Thursday, October 8, 2015

Is The Pope's Appeal for 'Common Good' Catholic And Against The Inalienable Rights Of The US Constitution Asks Dr. Richard Ruhling -

Dr. Richard Ruhling is an expert on Biblical prophecy and is the author of 'The Alpha & Omega Bible Code'

“The core of the pope's message could be summed up in 'Cooperation for the Common Good'...a Roman Catholic principle and...governing strategy,” said US Senator Bob Casey in the Times-Tribune on September 26, 2015.

In a piece in the LA Times, the pope said, “Politics is an expression of our compelling need to live as one, in order to build as one the greatest common good: that of a community which sacrifices particular interests in order to share, in justice and peace, its goods, its interests, its social life.”

In his encyclical, Laudato Si', part of the pope's agenda included Sunday, an issue that was before the US Congress when a Sunday bill was debated by AT Jones.  Jones asked, “What on the other hand is the ‘common good’?” It is an indefinite term.  Each person defines it to suit himself.  Government defines it to suit themselves...In Peru, until recently, it was considered to be for the common good that no Protestant marriage ceremonies should be recognized as valid by the state.  In Spain it was for the common good that Protestants should not be allowed to worship in church buildings.  The list of instances in which personal rights have been invaded under the plea of the common good might be extended indefinitely."

Jones continued:  “And for what purpose is this limitation sought to be put upon natural rights? A quotation from the recent hearing on the Sunday bills before the Massachusetts legislature will explain.  A speaker on behalf of the [Sunday] bills said: "When we speak of natural rights, it must be with limitations.  Natural rights of the individual in the community are subordinate to the common good.  Sabbath laws [Sunday laws] have been proved to be for the common good."

Why does Rome want a Sunday law? Surely not for the poor in this world. The pope is familiar with the poverty seen in most Latin American countries colonized by priests when America was founded, says Dr. Richard Ruhling who spent a summer in Colombia and Venezuela in 1960.  He says God blessed America with a Constitution that kept religious interests out of government in contrast to Rome's control of governments which they lost in the Protestant Reformation and when Napoleon took the pope prisoner.

Ruhling claims that Rome gets homage from Protestants who honor Sunday, a papal institution that is based on church authority rather than the Bible.  The “first day” (Sunday) is found only once in the book of Acts in contrast to the apostles' practice “every Sabbath”. This video offers insights -

Once a Sunday law is passed, dissidents to Rome may be punished for non-compliance—a hallmark of Revelation's beast power and 666, signaled also by the pope's hand sign, says Ruhling, adding that most Protestants are clueless to these issues.  Also, Jews and Sabbatarian’s need to exercise discernment regarding Rome's plan for a New World Order that Revelation 13 calls the image to [or of] the beast... 

“When the time comes and men realize the social edifice must be rebuilt according to eternal standards, be it tomorrow or centuries from now, the Catholics will arrange things to suit said standards...They will make obligatory the religious observance of Sunday on behalf of the whole of society and for its own good, revoking the permit for freethinkers and Jews to celebrate incognito, Monday or Saturday on their own account.  Those, whom this may annoy, will have to put up with the annoyance.  Respect will not be refused to the Creator nor repose denied to the creature simply for the sake of humoring certain maniacs, whose frenetic condition causes them stupidly and insolently to block the will of a whole people.” The Liberal Illusion, by Louis Veuillot

To “respect...the Creator” whose memorial to Creation is the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment by honoring the pagan day of sun worship (from the days of Constantine when the pope blessed Sunday) seems odd to Ruhling who says Revelation 13 implies Americans will lose their “inalienable rights” to this papal agenda, all for “the common good.” Trouble will come to America.

Dr. Ruhling is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'The Alpha & Omega Bible Code' is available on Amazon. More information is available at his website at

About Dr. Richard Ruhling:

Dr. Richard Ruhling is a physician whose interest in retirement is Bible prophecy and alternative healthcare. More information on these and many other topics is offered on his site.


Dr. Richard Ruhling

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Short Film, 'The Truth', Based On Book For Tweens By Barbara Becker Holstein, Has New Website For Followers Of Film

Based on her highly successful book for tweens, 'The Truth', the new short film features Cassidy Terracciano

A new short film, 'The Truth', has begun production in Oakhurst New Jersey. The film is based on the book by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, 'The Truth, (I'm a girl, I'm smart and I know everything)'. The short film stars Cassidy Terracciano as the Girl. Cassidy has played Elle Woods in 'Legally Blonde', Sally Smith in 'Me and My Girl', Anne Frank in 'The Diary of Anne Frank' and Jane in 'Tarzan'. The videographer for the film is Lin Pernille, Photographer, Jersey City.

Dr. Holstein is pleased to announce that a new website has been created,  (, that will allow the public to follow the crew through the production process and will give visitors an insiders, "backstage" look at the production of the film as it progresses.

In the film, a young girl keeps her diary and reaches out to others at the same time as she keeps a record of "the truth". She shares her life in her diary and through recording devices, including her phone and a video camera. The film will hold special interest for parents, grandparent and educators, as it allows them to 'get inside the head' of a tween girl and immerse themselves in HER world, experiencing first-hand what she experiences in real time. Topics in the film include:

Falling in love
Hating her mother
Hating her parents fighting
Being afraid to grow up
Being upset that they may move
Loving the locket her aunt gives her and feeling loved in ways by her aunt that her parents can't seem to muster
Wishing the boy she is in love with would grow taller
Confronting her disappointment that she has no relationship with him
Sharing her glee at having a best friend and confiding in each other
Coming to terms with growing up
Letting go of the her first love
Getting ready to move and more.

ScreenshotBarbaraShe turns off her recording devices and closes her diary as they move, happy that she has found a secret way to hold on to herself emotionally as the movers come.

Dr. Holstein also recently presented a play based on the book, 'The Locket', at the Dramatist Guild of America in Manhattan at 1501 Broadway. The play was directed by Bob Angelini, actor/director and Artistic Director of the Revision Theatre in Asbury Park.

Recent marketing campaigns such as #LikeaGirl by Always (introduced during last year's Super Bowl) and #GirlsCan by Covergirl (featuring Ellen DeGeneres and Queen Latifah) are helping to overcome many long held biases. Dr. Holstein strongly believes that it's very important to reach tween and teen girls with empowering messages, as it is in those formative years that one's self image is formed and future plans are laid.

"What is particularly interesting in today's world is the #selfie which has taken disclosure to a whole new level.  Everyone records themselves in #selfies. Whereas diaries are often locked, hidden off limits to others, #selfies are often displayed and shared, even to the point of poor judgement.  The Girl in 'The Truth' keeps her diary but she also records everything that is relevant to her on her video camera or her phone.  Who is the video record for? Herself? Others? A Guardian Angel? Who are all our #selfies for? Only time will tell."

Dr. Holstein also recently released "The Truth, Diary Of A Gutsy Tween". The new book is a revised and expanded edition of her very successful book, 'The Truth: I'm a Girl, I'm Smart and I Know Everything'. The new book is published by Sky Pony Press.

A Facebook page, thetruthforgirls, highlights many of the topics woven into "The Truth".  Articles, videos, remarks, conversations, visuals, on this page center around many of the issues that tweens face growing up.  These include: self-esteem issues, quarreling in families, divorce, moving to a new home, a new school, best friends, a crush, bullies, a death in the family, money issues, not feeling pretty, feeling sad, feeling lonely, jealousy and more. Dr. Holstein's book for teens and tweens is a first in using fiction for embedding positive psychology concepts.

Her second book in The Truth Series is “Secrets: Diary Of A Gutsy Teen”. In 'Secrets' the girl is 13 years old. She handles many adolescent issues, including a crush, moving, a death in the family, feeling fat and problems with girlfriends.  'Secrets' provides a book kids and parents and grandparents can share and use as a sounding board for needed communication between the generations.

Both “The Truth” and “Secrets” are great for parents, grandparents, older siblings and teachers to establish lines of communication with the tweens and teens in their lives. Both books have been re-released by Sky Pony Press.

Dr. Holstein is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at All of her works are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all other online retailers. More information is available at her website at


Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, internationally known Positive Psychologist is the creator of The Enchanted Self ®, a positive psychology method for happiness.  She is in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey with her husband, Dr. Russell M. Holstein.

Dr. Barbara can be found on the web, interviewed, writing articles and posting video 'TED' style talks on Happiness,  Positive Psychology, Relationships and Parenting.

She has been a contributor to Heart and Soul, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Redbook, Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, Time on line, the Today Show and Family Circle Magazine.


Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
170 Morris Ave.,
Long Branch, New Jersey 07740

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Award Winning Children's Book Author Dr Nicole Announces New Award For 'Parents For Sale'

Dr. Nicole is a best-selling author of children's books that educate, inspire and teach valuable life lessons

Dr. Nicole recently announced that 'Parents For Sale' is a Bronze Medal winner in the 2015 Reader's Favorite International Book Awards Contest in the Children - Animals category.

In the traditions of Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss, Dr. Nicole breathes life into inanimate objects and wildly entertaining characters that engage children in powerful ways. Through parent/child interaction, her works develop a love for reading while helping children develop the most important skill of all - critical thinking.

The award is the latest in a long lineup of awards for 'Parents For Sale'. Other awards include 2015 Dragonfly Books Award: Chapters Book: Honorable Mention; 2015 New York Book Festival: Children’s Book: Honorable Mention and the 2015 Hollywood Book Festival: Children’s Book: Honorable Mention. 'Parents For Sale' is Story Monster Approved, and has received a 5 Star rating from Readers’ Favorite.

"I am pleased," stated Dr. Nicole, "to be awarded the Bronze Medal. "In my writing career, I have the honor to be noted as an award-winning bestseller in Quebec. I am truly grateful and honored for this Reader’s Favorite recognition. It opens the doors to a worldwide career."

Dr. Nicole has sold over 150,000 books in her career. She is highly regarded for her work with children's books and a health guide for families. Her goals are to create in children a love for reading and to create interaction and engagement, all with a focus on helping children develop the most important skill of all - critical thinking.

In 'Parents For Sale', a 44-page, color-illustrated chapter-book, the Clark family encounters a dilemma. Twins Luke and Lucy don’t take care of their dog, Pistachio, as they had promised their parents they would. One day, their mom threatens to sell the dog. A few hours later, when Luke and Lucy’s parents go to the store, the twins concoct a plan to get rid of their parents, which could take Pistachio away from them forever. The book teaches many lessons including responsibility and the value of family relationships.

Dr. Nicole will release two new children's books in November of this year; 'Are You Eating My Lunch?' and 'Strike At Charles' Farm'.

In 'Are You Eating My Lunch?', a 24-page, bilingual (English/French) picture book, a young boy named Xavier visits the zoo. At lunch time, he can’t find his lunch box. He decides to investigate. He asks all the animals the same question: “Are Eating My Lunch?” During his investigation, he learns the animals’ favorite food.

In 'Strike At Charles' Farm', a 24-page, bilingual (English/French) picture book, A young boy named Charles leads a farm. One day, he faces a problem, as the farm animals go on strike. They refuse to work, want to eat more food or sleep longer. In this book, children will learn the value of work, and that with rights come responsibilities.

"As an author," Dr. Nicole concluded, "my intentions regarding being an author are to inspire children to read, to set their imaginations free and to encourage good decision making regarding health, safety and moral responsibility. Writing children’s books is a way for me to give back and be a positive resource to the community. It is a way that I can positively express myself while having some fun and at the same time being a positive role model for both children and parents. These are just a few small steps to make the world a better place. I hope that my books inspire children to set their minds free and work to make the world a better place."

Dr. Nicole is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at All of her works are available on Amazon, AuthorHouse and other quality book retailers. More information is available at her website at

About Dr. Nicole:

Dr. Nicole Audet holds a Master degree in medical education. She is a professional writer and an engaging speaker. She has worked in Clinical Practice (emergency, family doctor office, University of Montreal affiliated teacher) and has been the Editor in Chief of the French medical magazine 'Le Médecin du Québec'. She has presented in many international, national and provincial medical congresses and has managed medical teaching clinics, medical magazines and medical research in computer science. Her books received many international and national awards.

A no-charge copy of her book is available for University teachers, journalists and members of the media who provide email, website, mail address and phone number.


Dr. Nicole

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Author Frances Fuller Believes Some Southern Baptist Leaders Who Found The Pope's Speech To Congress Troubling Should Reconsider

Frances Fuller's award-winning memoir, 'In Borrowed Houses', gives readers a penetrating glimpse of the Middle East from the inside. She puts a face on the Middle East many Americans have not yet seen

In a recent article on the Baptist Press website by Tom Strode entitled "Pope's speech troubling, Southern Baptists say", it was noted that some Southern Baptist leaders believed Pope Francis' address to Congress lacked clarity on moral issues. A number of specific issues were addressed in the piece. Frances Fuller, author of 'In Borrowed Houses' and a Southern Baptist missionary in the Middle East for 24 years, argued in a recent piece against Baptist leaders who objected to the Pope's speech to Congress. Fuller stated, "Though you admit that the pope 'talked about the dignity of human life, whether the unborn, the elderly or the immigrants, as well as the importance of the family in a free and flourishing society,' you find his words 'fuzzy and evasive' and feel that he 'missed the opportunity to address a moral issue with more clarity.'”

Understanding that they expected the pope to be more explicit on the subject of abortion, Fuller said, “The pope spoke of the need to defend human life at every stage of development.  I liked that, because it meant to me that the 20-year-old whom we are sending into battle is just as important to us as a fetus in a womb.  It meant that we should be able to love and nurture any child we bring into the world.  It meant that a child should not be homeless on the street or wandering the world with refugee parents. He also warned us that greed and self-centeredness are on the verge of destroying our planet and with it the human species.  That sounds to me like something highly relevant to the rights of the unborn. You apparently feel that in calling our attention to a huge, many-faceted issue, he neglected the one or two aspects of your own focus. Is it possible that you are more Catholic than the pope?”

To another objection she replied, "Some of you are disturbed by the pope’s statement that the big bang theory does not conflict with the Bible. The American public, reading this, understands that you are walking in the shoes of those who murdered Galileo. I attest that you are NOT upholding the faith of the Southern Baptists who nurtured me in my youth.”  Fuller recalled a time when Baptist Sunday School materials taught Genesis as a spiritual book, not a science book.

To another basic protest she replied, “Some of you feel that the pope’s invitation to address the Congress was not appropriate. Because the Vatican is not a state.  Because no evangelical pastor was ever invited. I am embarrassed in your behalf, because I find your objection petty and smelling of jealousy.“

Speaking of the public response to the pope, Fuller said, “The whole thing was the clearest evidence I have seen in a long time that the American people are a spiritual people.  They want God.  They want to believe. That should bring rejoicing to the heart of every Christian. There should be no room in our hearts for jealousy.  We are not being discriminated against.  We evangelicals simply have no one whose presence seems to represent God.” She added that the pope seemed not to speak for Catholics but for Christians, even for all who seek God.

Finally, she said, "I am not a Catholic…but I congratulate the Catholic Church for producing and choosing such a leader.  I feel that he has blessed all of us who would accept the blessing."

As the result of her time spent as a missionary, Fuller wrote an award-winning book entitled 'In Borrowed Houses'. Told in short episodes, Fuller’s book reveals the alienation, confusion and courage of civilians in the Lebanese civil war, introducing to the reader a variety of real people with whom the author interacts: editors, salesmen, neighbors, refugees, soldiers, missionaries, lawyers, shepherds, artists, students. With these people she works, studies, plays games, prays, laughs and cries, all to the accompaniment of gunfire. Together these small stories tell what war is like for civilians caught on a battlefield, and they create the impression of the Lebanese as a fun-loving, witty, patient and resilient people. They also compose, not a political history, but a historical document of a time and a place.

Critics have praised  ‘In Borrowed Houses.’ A judge in the 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards called 'In Borrowed Houses' “…a well written book full of compassion…a captivating story…”. Another reviewer described the book as “Wise, honest, sensitive, funny, heart-wrenching…”. Colin Chapman, lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Near East School of Theology in Beirut said, “….western Christians and Middle Eastern Christians need to read this story…full of remarkable perceptiveness and genuine hope.”

Frances Fuller is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at Fuller's book is available at Amazon and other book retailers. A free ebook sample from 'In Borrowed Houses' is available at Frances Fuller also blogs on issues relating to the Middle East on her website at

About Frances Fuller:

Frances Fuller spent thirty years in the violent Middle East and for twenty-four of those years was the director of a Christian publishing program with offices in Lebanon. While leading the development of spiritual books in the Arabic language, she survived long years of civil war and invasions.


Frances Fuller

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Book Marketing Announcements: The Authors Show Lineup For The Week Of October 5, 2015

Book Marketing serves as a resource for authors and allows members to engage in promotion and publicity for marketing purposes. The site offers no-charge marketing training, book publicity opportunities and a buyers club for book marketing services

Don McCauley of the Free Publicity Focus Group and Danielle Hampson, Executive Producer of The Authors Show, founders of The Authors Marketing Powerhouse, have announced The Authors Show radio and broadcast schedule for the week of October 5, 2015. The new show schedule is available at the Authors Marketing Powerhouse site.

For those who hope to sell books on the Internet, the challenge can be daunting. It can be confusing difficult, time consuming and expensive. Book Marketing, branded as The Authors Marketing Powerhouse, helps authors overcome these challenges by providing authors and publishers three distinct benefits:

* No charge publicity - members can upload photos, bios, book covers, video and book videos. Each author can develop a personalized page and a personal blog. The site allows for integration with Facebook and Twitter.

* No charge marketing training - provided through the Book Marketing Master Class series of training videos and peer to peer sharing of information.

* Buyers club - low pricing on products and services used by authors and publishers to market books allows members to dramatically reduce book production and book marketing costs.

The site also offers discussion forums, segmented special interest groups and allows for event listings.  The site is a joint collaboration, developed by Don McCauley of the Free Publicity Focus Group and Danielle Hampson, Executive Producer of The Authors Show.

The Authors Show radio shows offer professionally produced radio interviews that are broadcast worldwide. Segmented shows by genre include fiction, non-fiction and Christian shows. The upcoming scheduled radio lineups include:

Week October 5, 2015 On The Authors Show

E. L. Crenshaw
Olga M. Fyne, PhD
Linda Maria Frank
Marylee MacDonald
Jeffrey W. Kern
Donna Louis
Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
Wayne Clark
Nancy King
Andrew Harkless
Alan Noble
Betty J. Deniston
Jim Dilyard


Don McCauley is a marketing strategist and is the facilitator of the Free Publicity Focus Group, a marketing and publicity firm. He also serves as the host of The Authors Show Radio.  Danielle Hampson is the Executive Producer of The Authors Show radio group of programs.

More information is available by visiting the Book Marketing site. Questions about Book Marketing can be addressed to Don McCauley by email at don (at) Questions about The Authors Show can be addressed to Danielle Hampson at danielle (at)


Don McCauley
Free Publicity Focus Group

Danielle Hampson
The Authors Show

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