Monday, June 28, 2010

Author Deb Scott To Appear On The Authors Show Radio June 30 To Discuss The Sky Is Green And The Grass Is Blue

Deb Scott is widely known as the ‘female Tony Robbins’. She is a speaker, coach and is the author of The Sky Is Green and the Grass Is Blue. On the show she will discuss motivation, peak performance, self esteem, leadership and inspiration

Deb Scott, speaker, coach and author of The Sky Is Green and the Grass Is Blue, widely known as the ‘female Tony Robbins’, will appear on The Authors Show, radio version, on June 30, 2010. She will discuss motivation, peak performance, self esteem, leadership and inspiration.

Ms. Scott is a motivation and lifestyle consultant, specializing in working with business and corporate environments to transform poor interpersonal dynamics and low-energy groups into high-powered, successful, dynamic teams. Ms. Scott’s focus is on motivational speaking and consulting in the fields of sales, marketing, advertising, hiring, and teambuilding. “The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue – Turning Your Upside-Down World Right-Side-Up!” is her latest book.

"In my experience," stated Ms. Scott, "many of us give up our hope for happiness; and we must give up the hope of a better past. The miracle is may be just 5 minutes away. The best is yet to come, if we have the tools to build the happiness we seek. I believe everybody is a diamond in the rough, with the brightest sparkle yet to shine! The Sky Is Green And The Grass Is Blue is full of examples, exercises, resources and mind vitamins, all with a purpose. Any person, small business or corporation can turn an upside down situation right side up."

In the interview she will discuss:

* how to transform anything bad into something to be loved -whether it’s a relationship gone south, or a work situation turned bad.
* Five surprising and easy to learn tactics to transform anyone’s drab, ho-hum life into a sensation
* Why even bad situations like alcoholism, depression and abuse can be spun into something positive.
* How devastating events such as the death of a loved one can be the springboard to lifelong, positive change.

"I wrote this book", continued Ms. Scott, "for anyone who wants to be more motivated to achieve their dream and get rid of their problems. The book offers readers real-time people, places, and things, they can use now to feel happy, peaceful, and purposeful. It is unique because it contains exercises, web-link resources, and suggested groups in or near your town to help you get healthy happy."

Ms. Scott regularly appears on radio stations all over the globe. A complete schedule of her US speaking appearances is available on her website. She is available for media interview and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information, including articles, past interviews, reviews and links to her articles can be found at the website. The Sky Is Green And The Grass Is Blue – Turning Your Upside Down World Right Side Up! is available at, Barnes and Noble and all online websites and retail stores.

The Sky Is Green And The Grass Is Blue
Deb Scott
ISBN: 978-1449044787


Deb Scott is a motivation and lifestyle consultant, specializing in working with business and corporate environments to transform poor interpersonal dynamics and low-energy groups into high-powered, successful, dynamic teams. A biology major in college, Deb became an award-winning sales and leadership specialist with 20 years of background in cardiac surgery sales. Now she applies her sales and business background to motivational speaking and consulting in the fields of sales, marketing, advertising, hiring, and teambuilding.

The Sky Is Green And The Grass Is Blue was a medal winner in the motivational category in The Next Generation Indie Book Awards. She is an Expert Author on, is listed in VIP Cambridge Who's Who and is a member of The International Association of Writers and Speakers.


Deb Scott

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Author Ami Moore, The Chicago Dog Coach, Auditions For Oprah's Search For The Next TV Star

The subject of pets, most especially dogs, holds universal appeal for the public. Ms. Moore believes her show concept could draw huge numbers of viewers to the network

Dogs hold a universal appeal for a very large percentage of the American public. Very few people know dogs like Ami Moore, widely known as the Chicago Dog Coach. Ms. Moore has submitted her entry for Oprah's search for the next TV star.

"This is a show," stated Ms. Moore, "that will show dog owners cutting edge dog trainng tips, dog nutrition ideas and holistic healing methods from all over the world. Dogs are just like us and can do things that are AMAZING. My show will show it all. You have to go beyond the Dog Whisperer and get into the dog’s soul, as I teach in my book, The Alphatude Attitude. This is a subject that holds universal appeal with the public and is the reason I believe this show could draw huge numbers of viewers.'"

Ms. Moore's audition can be viewed at here.

Ami Moore is widely recognized as one of America’s leading dog training masters. She has dovetailed her love of learning, her coaching skills and her love of dogs into the creation of a vibrant company that has enabled her to create harmony between homeowners and dogs in homes all over America. With over 20 years of experience in the field she invests a tremendous amount of time giving back to the community. As a dog trainer, personal coach and therapist, she assists non-profit organizations in creating and implementing therapy/service dog programs in schools, churches, community centers, prisons and other businesses.

"In my book, 'The Alphatude Attitude'", continued Ms. Moore, "I talk about how the human component, particularly the feelings of fear, anger and frustration, influence a dog's behavior. The human learning to control their emotions is an important part of this process. I always tell my clients that their dogs need leadership more than love. ‘Alphatude’ is the leadership attitude expressed in a way that the dog understands. Dogs don’t really understand abstractions like words or emotions. Dogs understand concrete communication: tone, body language and facial expression. Being chosen as the next TV star would allow me to bring this message to a much wider audience.”

Ami Moore has been featured in numerous industry publications, magazines and newspapers across the country. She writes as the Chicago Dog Training Expert for She is available for interview and speaking engagements. She can be reached by email at More information is available at the company’s website. The Alphatude Attitude is available at the AuthorHouse website listed below. She has been interviewed by a number of radio programs including The Authors Show and most recently on BBC Radio. Reviews of the book are available at and at


Ami Moore, BS, COTA, CMT, CMVT, is a Credentialed Teacher and Adult Education Specialist, a Court Appointed Expert Witness for Dog Aggression, a Canine Behaviorist, a Nationally Certified Occupational Therapist, a WANT Institute Certified Personal Relationship Coach, a Native American Medicine Woman and Energetic Healer and is the author of Alphatude Attitude.

Ms. Moore has studied the role of the dog in modern life on five continents and in many different cultures which has given her an unique perspective on dog human relationships. She is a graduate of three highly rated dog training schools. She is skilled in three dog training methods: traditional training, clicker training and dog-friendly positive reinforcement electric collar training techniques. She has titled dogs in sports that require off-leash precision and reliability and has trained Service Dogs for adults and children with a wide variety of disabilities. Ms. Moore is a member of Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), The Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and The National Institute of Canine Experts (NICE). Ms. Moore also writes as The Chicago Dog Training Expert at


The Chicago Dog Coach
Attn: A. Moore
910 W. Van Buren #242
Chicago IL 60606

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Class A Certification Awarded to Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Illinois by Buker, Inc.

The Buker, Inc. organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois is an international management education and consulting firm that works with manufacturing and distribution companies

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Class A Certification has been awarded to Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Illinois by Buker, Inc. Class A Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a recognized standard worldwide that is awarded to manufacturing and distribution companies that demonstrate best in class operating performance in their operations.

Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Illinois is a manufacturer of dental instruments. Hu-Friedy Manufacturing is the 155th company Buker, Inc. has awarded Class A Certification.

The Buker, Inc. organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois is an international management education and consulting firm that works with manufacturing and distribution companies. Since 1979 Buker, Inc. has worked with the best manufacturing and distribution enterprises in the areas of Lean Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Supply Chain Management and Six Sigma. Past and current clients include Rust-Oleum Corporation, Siemens Building Technologies, YKK-AP America,Inc., Highway Technologies,Inc, Perkin Elmer and Hu-Friedy Manufacturing among many others.

For more information go to the Buker, Inc. website, for free assistance to manufacturing questions (Ask The Expert) and free downloads of white papers on Lean Manufacturing, Class A Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other World Class Manufacturing topics.

Michael Tincher, President
Buker, Inc.
800 Main St.
Antioch IL 60002

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Author Lois W. Stern, Editor-At-Large for, Releases Professional DVD Support Tool for Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons

Nationally known author and plastic surgery expert Lois W. Stern created the Professional Edition DVD Support Tools to help plastic surgeons enhance the cosmetic surgery experience for their patients. Designed to help surgeons personalize their services, it saves them time by providing patients with a tool that offers sound guidance, reinforces important concepts, reduces patient stress, answers crucial questions, and gives reassurance. In short, the DVD Support Tools are designed to help prospective patients better partner with their surgeons for a rewarding cosmetic surgery experience.

Lois W. Stern, nationally known author, plastic surgery expert and editor-at-large for, has recently released a Professional Edition DVD to help plastic surgeons save time, reduce patient stress and ease communication between surgeon and patient.

The Professional Series DVD is a natural extension to Stern's highly acclaimed book, “Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery” which garnered a number of industry awards, was featured in a full length article on page 2 of the Style section of the New York Times and L.A. Times, and will soon be released in a new edition. The DVD includes key excerpts from this book as well as helpful checklists, self-assessment forms, original articles, video and audio segments and more. Book excerpts detail the real life experiences of over 100 women who have undergone cosmetic surgery (including those of the author), help anyone considering cosmetic procedures to better understand its emotional undercurrents while answering crucial questions, providing reassurance and offering guidance. In short, it is designed to help the prospective patient better partner with her surgeon to enhance the entire cosmetic surgery experience.

Dr. Leo McCafferty, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Pittsburgh, Pa, who holds several key positions within the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) said: "The information, I believe, would be very helpful and useful for patients."

Board Certified plastic surgeons from as far as Seattle, Wa; Eugene, Oregon; Tuscon, Arizona and Munster, Indiana – all active members of the ASAPS - have posted thoughtful blogs on their websites saying: “Lois W. Stern did her homework. She has extensive checklists. She has advice. She talks about how we have to step up to the plate and partner with our doctor if we want to get the best possible results. . . (The content from her book and DVD) starts where some of the other books on the subject seem to stop: with the questions people really, really want to ask but seldom do; with the answers they really want to have, but can’t seem to find.”

The DVD Professional Edition Support Tools are particularly valuable for patients because its contents speak from the experiences of over 100 women. Words such as “It’s the next best thing to having a personal conversation with a really good friend”, come from user feedback. Surgeons appreciate its honest approach to difficult-to-address issues that can arise both pre and post surgery including dealing with negative attitudes of family and friends, depression, post surgery emotions, attraction toward one’s plastic surgeon, and more. It also delivers many comforting facts to help patients partner with their surgeons while reducing pre and post-surgery stress.

This DVD program provides for unlimited rights to print and disseminate any of its material within a single cosmetic surgery office environment.

Plastic and facial cosmetic surgeons who become involved with this program are provided with the opportunity to have their photo, name and link to their website posted on three active websites. Lois and her West Coast partner, Patty Kovacs (Host of The Health and Beauty Revolution Show), seek out professionals with proven expertise, passion for their work, and compassion toward those they serve and offer them additional options for positive exposure. Visit their Internet portal at: to discover how they are bringing the knowledge and skills of professional experts to their niche market of high-end health, wellness, and beauty consumers. Ms. Stern is available for interview and can be reached using the information below or by email at


Lois recently has teamed with Patty Kovacs, host of the Health and Beauty Revolution Show, to issue a no charge monthly newsletter about health and ageless beauty. Their Coast to Coast ~ Eye on Beauty.Newsletter ( has been created with the mission of empowering women to protect themselves by providing well-researched, unbiased information regarding innovations in aesthetic enhancement procedures and products. Lois is also editor-at-large for, the largest Internet site worldwide for news, articles and products relating to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

During her twenty years as an educator, where Lois W. Stern took an active role in her field as a frequent presenter at state and national educational conferences and served as Co-president of Suffolk Reading Council and subsequent Regional Director of Nassau and Suffolk LI Reading Councils, a number of her articles have been published by ERIC (U.S. Department of Education - Office of Educational Research and Improvement), parent newsletters, Newsday and the New York Times.

Stern continued to pursue her love for writing, and soon became co-editor of a Long Island Internet web-zine, LI EYE. As she created and authored the column Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives, she discovered her special niche of investigative journalism, and put those same talents to work in her book, Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery, where she was able to gain the trust of over one hundred women while interviewing them about some of the most intimate aspects of their lives. Lois worked along with 11 nationally renowned experts to write her second book, Tick Tock, Stop the Clock ~ Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour. Stern received a Bachelor of Science degree from Barnard College of Columbia University, where she majored in Sociology. She holds one Masters Degree in Elementary Education and a second in Reading and Special Education.


Lois W. Stern
Phone: 631-271-1566

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Author Carolyn Vines Believes Corporate America's Standard Of Beauty Cannot Be Imposed Upon Black Women

Corporate America is becoming more interested in the beauty standards set for black women. In her soon to be released book, Black and (A)broad, author Carolyn Vines encourages single black women to reject any blindly accepted societal limitations, including the attempt to set beauty standards set for them

Carolyn Vines, author of Black and (A)broad, encourages black women to reject any and all limitations and identities imposed upon them by society. She offers inspiration to all black women regardless of age.

Black beauty bloggers are gaining more acceptance in American society. Recently Patrice Yursik, founder of Afrobella was chosen to be featured in Fast Company magazine and on The Root. While Ms. Vines sees this as a move forward, she also perceives a danger that obsolete standards may be imposed upon women - black women in particular.

"The recent debates surrounding the sexuality of black women," stated Ms. Vines, "have prompted discussion all over the blogosphere. Moreover, the debates have brought other issues into question, namely America's obsolete standard of beauty. Black women like the late Lena Horne moved beyond this would-be limitation on her identity and inspired countless others to do the same."

Beauty is beauty, regardless where it may be found and black has always been beautiful. Economics appear to be the driving factor in corporate America's interest in the black beauty market, as a recent study showed that black women spend more than three times as much on beauty products as their white counterparts. Today however, unlike the 1960's, television driven, 'hand them what we want them to buy' mentality, buying trends and beauty standards are being determined by buyers themselves through social media and blogs.

Moreover, with America's new-found global awareness, companies that hope to profit must begin to realize that standards of beauty are culturally driven and cannot be imposed by any outside entity, regardless of economics. Ms. Vines, an award winning blogger herself, believes this global awareness will cause companies with obsolete standards of beauty to be dragged kicking and screaming into the new social environment, where failure to accept what black women demand will cause old-school companies to become obsolete themselves.

"Through my travels," continued Ms. Vines "in Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean and Holland, to name a few, I've found that beauty is culturally determined." Furthermore, Vines urges considering the dollars and "sense" of the issue.

"It's a fact that black women spend millions of dollars every year," she said, "to live up to a standard of beauty we had no say-so in creating. Our hard-earned salaries, still well below those of our white and Asian counterparts, continue to support industries that give nothing back to our communities."

Black And Abroad describes how after moving from New Orleans Carolyn finds herself in the land of windmills, wooden shoes and endless gray skies. As she moves away from the remnants of her tragic childhood and America’s obsession with race, she is plunged into the depths of homesickness and depression. She travels through motherhood and a career change, and her determination is put to the test.

On the way to self-discovery, she ends up finding love, soul sisters and is inspired to travel beyond the limits imposed upon her by race. In this mid-life memoir, Carolyn writes candidly about how being mistaken for a prostitute in Austria, losing her passport in Cuba and dealing with Dutch people on their bikes (among other quirky adventures) have changed her ideas about being a black woman in the world. Black and (A)broad is to be released in August 2010.

Ms. Vines is available for interview and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information on her forthcoming book is available at her website at


Carolyn Vines hails from Indianapolis, USA. Her passion for language has led her to teach Spanish, English and literature at universities in America and The Netherlands. It has also led her into a career as an author, editor and translator. Her work has been published in local Dutch English language papers and The Telegraph. She speaks Spanish and Dutch and last year translated a novel by a critically-acclaimed Curaçaoan author. As the result of her life experiences, she believes it is possible to travel beyond identity and offers inspiration to travel beyond limitations.

Ms. Vines’s website was the 2009 Black Weblog Award Winner for Best International Blog. She is currently writing her first book about her twenty years’ experience living and traveling abroad. Look for Black And (A)broad early in August of 2010.


Carolyn Vines

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Astrid Harris, Author of Unstoppable Confidence, Achieves Best Seller Status On Barnes And Noble

Unstoppable Confidence: A Life-Changing Workbook, written by author and life coach Astrid Harris, provides specific strategies to overcome shyness, develop confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness to succeed and live a confident, successful life

Unstoppable Confidence: A Life-Changing Workbook, written by life-coach and best selling author Astrid Harris, recently achieved best seller status in its category on the Barnes and Noble website.

"I achieved the dream of my life," stated Ms. Harris, "and it feels like the door to heaven opened just for me."

Unstoppable Confidence provides six breakthrough steps to help build self-confidence using case studies, exercises, assignments and empowering techniques. With Unstoppable Confidence, readers will find everything they need to succeed and the results can be phenomenal. Achieving best seller status on sites such as Barnes and Nobel demonstrate the public's need and the desire to build confidence.

"In these difficult and turbulent economic and ecologic times," continued Ms. Harris, "it is more and more difficult to remain self-confident. The purpose of my book is to help people to create, gain or regain the confidence needed to achieve their personal dreams in a fun, easy but powerful way. This book is for anyone who hopes to be or stay competitive, wants to become or remain self-confident, or wants to become or stay successful in love or in work. This workbook serves as an affordable personal coach which will take one there. Unstoppable Confidence: A Life-Changing workbook can be the ticket to a whole new life. It can allow one to be stronger, bolder and more secure."

Unstoppable Confidence is available in both hardcover and e-book formats at the author’s website and at Barnes and Noble at Ms. Harris is available for media interview. She can be reached by using the information below or by email at

Unstoppable Confidence
Astrid Harris
ISBN: 9781432738556


Best selling author Astrid Harris was born, raised and educated in Europe, studying law. As a successful life coach and motivator, Astrid Harris has a unique ability to help people break through barriers that limit their self-confidence in order to lead the life they dream.


Astrid Harris

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bea On Bereavement - The Power Of Planning - Upcoming Show Lineup

Hosted by author Beatrice Toney Bailey, Bea On Bereavement presents topics of interest for widows, caregivers, cancer victims, Alzheimer's sufferers, Parkinson's victims and their loved ones. Guests on the weekly show present timely and important information regarding planning in regards to a wide variety of mental and health care issues

Bea On Bereavement - The Power Of Planning has announced the upcoming show lineup.

Serious illness and death are never questions of ‘if’ but are rather a question of ‘when’. Nevertheless, very few people are really adequately prepared when these occur. Preparation and details are the last thing anyone wants to think about when dealing with the shock and the grief resulting from the illness or the death of a loved one. Author Beatrice Toney Bailey, often called 'The Skinny Oprah' understands this, having recently lost her husband to cancer. Ms. Bailey has released a new book entitled Farewell My Friend. The book is a step-by-step guide for those who wish to plan for the inevitable, and is an extremely valuable resource for those who may be called upon to act as caregiver or caretaker for terminally ill friends or family members. As a result of the release of her book, she has now taken on the role of television host in an effort to reach a wider audience.

“Farewell My Friend,” stated Ms. Bailey, “is a manual and a workbook. It should not be something that is read and then set aside.The book is an active document that readers will internalize as they prepare for the inevitable. We do not necessarily need to be caught unaware. The show is a natural outgrowth of the philosophy behind the book. Adequate preparation and planning are the keys to coming through these life changing situations that we all must eventually face."

Ms. Bailey's televisions show, Bea On Bereavement, is aired twice weekly on Monday at 9 pm Pacific and Thursday at 8 pm Pacific. The show can be seen on Comcast Channels 20 or 96 and Surewest Channel 19 in the Sacramento California area. For those not in the Sacremento area, the show is also simulcast at This upcoming lineup for the June and July episodes includes:

Episcopalian Anglican Faith
CARES - Center for AIDS Research, Education and Services
Griefshare - You Are Not Alone Dr. Juan Campos and Brenda Turley
I Can Do All Things… - OVERCOMERS –Cindy Baldwin and Andrew Wilson
The History of Tea - Cindy Fiorella - Owner of Tea Anytime and President of The Tea Sisters Society
The Center for Fathers and Families – Rick Jennings, Chief Executive Officer
Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy - Mindi Russell, Senior Chaplain

Past topics have included:
Introduction - Of Show Concept and the Grim Reapers
The Same Yet Different - Multi-Faith Roundtable
Dare of Document - Must Be Your Own Advocate
Must Be Your Own Advocate!!
Wills, Trusts, Insurance and Financial Planning Stuff
Keeping Your Sanity, Cuz I Think I Am Just About to Lose It!!
From Their Lips to Your Ears
Taking Care of the Caregiver
Hospice Adds Life to Your Days When No More Days Can Be Added to Your Life
Pre-Need Services
I Have Fallen and I Am Trying to Get Up - Various Level of Care
Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude
Alzheimer Awareness, Education and Cultural Sensitivity
Alzheimer Board and Care Options
The American Cancer Society
I Know It's In Here Somewhere…
Organization and Clutter Control
Memory and Aging Issues
The Art of Raw Foods
Zen & Ethnic Buddhist Traditions
Yoga Is Hard, But Life Is Harder

In the fall of 2010 the show will be renamed 'Buzzing With Bea' Ms. Bailey is producing an educational video entitled 'Keeping The Plates Spinning - Living With Parkinson's Disease. She is currently planning tours in New York, NY, Indianapolis IN and Denver CO.

Ms. Bailey’s husband passed away from cancer. During his illness, she began a daily journal that eventually became a book. For this reason, Farewell My Friend incorporates every conceivable facet of care giving and care taking. Estate planning, in-home care, funeral planning, dealing with doctors and hospitals, wills, trusts, stress and even PTSD are covered in the 203 page, 8.5” X 11” manual. The book is written in a practical and down-to-earth style that any reader can easily understand and put to use immediately.

Bea On Bereavement can be seen on the channels mentioned above. Farewell My Friend is available at and at numerous sites listed on her website. Ms. Bailey is available for interview and speaking engagements by contacting her at the address below. Further information and no-charge copies of many of the organizational forms and documents needed to prepare for making final preparations and plans can be found at Ms. Bailey’s website at

Beatrice Toney Bailey
Farewell My Friend
ISBN 978-0-9801520-0-5


Beatrice Toney Bailey
Mailing Address: PO BOX 2444,
Citrus Heights, CA 95611
Business Phone: 916-745-3454

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