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A First Person Account Of Apartheid In South Africa Offered By Award Winning Author Kass Ghayouri In 'An Era Of Error'

Kass Ghayouri's writing evokes change through empowerment. Through dramatic imagery she creates visual slides, which connect readers to memorable plots

While many books have been written about apartheid in South Africa, seldom do readers have the opportunity to read a book written by someone who lived in South Africa and experienced firsthand the horrors of apartheid as a child. Kass Ghayouri's award winning book, 'An Era Of Error' gives readers a glimpse from the inner side of those historical events. The book has been compared to 'Cry, The Beloved Country' by Alan Paton.

'An Era of Error' is an historic fiction novel, based on the Apartheid era in South Africa, centered on Ghayouri's childhood experiences. Ghayouri deftly paints a stunning panoramic portrait of the obstacle her characters faced, living in South Africa during the Apartheid era. The reader will experience the brutality of apartheid, as seen through the eyes of a child.

Ghayouri was the first place winner in the '2015 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Awards’. In addition, Readers Favorite awarded the book 5 stars. The book has received rave reviews from reviewers and readers alike. A review by Reader's Favorite called the historical fiction novel " . . . a tale that will undoubtedly remind readers of 'Cry, The Beloved Country' by Alan Paton and 'A Dry White Season' by Andre Brink; . . ."

"I tantalize my reader with an impeccable narrative trend, which is heart wrenching. Writing is my unique strategy to evoke change, by empowering my readers with wisdom and inner strength” Kass Ghayouri.

Kass Ghayouri is a prolific writer and has written a number of other books:

'The Fugitive’s Baby' - a captivating story that takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of love, romance, fear, and articulate characters, with a nostalgic plot

'Punch Buggy - Auto-Biography' - an inspirational story of a Beetle car. It inspires people of all age groups to play the game, “Punch Buggy”. Children love this little bug. Nevertheless, when an antagonist comes along, trouble lurks...

'Governess Poetry & Illustration' - a book that is not just the experiences of daily life but also the experience of Kass' vivid imagination and intellectual curiosity

'Universe Poetry & Illustration' - more poetry that generates imagery and visual symbolism that illustrates the liberty of self-expression

'I Tried But I Died' - a novel that delves deep down into the core of human nature, exposing the evil and darkest side of the human mind

Kass Ghayouri is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at kghayouri@yahoo.ca. All of her books are available at Amazon and other book retailers. More information, including information on all of her books, a sample from 'An Era Of Error' and an interview with The Authors Show is available at her website at http://www.kghayouri.com.

About Kass Ghayouri:

Award winning author Kass Ghayouri is a Canadian author who was born in Durban, South Africa and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. She is the author of six books.


Kass Ghayouri

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Book Marketing Announcements: The Authors Show Lineup For The Week Of June 27, 2016

Book Marketing serves as a resource for authors and allows members to engage in promotion and publicity for marketing purposes. The site offers no-charge marketing training, book publicity opportunities and a buyers club for book marketing services

Don McCauley of the Free Publicity Focus Group and Danielle Hampson, Executive Producer of The Authors Show, founders of The Authors Marketing Powerhouse, have announced The Authors Show radio and broadcast schedule for the week of June 27, 2016. The new show schedule is available at the Authors Marketing Powerhouse site.

For those who hope to sell books on the Internet, the challenge can be daunting. It can be confusing difficult, time consuming and expensive. Book Marketing, branded as The Authors Marketing Powerhouse, helps authors overcome these challenges by providing authors and publishers three distinct benefits:

* No charge publicity - members can upload photos, bios, book covers, video and book videos. Each author can develop a personalized page and a personal blog. The site allows for integration with Facebook and Twitter.

* No charge marketing training - provided through the Book Marketing Master Class series of training videos and peer to peer sharing of information.

* Buyers club - low pricing on products and services used by authors and publishers to market books allows members to dramatically reduce book production and book marketing costs.

The site also offers discussion forums, segmented special interest groups and allows for event listings.  The site is a joint collaboration, developed by Don McCauley of the Free Publicity Focus Group and Danielle Hampson, Executive Producer of The Authors Show.

The Authors Show radio shows offer professionally produced radio interviews that are broadcast worldwide. Segmented shows by genre include fiction, non-fiction and Christian shows. The upcoming scheduled radio lineups include:

Week June 27, 2016 On The Authors Show:

Jennifer Burrows
Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
Dr. Nicole
J. P. Sitler
Bobbie Thompson
Donna Louis
Jim Dilyard
J. R. Robinson
Brian A. McLaughlin
Mark Wayne Adams
Dr. LaSharnda Beckwith
Steve Snyder
Daniel D. Corner
Marylee MacDonald
Dr. Kirk Lewis
Kass Ghayouri


Don McCauley is a marketing strategist and is the facilitator of the Free Publicity Focus Group, a marketing and publicity firm. He also serves as the host of The Authors Show Radio.  Danielle Hampson is the Executive Producer of The Authors Show radio group of programs.

More information is available by visiting the Book Marketing site. Questions about Book Marketing can be addressed to Don McCauley by email at don (at) FreePublicityGroup.com. Questions about The Authors Show can be addressed to Danielle Hampson at danielle (at)TheAuthorsShow.com.


Don McCauley
Free Publicity Focus Group

Danielle Hampson
The Authors Show

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Immigration And The Desire For Freedom - 'Quest For Freedom' By David Michael Palladino Gives Us A New Perspective On Immigration

David Michael Palladino writes inspirational fiction for young readers. His works teach important ideals and values. He utilizes engaging works of fiction to accomplish that goal

The subject of immigration is one of the hottest news stories taking place in America today. Immigration is a bitterly contested issue, a divisive talking point, a topic for building political platforms and a fiery issue that divides people across every social and economic line imaginable.

So why do so many people hope to immigrate to America? Some people immigrate to escape the ravages of war or persecution or to better themselves and their families. Some hope to have the opportunity for better education, better jobs or to escape from poverty. Healthcare. The environment. Politics. Lifestyle.

While the reasons are many and varied, at the very core of the drive to immigrate is the desire for freedom. Freedom might imply "freedom from" - war, poverty or persecution. Or, freedom imply "freedom to" - grow, thrive, or to live in a specific way. Freedom - whether "from" or "to" - seems to be hardwired into human DNA.

It might be hard for some Americans to relate to this drive for freedom or perhaps to even understand it, as we have always had freedom. America is a primary destination for immigration as America sits at the very top of the list of countries known for personal freedom. America was built on the concept of personal freedom. In the current landscape however, many Americans recognize the need to be vigilant against potential immigrants who do not hold American values in esteem. But perhaps, in our need to be cautious about immigration, we have lost sight of what it is that makes America truly great. It is, in a word, freedom.

David Michael Palladino writes inspirational fiction for young people. He teaches, through his works of fiction, important ideals and values. As a former U.S. Army Ranger, former High School Phys-Ed & Health Teacher and Coach, and founder of “Palladino Martial Arts”, he understands the significance of instilling these all-important ideals and values in young people. Palladino's book, 'Quest For Freedom' helps communicate freedom's true meaning to a younger audience. For this reason it will appeal to parents, grandparents and educators and those who are old enough to remember what America used to be. Palladino deftly paints a picture of America as she really was during the Cold War. He shows us clearly why American freedom and American values held such appeal for many oppressed people in other parts of the world.

During the first Cold War the world revolved around the conflict between the theologies of communism and democracy. The two main protagonists in this conflict were the United States in the West and the Soviet Union in the East. As Eastern Bloc leaders began to tighten restrictions in the lives of their people, commensurate with their increase in power, there began to emerge, in the East, a group of young people, hard and idealistic, adventurous and courageous. These would become the heroes of the movement of their time. These were the brave young souls who, with inspiration from President Reagan, began to break down the Iron Curtain. The escape from Soviet Communism and the quest for freedom is the theme of 'Quest For Freedom'. Set in the Cold War era, the book is the engaging story of Adriana Corderu and her quest to obtain freedom by escaping the Iron Curtain.

'Quest for Freedom' has received rave reviews. One reviewer stated, "More native born Americans need to know this story and more importantly appreciate our country as she did." Another said, "The readers become engrossed immediately in Palladino's dynamic effervescent style."

David Palladino is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at inspirationalbookauthor@yahoo.com. 'Adriana Corderu, Quest for Freedom' is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Rosedog Books. More information, including samples of the book, is available at Palladino’s website at http://www.inspirationalbookauthor.com.


David Michael Palladino writes inspirational fiction for young readers. His background helps him in crafting messages that resonate with young readers and teaches them important ideals and values. He utilizes engaging works of fiction to help instill these values.


David Michael Palladino

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What The Afterlife Is Like - The Proof Is In The Direct Experience States Brian McLaughlin, Author Of 'A Flight Without Wings'

McLaughlin's book about his NDE details his totally unique near death experience. It is raw and it's real. There is no embellishment, no preaching and no hidden agenda. McLaughlin will make several appearances in the Long Island, NY area in the coming months

Is there life after death? Does some component of the human mind survive death? Everybody has an opinion, but who has any proof?

A debate on Youtube offered by Intelligence Squared entitled 'Death Is Not Final' featured four speakers with four different perspectives. Eben Alexander, a popular author and NDE experiencer and Dr. Raymond Moody, author of a number of seminal books on NDE including 'Life After Life', argued for the motion. The debate also featured physicist Sean Carroll and neurologist Steven Novella, who argued against the motion.

The position taken by Carroll and Novella was that NDE's are not scientifically provable and that the effects produced by the near death experience could be the result of many other factors. That is a position held by many people and on the surface may appear to be sensible. Dr. Moody however argued that these types of experiences perhaps cannot be proven scientifically, as the NDE experience lies beyond the realm of science and the question is not a question for science. He offered the possibility that the final word on the afterlife may not be delivered via science, but could perhaps come rather through critical thinking and logic.

Should we believe the afterlife does not exist because it cannot be proven via the scientific method? Brian McLaughlin, author of 'A Flight Without Wings', believes Dr. Raymond Moody has finally given us the answer.

McLaughlin stated: “After watching the above mentioned debate, I was left with these personal conclusions:

The two skeptics Carroll and Novella spent most of their time trying to reason why an NDE shouldn’t  be possible, while still asking for proof of such an event. It was apparent that little existed outside our 5 sense- 3 dimension world for them. Eben Alexander seemed frustrated that Carroll and Novella weren’t impressed with his use of medical terms like neo-cortex, etc.

Dr. Ray Moody sat back and let them spew and when it was his turn, he calmly voiced the results of decades of research with people who have had an NDE. His mind appeared to be open to possibilities that the skeptics refuse to acknowledge.  Moody alluded to the impractical use of today’s science or quantum physics to prove or even disprove consciousness after death, indicating that perhaps the proof lies beyond typical metaphysical theories. I would like to offer Dr. Moody this theory:

For many, the proof of an afterlife is an NDE… a real  NDE, as described in his book ‘Life after Life’.  I have had occasion to witness a realm beyond what we are familiar with now. Somewhat scary, somewhat confusing, but real enough to have had a profound impact on my life over the last 20 years. For people like Ray Moody or even Deepak Chopra with progressive thinking , or Amit Goswami’s approach to consciousness and the brain causation, I could be considered one of the sources of unadulterated data on the subject."

Brian McLaughlin's book about his near death experience stands apart from the rest. It is raw and it's real. There is no embellishment and no hidden agenda. While his book has a spiritual flavor certain, there is no preaching and no religious messages. It is his near-death experience, just as it happened.

McLaughlin's experience changed the course of his life forever.  It instilled in him what we all seek - certainty about life after death. And with that a peace of  mind that can never be shaken, nor can it be doubted. His near death experience brought a sense of clarity. It brought a sense of real, lasting peace. He now knows with certainty that we exist forever. It is that simple message he brings to his audience, both through his book and at his speaking engagements.

Brian McLaughlin will be making several live appearances in the Long Island, NY area during July and August, 2016:

Sat. July 9 - Turn of the Cork Screw - Rockville Center, NY - Radio Interview, Book Signing     
Sat. August 27 - Rockville Center, NY - Street Fair   

Brian McLaughlin was chosen as one of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' in 2015. Reviews of 'A Flight Without Wings' have been overwhelmingly positive. Jack Magnus, a reviewer with Readers Favorite, called the book a "well written and moving memoir that neither delves into the fanciful or dogmatic,...”  "…Well worth reading, and is highly recommended." Another stated, "Being a mother who lost her only child I found it to be a great comfort to me." Another said, "I have read many accounts such as these, but this beautifully written account simply touched my heart in ways that previous ones have not."

Mark Feuerstein, Actor (Royal Pains, USA Network) wrote: “I have read it and I think it’s an inspiring tale of deep insight and so personal and yet so universal . . . such profound perspective.”

Brian McLaughlin is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at bamplaya@msn.com. 'A Flight Without Wings' is available at Amazon, Payhip and other book retailers. More information is available on his website at: http://www.BrianMcLaughlinBooks.com.

About Brian McLaughlin:

Brian McLaughlin is the award-winning author of 'A Flight Without Wings'. In his inspirational book, Brian vividly depicts his journey into Heaven and his following return to life caused by a massive head trauma sustained while vacationing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico twenty-one years ago.


Brian McLaughlin

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Omar Mateen's Rampage Creates An Opposite Effect Says Frances Fuller, Author Of Book About Lebanon, 'In Borrowed Houses'

Fuller spent many years in the Middle East. She puts a face on the Middle East many Americans have not yet seen. Her award-winning memoir, 'In Borrowed Houses', gives readers a penetrating glimpse of the Middle East from the inside

Omar Mateen’s act of terrorism created a number of unexpected effects, some of them precisely the opposite of what he probably intended and has provided the country with an opportunity for growth on several fronts. As the complicated story unfolds, focusing on discrimination, Islamic radicalism, gun control, immigration, and politics, author Frances Fuller, who spent 30 years in the Middle East, notes that Mateen hurt us, as he meant to do, but would be surprised by some of the results.

"Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, whoever he was down deep, whatever his motivation, regardless of his legal right to own an assault weapon, has done more than he could have expected to do when he planned to slaughter a roomful of unsuspecting people," Fuller stated. "He played into the hands of an unfriendly and reckless politician, made life harder for Muslim Americans, provoked an outpouring of love and support for the gay community that he attacked, revealed the violence in extremist Islam and exposed a similar strain in a legalistic group of Christians."

Fuller says that the tragedy provides a crucial moment to consider our own acceptance of a violence as a means of achieving our will. She points out that Jesus, who is the center of the Christian faith, refused to perpetuate the violent history that he inherited.

“If we are violent, it is because we have accepted, instead of resisting, the evil culture of our world. This culture is the way of perpetual conflict, but every tragedy is an opportunity to see our mistake and learn.”

Frances Fuller puts a face on the Middle East many Americans have not yet seen. Her award-winning memoir, 'In Borrowed Houses', gives readers a penetrating glimpse of the Middle East from the inside.

Told in short episodes, Fuller’s book reveals the alienation, confusion and courage of civilians in the Lebanese civil war, introducing to the reader a variety of real people with whom the author interacts: editors, salesmen, neighbors, refugees, soldiers, missionaries, lawyers, shepherds, artists, students. With these people she works, studies, plays games, prays, laughs and cries, all to the accompaniment of gunfire. Together these small stories tell what war is like for civilians caught on a battlefield, and they create the impression of the Lebanese as a fun-loving, witty, patient and resilient people. Fuller's stories compose not a political history, but a historical document of a time and a place.

Critics have praised ‘In Borrowed Houses.’ A judge in the 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards called 'In Borrowed Houses' “ . . a well written book full of compassion . . . a captivating story . . . ”. Another reviewer described the book as “Wise, honest, sensitive, funny, heart-wrenching . . .”. Colin Chapman, lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Near East School of Theology in Beirut said, “ . . . western Christians and Middle Eastern Christians need to read this story…full of remarkable perceptiveness and genuine hope.”

Frances Fuller is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at frances0516@att.net. The full text of her latest article is available at her website. Fuller's book is available at Amazon and other book retailers. A free ebook sample from 'In Borrowed Houses' is available at http://www.payhip.com/francesfuller. Frances Fuller also blogs on other issues relating to the Middle East on her website at http://www.inborrowedhouseslebanon.com.

About Frances Fuller:

Frances Fuller spent thirty years in the violent Middle East and for twenty-four of those years was the director of a Christian publishing program with offices in Lebanon. While leading the development of spiritual books in the Arabic language, she survived long years of civil war and invasions.


Frances Fuller

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