstood, now ring true, giving texture, and breath, to long-forgotten gems of perception resurrected from ruins, dust, and ashes.

Readers of 'Gideon The Sound and the Glory' will learn about the Jewish Tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant, the mysterious Golden Ephod, how, and why, David found himself at his battle with Goliath, and much, much more. This work illuminates the dark corners of scripture while engaging readers in a gripping narrative.

Joseph Ganci was recently chosen as one of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' in the 2017 Book Awards. 'Gideon: The Sound and the Glory' has received rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike. A recent reviewer stated, "Joseph Gauci’s prose is arresting, peppered with fantastic imagery and succinct descriptions of plot, characters, and setting. The themes are masterfully created, and they are woven into the story in a way that allows the reader to enjoy both the inspiration the story offers and the accompanying action. The book explores powerful spiritual and political themes, capturing the conflicts and the dynamics of life within the community of God's chosen people. Gideon: The Sound and the Glory will appeal to fans of political thrillers, adventure, and conflict-driven stories laced with intense action." Other reviewers have used phrases such as "riveting," "amazing" "deftly crafted" and "highly recommended."

Ganci has also announced he will make his book available as a fundraising tool for like-minded associations and charities. Donors can receive an eBook version of 'Gideon' in exchange for a donation to a worthy cause. For more details, contact Joseph via email.

Joseph Ganci is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at joseph@gideonsglory.com. 'Gideon: The Sound and the Glory' is available in both print, eBook, and a superb, ethnically correct audio narration, all from online retailers.

More information regarding speaking engagements, including sample video interviews, is available on Gauci’s website at http://www.gideonsglory.com/speaking/.

About Joseph Ganci:
Joseph Ganci is a Levite and a high priest and remains a passionate Italian. He is a Vietnam combat veteran and is the father of five daughters and five grandchildren. He resides in Texas.


Joseph Ganci

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Award Winning Author Jody Sharpe Announces New Angel Story, New Book About Bullying, 'Town Of Angels'

Sharpe's books are riveting inspirational thrillers written in honor of her daughter Kate and her husband Steve.

Award Winning author Jody Sharpe has announced a new angel story for 'Tuesdays With The Angels'. She has also announced the upcoming release of her new book about bullying and angels entitled 'Town Of Angels'.

Bullying has moved to the forefront of our collective consciousness. Nearly everyone has an opinion about how to craft a workable solution to the problem. A very unique take on dealing with bullying is the subject of Sharpe's upcoming book, 'Town Of Angels', the third book in the Mystic Bay series by award winning author Jody Sharpe.

It is angel vs. bully in the town of Mystic Bay, California, where a well kept secret lies. Angels live as humans there. After angels appeared to three children all was blissful in the town full of psychics, and ordinary folk. But as a bully, Klaus Waxman, comes to town, Angel Ken Leighton, a storeowner, must carefully guide his flock of humans not to give to in to the bully’s efforts. As Klaus opens a store mocking the resident angels sightings, Angel Ken guides psychic Justine Greer and her family to thwart his efforts. And with the help of the indomitable oldest psychic in town, Madam Norma, the bully meets his match with soft voices and intuitive minds…

" Standing tall with an armor of kindness always unravels the fearful bully," Sharpe stated.

The new book is slated for release in 2019.

Sharpe presents stories and interviews about angels in her 'Tuesdays With The Angels' blog series. She presents quotes about angels drawn from several of her books and fascinating angel stories from herself and others who submit stories for publication. She recently presented a new story about a man who met a male angel sitting on the bed of his wife, who was soon to pass away. The full story is available at her site.

Jody is now accepting submissions of angel stories for possible inclusion on her 'Tuesdays With The Angels' blog. She hopes to create a collection of angel stories that involve sightings of angels, interaction with angels, miraculous angel encounters and other types of accounts or stories. All submissions will be considered, but inclusion is not guaranteed. Stories may be submitted at http://bit.ly/2FV8amd.

Jody Sharpe knows angels exist. Her first book, ‘The Angel's Daughter’, was written in memory of her daughter Kate. Her second book, 'To Catch An Angel', was written in memory of her husband Steve.

Over a decade ago, when her daughter died tragically Sharpe faced down the most difficult challenge of her life. She was determined not to just merely survive, but to live; to honor the life of her beloved daughter, her twins, her husband and the rest of the rich life she had created before the tragedy. Blessed with an inherently positive outlook these trying times were strengthened by influences from the late Norman Vincent Peale to the children's book character, Wilbur the pig. For Sharpe, ministers of spirit and guidance took the form of angels. Sharpe's openness to change led her to write her first novel, 'The Angel's Daughter'. The story that takes place in the fictitious town of Mystic Bay, California and encompasses all Sharpe's attitudes about goodness, healing and moving on.

Jody is also the author of 'To Catch An Angel', written in memory of her late husband Steve. In 'To Catch An Angel', miracles happen in Mystic Bay, California, the town with the psychic and angel vibe. Angels are calling. Psychic Maggie Malone returns home to find she's swept up in the miracle of it all. She can't imagine why her mother left or who her father might be. But these questions pale in comparison to the wonder of the angels. Maggie meets writer, Noah Greenstreet. They realize they've met before, but where? Maggie and Noah embark on a journey to find our world is all awash with angels.

Jody was chosen as a winner in the annual '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' Book Awards. She was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors through a public voting process.

Sharpe's books have received a large number of rave reviews. A recent Amazon review stated, "This book would make a beautiful Christmas Hallmark movie. You will be left believing in Angels here on earth." Another said, "This a wonderful story that reminds us of the kindness and gentleness that exists in this world." Another stated, "Amazing. Most of all it is a feel good book and a must read.”

Jody Sharpe is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at sharpejody76@gmail.com. Angel stories can be submitted at http://bit.ly/2FV8amd. All of her books are available at online book retailers. New quotes will be added every Tuesday to the 'Tuesdays With The Angels' section of her blog, which can be found at her website at http://www.JodySharpe.com.


Jody Sharpe had a rewarding career as a Special Education teacher. Writing about angels became healing after losing her daughter and then her husband. The valuable lessons she learned about moving forward and loving life in the now have set her on a mission to tell the stories with love, humor and spiritual awakening. The fictitious town of Mystic Bay has given her an avenue to put characters and themes together hopefully enlightening the reader towards contemplation of the precious life and memories we are given.


Jody Sharpe

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Book Marketing Announcements: The Authors Show Lineup For The Week Of November 12, 2018

The Authors Show serves as a resource for authors and allows members to engage in promotion and publicity for marketing purposes. The site book publicity opportunities for book marketing services.

Don McCauley of the Free Publicity Focus Group and Danielle Hampson, Executive Producer of The Authors Show, founders of The Authors Marketing Powerhouse, have announced The Authors Show radio and broadcast schedule for the week of November 12, 2018. The new show schedule is available at the Authors Show site.

For those who hope to sell books on the Internet, the challenge can be daunting. It can be confusing difficult, time consuming and expensive. The Authors Show helps authors overcome these challenges by providing opportunities for greater visibility.

The Authors Show radio shows offer professionally produced radio interviews that are broadcast worldwide. The upcoming scheduled radio lineups include:

Week November 12, 2018 On The Authors Show:

12-Nov   Brian Wilkerson
12-Nov   Liz McCue
12-Nov   Mark Scheeren with Michelle Dunbar
12-Nov   Michael James Stewart
12-Nov   Dr. Nicole
12-Nov   Andrea Wildenthal Hanson

13-Nov   Anne Redelfs MD
13-Nov   Palladian
13-Nov   Margaret Arney
13-Nov   Dr. Nicole
13-Nov   Richard Trayler
13-Nov   Janet Kole

14-Nov   Donna Louis
14-Nov   Melissa Kuch 
14-Nov   Kristin A. Oakley
14-Nov   Shinese M. Collins
14-Nov   Else Byskov
14-Nov   Rocky Romanella

15-Nov   Ayn Cates Sullivan
15-Nov   C. D. Gill
15-Nov   Jeoffrey R Hutcherson
15-Nov   Bernard J. Fleury
15-Nov   Jerry Johnson
15-Nov   Patrick Higgins

Nov 16/17/18   Gwen Mayo
Nov 16/17/18   Salvatore Esposito
Nov 16/17/18   Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz
Nov 16/17/18   Virginia Frusteri Sollars
Nov 16/17/18   Jeryn Alise Turner
Nov 16/17/18   Dana L. Brown


Don McCauley is a marketing strategist and is the facilitator of the Free Publicity Focus Group, a marketing and publicity firm. He also serves as the host of The Authors Show Radio.  Danielle Hampson is the Executive Producer of The Authors Show radio group of programs.

Don McCauley
Free Publicity Focus Group

Danielle Hampson
The Authors Show

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Body Shaming, Social Media, Bullying And The Drive To Be Best - How Selfies Are Transformed Into Therapy For Young People

Dr. Holstein, a psychologist/filmmaker and originator of a unique Selfie Film concept, writes award-winning books, plays and produces short films that offer solutions to problems that impact today's teens and tweens

Selfies and social media have become firmly embedded into the very core of the lives of young people. This revolutionary form of digital communication has become so popular that some established filmmakers are creating films shot entirely on cell phones. While many of us may see this as merely a modern style of communication or a cutting edge form of entertainment, Positive Psychologist Barbara Becker Holstein uses the concept in a way that has never before been done and possibly cannot be duplicated.

Selfies as therapy.

Traditional media is paying attention to these trends, as evidenced by recent articles in the New York Times, such as 'This is 18' and 'Writing in a Journal Can Help'. Holstein takes things to a whole new level however by utilizing this form of communication to present critical information and profound concepts that can transform the lives of young people.

"As a psychologist, I know the purging or ranting of thoughts and feelings, whether speaking to a friend, talking to a therapist, talking to yourself in the car, writing a letter to a deceased relative or keeping a diary, are usually beneficial," Dr. Holstein stated. "It helps us to get rid of excess emotions and worries that interrupt living."

"The question is: how do we do this in ways that fit our current society? Certainly shooting others because of feelings of rage is not a solution. On the other end of the spectrum, keeping a journal can help. But let's not forget what sits in most of our pockets in today's world - the smart phone. What can we do with it? Play games, read the news, chat, watch films, buy a new pair of shoes or a refrigerator. And we can make a Selfie. Believe it or not, there is a lot of power in that."

"What is 'The Selfie Project'? It is encouraging kids, tweens and teens to express themselves with Selfies, whether to vent and share feeling and concerns about their lives, our culture, etc,. or to make art in the form of filmmaking. I see Selfies as a form of therapy as well as a form of art with real merit."

"In my project kids are encouraged to talk via a Selfie about a topic on their minds. They come together with me and other experts on my Podcast show, 'The Enchanted Self presents the Selfie Project'. We discuss, share, come up with ideas, etc. Thus Selfies become one more means of creating a therapeutic environment."

"I also make Selfie films that star kids, tweens and teens. A Selfie film has at least one actor filming her own scenes, which is then merged with other scenes done with a standard crew or smart phones. The intensity of a teen filming herself is amazing. This type of drama can be utilized for pure art or as a means of helping parents, teachers and the rest of the world understand what kids are going through."

"As for filmmaking itself, Selfies and smart phones together are changing the industry. Smart phones can allow anyone to make a successful film. My latest Podcast show, ‘ESP Presents Creating Great Films with Smart Phones, included Robert Fitzhugh, founder of the Dublin Smart Phone Film Festival, via Skype; Hiram Ortiz, teacher at Pineland Schools, Co-Director of Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival in Asbury Park; aAntonio DeLeon, high school student from Massachusetts who made a Selfie about School Drama and also joined us via Skype. The discussion covered #Selfiesasdrama, #Selfiesasfilm, #Smartphonesasfilm, #Selfiesastherapy and #SelfieFilmmakers."

"All of the above are important as we as a society constantly need to explore how we can use technology for positive purposes. Finding ways to use what we all carry in our pockets to teach, encourage, express our needs, thoughts and feelings, have fun, create film as an art from and as an educational tool, and to improve mental health, all of the above is what is on my mind as a psychologist/filmmaker! I invite everyone to join me on this creative, exciting adventure."

Dr. Holstein is currently developing "The Selfie Project" to help kids share their feelings and thoughts in a meaningful way via Selfies that can reach millions. "The Selfie Project" provides a way for young people to go public on a number of subjects. Bullying is real, school violence is real, drama because of social media is real for kids. 'The Selfie Project' is giving voice to those subjects. A pilot TV show is in the development phase. Teens will have a chance to discuss via their Selfies and in discussion with Dr. Holstein, various topics that affect their lives, from friend drama to fear of assault weapons. As of this moment, teens can share a link to their Selfies and Dr. Holstein will consider them for inclusion on her website, SelfieFilmmakers.com.

Holstein's short films have won numerous awards and accolades.

The Truth A Short Film:

Garden State Film Festival Premier - Best Pop Song 2016
Golden Door Int. Film Festival - Official Selection - September 2016
Grove Film Festival - Showing - May 2017
Female Filmmakers Film Festival - Official Selection - 12th of 92 films
Roselle Park Shorts Film Festival - Official Selection - September 2017

The Truth A Short Short Film:

FilmOneFest Premier - July 2016
Chain Film Festival - Official Selection - August 2016
Jersey City Int. Television and Film Festival - Official Selection - November 2016
Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival - Official Selection- May 2017

Secrets A Coming Of Age Selfie Film:

Alice Guy-Blache Women In Cinema Award - Nomination - October 2017, Golden Globe International Film Festival
NewFilmmakers, Manhattan- Official Selection, January 24, 2018
Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest Film Series - Best Experimental Film nomination - March 2018
Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest Film Series - Best New Jersey Short nomination - March 2018
Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest Film Series - Best Concept nomination - March 2018
Hang on To Your Shorts, Official Selection - April 2018, Nominated for Best New Jersey Drama and Best Experimental Film
Shown March 1 1018 as one of 6 outstanding women’s films at the Behane Center in Jersey City, for Women’s History Month by Golden Door International Film Festival.
Brightside Tavern Film Festival, Season 7 - Best Experimental Film - March 2018
Jersey Shore Film Festival - Best Educational Film - August 2018

Falling In Love A Coming Of Age Selfie Film:

Brightside Tavern Film Festival-March 2017- Best Experimental Film Nomination, Second Place Award as Best New Jersey Film Short
Grove Film Festival, Official Selection-May 2017
Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival - Best Experimental Film nomination - May 2017
Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival - Best Concept Film nomination - May 2017
Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival - Megan Brown Rising Star Award - May 2017
Love Shorts Film Festival - Official Selection - February 2018


Official selection to premiere at the New Jersey International Film Festival at Rutgers University on June 9th, 2018
Semi-finalist in the JELLY Fest Film Festival, June, 2018
Official Selection Golden Door International Film Festival - September 2018


Official Selection for the Brightside Tavern Film Festival in early August, 2018


Official selection at the One Minute Film Fest, Teaneck, New Jersey, September 8, 2018

'Secrets' was selected for inclusion in "Passages: Women in Transition," Women In Media - Newark's 2018 Women's History Month film festival, held on March 27 – April 5, 2018 at Rutgers University Newark, New Jersey, and at various satellite venues in the area.

'Falling in Love, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film, is detailed in a new ebook: 'A Selfie Film - Falling In Love' by Dr. Holstein. This ebook presents issues and stories behind the creation of Dr. Holstein's "selfie films", which utilize cutting edge New Media technology. Topics and questions for discussion can be used by a parent and a child, or a group of hundreds as universal subjects of growing up and handling tough issues are presented.

Many of Dr. Holstein films are available at Cinecosmos at https://cinecosmos.vhx.tv/products.

Dr. Holstein makes a number of her books and films available to be used as fundraising tools. She requests that any verified charitable organization interested in raising funds contact her via email. She is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at barbara.holstein@gmail.com. More information is available at her website at http://www.SelfieFilmmakers.com.


Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, internationally known Positive Psychologist is the creator of The Enchanted Self ®, a positive psychology method for happiness and a pioneer in Selfies as Film. Dr. Holstein's Enchanted Self website was included as one of the best websites in positive psychology. She is in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey with her husband, Dr. Russell M. Holstein.

Dr. Barbara can be found on the web, interviewed, writing articles and posting video 'TED' style talks on Happiness, Positive Psychology, Relationships and Parenting.

She has been a contributor to Your Tango, Heart and Soul, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Redbook, Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, Time on line, the Today Show and Family Circle Magazine.


Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
170 Morris Ave.,
Long Branch, New Jersey 07740

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Steve Snyder, Author Of Mult-Award Winning Military Aviation Book 'Shot Down', Announces November 2018 Events

'Shot Down' has received 28 industry awards. Snyder's father was shot down over Europe during WWII. 'Shot Down' is a dramatic retelling of the stories surrounding that event. The book was recently placed on the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Recommended Book List.

Steve Snyder, author of the multi-award winning military aviation book, 'Shot Down', has announced his events lineup for November, 2018.

Snyder's father Howard was a B-17 pilot who was shot down while flying the Susan Ruth (named after his daughter) while flying over the French/Belgium border. The mission set out to bomb Frankfurt, Germany. The book covers the events leading up to and following that day. Of the 10 man crew, some died, some were captured and some, including Howard Snyder, evaded capture.

Snyder's list of appearances include:

November 1 - PowerPoint presentation at the 2018 Heritage Society Dinner of the Great Smoky Mountain Council of the Boy Scouts of America at the Cherokee Country Club in Knoxville, Tennessee.

November 10 - Book signing at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum in Portage, Michigan

November 10 - PowerPoint presentations at the 2018 Open Mess of the Michigan Company of Military Historians & Collectors at the Boulder Creek Golf Club in Belmont, Michigan

Snyder recently returned from a trip to film locations in Belgium where the events in the book took place after interviewing people for a documentary he is in the process of making. Filmmaker Chris Allport of Allport Studios accompanied him, serving as Director of Photography.

'Shot Down' has received numerous high profile industry awards. These include:

2017 TopShelf Magazine Editor's Choice Award
2017 Independent Press Awards - Winner Military Nonfiction
2017 John E Weaver Excellent Reads Award - Winner Non-Fiction Military
2017 Book Excellence Awards - Finalist Military
2017 New York City Big Book Awards - Winner Military Nonfiction
2016 Online Book Club Book of the Year Contest - Winner
2016 The Author's Show 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Contest - Winner
2016 National Indie Excellence Awards - Winner - History - US
2016 National Indie Excellence Awards - Winner - Military Non-Fiction
2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards - Winner Non-Fiction Military
2016 Global Ebook Awards - Silver Medal Winner Non-Fiction Military
2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie/Self-Published Book Competition - Notable Book
2015 Books and Authors Book of the Year - Winner Non-Fiction Military
2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards - Winner Military
2015 International Book Awards - Winner History: General
2015 Readers' Favorite Book Awards - Gold Medal Winner Non-Fiction Historical
2015 Kindle Book Awards - Finalist Non-Fiction
2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards - Finalist Historical Non-fiction
2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards - Silver Medalist History (U.S.)
2015 Independent Author Network (IAN) Book of the Year Awards - Outstanding Non-Fiction (General)
2015 Independent Author Network (IAN) Book of the Year Awards - Second Place Winner
2015 NABE Spring Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards - Best Books Military
2015 Nonfiction Book Awards - Bronze Medal
2015 eLit Awards - Gold Medal History
2014 Foreword Reviews' INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards - Finalist War & Military
2014 USA Best Book Awards - Finalist History: General
2014 USA Best Book Awards - Finalist History: Military
2014 Southern California Book Festival - Honorable Mention General Non-Fiction

Snyder's book is utterly unique in that it details the varied, detailed, and amazing stories of what happened to each crew member. Snyder's father, Howard, was missing in action for seven months. Readers are given the opportunity to read the letters and documents that were exchanged before and after the Susan Ruth was shot down. 'Shot Down' is filled with photos that enhance the presentation of these extraordinary WW II events that must never be forgotten. Steve Snyder has gone to the extreme to capture the details that make 'Shot Down' a one-of-a-kind dramatic presentation, told by a writer who was in the very middle of the story as it happened.

Reviewers have praised 'Shot Down'. Publishers Weekly stated, "This is a great introduction to the history of the U.S. air war in Europe, humanized by the experience of a single bomber crew." The European Center of Military History said, "Steve Snyder has reached a level of scholarship few amateur historians achieve." Foreword Reviews called it a "masterful book." Midwest Book Review called it "An inherently fascinating and deftly written account."

Steve Snyder is available for media interviews and speaking engagements and can be reached using the information below or by email at steve@stevesnyderauthor.com. 'Shot Down' is available at Amazon and other book retailers. An in-depth interview with Snyder can be accessed at The Authors Show site. More information is available at his website at http://www.stevesnyderauthor.com.


Steve Snyder retired from VSP in 2009 after 36 years in national sales and sales management, He began his quest to know everything possible about the World War II experiences of his father, pilot Howard Snyder, and his crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth. Gradually, it became his passion and resulted in 'Shot Down'. He belongs to numerous World War II associations and is president of the 306th Bomb Group Historical Association.


Steve Snyder

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