Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Author Daniel P. Douglas' New Sci Fi Release, 'Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project', Centered On UFO Disclosure

Douglas is a multi-genre author who turns ordinary people into extraordinary heroes. Douglas' new science fiction book blends the authenticity of a Tom Clancy novel with the mystery and suspense of 'The X Files'. The new release is centered around the subject of UFO disclosure

Sci fi author Daniel P. Douglas has announced the release of 'Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project'. The newly released science fiction book blends the authenticity of a Tom Clancy novel with the mystery and suspense of 'The X Files'. It is especially pertinent today, as even high-level government officials such as John Podesta are calling for disclosure and truth regarding UFOs after decades of government cover-ups.

Douglas is a multi-genre author who turns ordinary people into extraordinary heroes. Douglas creates the most unlikely of heroes and calls upon them to join extraordinary and mysterious struggles. His characters' sometimes-reluctant choices and actions put them on a collision course with destiny and reveal unimaginable truths. In every pulse pounding, edge-of-your-seat adventure, survival means confronting personal flaws and doubts, and forging unexpected fates as inspiring new champions in the eternal battle against evil.

According to Daniel, years of watching or reading anything and everything about UFOs led him to write 'Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project'. His core motivation, however, was anger, and finding an outlet for it.

“Like many who follow the subject,” says Daniel, “I’m routinely frustrated by the response of government to UFOs, especially in not admitting what they know, and I’m not just talking about well-known cases like Roswell. There are thousands of UFO cases to talk about, past and present.”

Daniel adds that he was not surprised when outgoing advisor to President Obama, John Podesta, recently tweeted his regret that he could not get the government to release its UFO files.

“The stonewalling is policy and has been for decades. It is frustrating and damages the public trust. And if a former Chief of Staff and Presidential advisor can’t succeed in gaining disclosure, I have to wonder where it leaves individual citizens who seek the truth. I also wonder why more people aren’t outraged and vocal about this failure of government accountability.”

In the storyline of the new science fiction thriller, when former FBI agent William Harrison begins receiving mysterious postcards with the signature "Echo Tango," he's alerted to a deadly government cover-up beyond anything he ever thought possible. His informant turns out to be a guilt-ridden ex-operative in the Saint Mary Project, an ultra-secret program engaged in alien contact. The organization is wiping out loose ends, and Echo Tango thinks Harrison is the man he needs to stop the decades-old conspiracy.

Thanks to a gunshot wound suffered in an attempt to thwart an armed robbery, the crime-fighting life is something of Harrison's past. He keeps his shooting skills sharp but walks with a limp, and he is more likely to catch marital cheaters than anything else--as a private investigator. But Harrison can't shake the feeling that this paranormal case is meant for him. He enlists the help of colleagues and starts following the mysterious clues.

“In this science fiction novel," Douglas concluded, "I tried to build it on a range of UFO lore and keep it true to that lore so followers of the subject would see their interests, knowledge, and beliefs reflected – and respected – in the book.”

Critics have praised 'Truth Insurrected'. Kirkus Reviews stated, "…its sprinkling of fantastical elements makes it a standout..." Blue Ink Review said, "...Conspiracy theorists and science fiction fans alike will find Truth Insurrected hard to put down." BestThrillers.com called it "An engrossing, deftly-crafted UFO conspiracy thriller that is easily one of the most successful tales to emerge out of Roswell alien lore." The Columbia Review of Books & Film said, "An excellent science-fiction/conspiracy thriller...Highly recommended."

Daniel P. Douglas is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at don@freepublicitygroup.com. An interview with Douglas is currently running at The Authors Show site. 'Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project' can be found at Amazon.com. More information is available at Douglas' website at http://www.DanielPDouglas.com.

About Daniel P. Douglas:

Daniel P. Douglas is a U.S. Army veteran who has also served as a senior analyst in the U.S. intelligence community. A long-term civil servant, with degrees in Political Science and Russian Area Studies, Douglas has also worked in the museum profession. His travels have taken him throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

As an author, Douglas creates epic tales – of the past, present, and future – with the most unlikely of heroes, and calls upon them to join extraordinary and mysterious struggles. His characters' sometimes-reluctant choices and actions put them on a collision course with destiny and reveal unimaginable truths. Douglas is a multigenre author who turns ordinary people into extraordinary heroes.


Daniel P. Douglas

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Book Marketing Announcements: The Authors Show Lineup For The Week Of March 2, 2015

Book Marketing serves as a resource for authors and allows members to engage in promotion and publicity for marketing purposes. The site offers no-charge marketing training, book publicity opportunities and a buyers club for book marketing services

Don McCauley of the Free Publicity Focus Group and Danielle Hampson, Executive Producer of The Authors Show, founders of The Authors Marketing Powerhouse, have announced The Authors Show radio and broadcast schedule for the week of March 2, 2015. The new show schedule is available at the Authors Marketing Powerhouse site.

For those who hope to sell books on the Internet, the challenge can be daunting. It can be confusing difficult, time consuming and expensive. Book Marketing, branded as The Authors Marketing Powerhouse, helps authors overcome these challenges by providing authors and publishers three distinct benefits:

* No charge publicity - members can upload photos, bios, book covers, video and book videos. Each author can develop a personalized page and a personal blog. The site allows for integration with Facebook and Twitter.

* No charge marketing training - provided through the Book Marketing Master Class series of training videos and peer to peer sharing of information.

* Buyers club - low pricing on products and services used by authors and publishers to market books allows members to dramatically reduce book production and book marketing costs.

The site also offers discussion forums, segmented special interest groups and allows for event listings.  The site is a joint collaboration, developed by Don McCauley of the Free Publicity Focus Group and Danielle Hampson, Executive Producer of The Authors Show.

The Authors Show radio shows offer professionally produced radio interviews that are broadcast worldwide. Segmented shows by genre include fiction, non-fiction and Christian shows. The upcoming scheduled radio lineups include:

Week March 2, 2015 On The Authors Show

Emeka Iwenofu
Maggie van Galen
Wendy Joseph
Eileen Ladin-Panzer
Linda Maria Frank
Devin J. Starlanyl
Maria Daddino
Henry B. Zimmer
Anthony Wright
Alan Noble
Martha Du'Sage
Patricia Lyon

Don McCauley is a marketing strategist and is the facilitator of the Free Publicity Focus Group, a marketing and publicity firm. He also serves as the host of The Authors Show Radio.  Danielle Hampson is the Executive Producer of The Authors Show radio group of programs.

More information is available by visiting the Book Marketing site. Questions about Book Marketing can be addressed to Don McCauley by email at don (at) FreePublicityGroup.com. Questions about The Authors Show can be addressed to Danielle Hampson at danielle (at)TheAuthorsShow.com.


Don McCauley
Free Publicity Focus Group

Danielle Hampson
The Authors Show

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Business Networking For Women - Girlfriend Grapevine, New Social Media Networking Site For Women, Now Open

Girlfriend Grapevine is an exciting new social media networking platform for women. The site promotes friendship, entertainment, great places to eat or shop and community involvement. Business networking and collaboration opportunities are unlimited

Girlfriend Grapevine, a new networking website, is now open to members of the public. Billed as the place 'Where Great Friendships Start', this exciting new concept in social media networking offers a host of features missing in other social network websites. At the same time, Girlfriend Grapevine greatly simplifies social media networking. Most importantly the site allows for business networking worldwide, as well as on a national, regional or local basis.

The site can be especially valuable for those who thrive on referral business or word of mouth. These types of businesses include, but are not limited to:

Life Coaching
Financial Advising
Real Estate
Nail Salon Owners
Nail Artists
Cosmetic Surgeons
Nutrition Counselors
Weight Loss Centers
Fitness Trainers
Hair Stylists
Jewelry Designers

and many more.

Individual profiles, weekly articles on important subjects of particular interest to women, interviews and activities have all been put together in an easy to use interface. The site is free with an optional paid subscriber option for those who want to do more.

In the interest of providing the best social networking experience, Girlfriend Grapevine provides the platform, while members provide the content. Members choose the who, where, when, and how they want to meet new people according to personal style and preference. Membership on this social network website is at no charge and privacy is paramount. Girlfriend Grapevine's primary features include:

Find and meet new friends in a specific geographic area who share your interests
Host and attend activities
Share your thoughts on restaurants, blogs, interviews & more.
'Ask A Girlfriend' (Coming soon)
Be 'In The Spotlight' for increased visibility to promote yourself, your business or your service

“The 'In The Spotlight' section of the site will be a very important component of the site for women in business,” stated company representative Gail West. "The ability to concentrate on specific regions will be especially useful to service businesses that operate in a particular region. And for businesses whose target audience is women, the opportunity is unlimited.”

The open-ended format allows for national and regional networking. A major focus of the site is based on a local, 'meet-up' style of networking.

Members will really enjoy the site because they can connect with people they would not normally meet. Women in their local communities are looking to meet other women who share their interests for social or business networking purposes. The site provides a user friendly platform to help make that happen easily.

Girlfriend Grapevine can be contacted using the information below or by email at press@girlfriendgrapevine.com. More information is available at the Girlfriend Grapevine website at http://www.GirlfriendGrapevine.com. Videos are available at Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwSYW41OA-WRdXf_k8zWNow

About Girlfriend Grapevine:

Girlfriend Grapevine is a social media networking site that can easily connect women with other women in their local communities in their age range who share their same interests. Girlfriend Grapevine has taken a few of the online dating world’s strategies and created a fun way to create new friendship opportunities based on member selected criteria. It is an online community providing entertainment and information for women unlike all others.


Girlfriend Grapevine

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Artist With Cerebral Palsy Who Paints Remarkable Acrylic Masterpieces To Be Featured At Tobii Dynavox

Joshua Englehaupt has turned a disability into an ability at a level that can only be called breathtaking

Joshua Englehaupt is an artist whose medium is acrylics. While his work may defy description, the talent he brings to the canvas is undeniable. What is even more remarkable is the fact that his work is produced by a team effort. He is half the team at OurHome Studio. His mother, author Carol Englehaupt, is the other half of the team. Carol assists Josh by holding up his arm when he paints. Joshua provides inspiration for his mother's work as an author. It is a match 'made in Heaven' for both Carol and Joshua.

"Josh isn’t an independent painter," Carol stated. "He needs my help in getting his painting ready. I load and clean brushes for him. I place the brush in his hand and support his elbow. The brush strokes are his. The composition and colors are his. He has a far better sense of color than I do. We use a big color chart to help him decide on colors and to communicate to me what he wants."

"I was taking a watercolor art course, when Josh let me know that he wanted to paint too. Without thinking, I gave him paper and paints and let him finger paint. This lasted about three pictures. Josh got angry. He kicked his foot and kept looking at the paintbrush in my hand. He wanted to paint with a brush. I did what I always do when Josh wants to do something. I figured out a way for him to do it. His grip was poor. I’d have to curl his fingers around the brush and help him hang onto it. This wasn’t what Josh wanted so I started to think of ways to help him. I mentioned to my husband one evening, 'If only paintbrushes came with handles like screwdrivers.' He gave me a look, got up from his chair and disappeared into the garage. He came back with a couple of screwdriver handles with brushes inserted. These were the first brushes that Josh used. The handles were big enough that he could get a grip on them."

Joshua Englehaupt was born April 3, 1980. Birth trauma resulted in Joshua being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He attended Easter Seal until the age of seven at which time testing became available that gave a more accurate assessment of his I.Q. His diagnosis was updated to multi-physically disabled with normal intelligence. As a result of this testing, Josh was able to leave Easter Seals and attend public schools. The travel was simply too much for Joshua to handle. Home schooling became the only reasonable choice.

The other half of the team, Carol Englehaupt, is both an artist and a published author. She learned early that normal doesn’t exist. Her stories reflect an unconventional outlook on life that fires the imagination, inspires the reader, and delivers a dose of unexpected humor. A multi genre author who writes under the pen name C.L. Roth, she delivers fast-paced, imaginative stories with enough unusual twists to please readers of any age.

Carol's works include 'Cosmic Shift', 'Cosmic Chaos' and 'Bone Weary'. 'Cosmic Shift' is a fantasy for kids geared to Middle School readers but also enjoyable for all ages. 'Cosmic Chaos' is written for middle grade kids and young adults. Carol's latest work, 'Bone Weary', is an adult mystery full of heart and humor that features a caregiver protagonist, drawing on her own experiences with Joshua.

"My goal as an author," Carol stated, "is to tell a story that intrigues the mind, entertains the reader, and takes root in the heart. I strive to write fast-paced books that deliver action, humor, and unexpected twists that are suitable for all ages to read."

Joshua's work has been drawing a great deal of public attention and several of Joshua's prints will be displayed at Tobii Dynavox in Pittsburgh, PA.

"Josh and I are just beginning this artistic journey," Carol concluded. "I have no idea where the path will lead. I only know we are enjoying every step of the journey."

Carol Englehaupt is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at carolenglehaupt@gmail.com More information on Joshua's work is available at http://www.ourhomestudio.com. More information on Carol's work is available at http://www.clroth.com.


OurHome Studio is a collaboration of two artists. Joshua Englehaupt is an artist with Cerebral Palsy who paints in watercolor. His mother, Carol Englehaupt is a multigenre author who writes under the name of C. L. Roth.


Carol Englehaupt

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meditation And Light On The Path To Mediumship Is The Focus Of Author Pat Chalfant's Book, 'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship'

Chalfant offers mediumship classes to help others develop mediumship in both classroom settings and via the Internet. She believes meditation is vital to the development of mediumship

Pat Chalfant, author of 'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship', believes meditation is the path to mediumship. She hopes to reveal the true face of mediumship and feels that nothing does that more effectively than pointing out the routine use of meditation in mediumship studies. The experience of seeing light during meditation is one of the hallmarks of progress.

"Usually, one of the first things we develop when we study mediumship," Chalfant stated, "is the ability to see lights in meditation either with eyes open or with eyes closed.  More often it will happen for the meditator when his eyes are closed.  Having it happen with eyes open is less common.  Whenever anyone tells me he/she see lights in my darkened development class, I am fairly certain that this person is on the way to developing mediumship."

"Students will also announce in our 'sharing time' after meditation that they have seen colors.  Actually, the two are usually interchangeable because the lights can be various colors. So that I won’t discourage anyone who may not 'see' anything at first in meditation, I always temper the mention of lights and colors appearing early on by saying that it doesn’t have to be light that is seen first, but that quite frequently, it is. Those lights may be tiny, large, stationary, moving, or what one student described as a guiding light.  They will be white or many-colored or only one color, but nevertheless, light(s).  Recently, she’s been adding that this may even be what engendered the concept of “light workers.”  Light definitely precedes or else comes along at some later stage in our progression through meditation into mediumship."

"Those who know about the work of the Seer of Virginia Beach, Edgar Cayce, may know that his son, Hugh Lynn Cayce, stated that meditation is valuable because the light we begin to see in meditation is the same light that we are so often encouraged to remember to look for when we die.  So if you are a meditator, not only will the light you see in meditation tell you that you are taking your first steps toward becoming a medium, but also that the path you will then be on is the same as the one that we each use to pass to the Other Side of Life. This is how we begin to discover that life continues after death and that we are Spiritual beings."

Special attention is given to meditation at the end of each lesson in Pat’s book as well as in a long piece about meditation at the beginning of the workbook section at the back of her book.

'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship', explains how she, a real skeptic regarding such matters, developed mediumship abilities and now lives a life transformed by the spiritual. Mediumship is a controversial issue and Pat understands this, but she also believes that credible mediumship holds the promise of real benefits for mankind that have not been fully explored.

In addition to offering one-on-one client consultations, Pat has penned the 'Spirit Lights Song Book' and three of those songs are in the National Spiritualist Association of Churches hymn book. She does readings for clients by phone and teaches mediumship development classes. She has also created a DVD entitled 'Spirit Lights Psychic Development DVD'.

Pat Chalfant is currently appearing on The Authors Show. Her interview is available now at The Authors Show site. 'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship' is available at her website and at Amazon. Pat is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at pat.chalfant@patchalfant.com. Pat maintains a Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9qOQWIWR-DUL8hBDqE5TnQ.  She is also available for inspirational lectures. More information is available at her website at http://www.patchalfant.com.

About Pat Chalfant:

Oregon Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant's amazing psychic gifts have helped hundreds of individuals worldwide. Pat has written a column on parapsychology and interviewed Hollywood stars and the psychics who read for them for a national newspaper. Other topics she’s taught and written about are: past life therapy, death and dying, the Edgar Cayce work, the Cathars, and Spiritual healing.

The Association for Past Life Research and Therapies newsletter published a series of her interviews with psychiatrists, psychologists, and hypnotherapists who were all west coast pioneers of past life therapy. Pat believes that series is destined to become a book.

A singer/songwriter, three of her songs are in the National Spiritualist Association of Churches hymnal. She teaches internationally online and also hosts an online Spiritualist circle, Spirit Lights Chapel.


Pat Chalfant

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