Monday, December 21, 2009

Janet Smith Warfield, Author Of Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World, Will Be Appearing On Authors Web TV Through November, 2010

Janet Smith Warfield proposes that we can change the world in which we live through changing the words we use. She believes that through learning to do this we can develop strength, self confidence, peace, serenity and awareness. Shift took First Place in the New Age non-fiction category in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Seldom do we get the opportunity to meet, let alone interact with a person who has had a mystical experience. In Janet Smith Warfield's book, Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World, we are offered a rare glimpse into the mind of an individual who has had such an experience. She invites us, through the words and the tools she uses, to interact with her, follow her into a transformed world and together create a world we’ve only before dreamed of.

Ms. Warfield’s mystical experience occurred unexpectedly as a young wife and mother. Her book Shift is aptly titled. Suddenly, just like seeing the other side of an optical illusion, her perception, words and emotions shifted. The shift changed her life forever.

Since the beginning of our recorded history, our greatest teachers have taught that when our external world becomes chaotic, turning inward brings serenity. Searching our own minds and hearts ultimately brings us peace.

“Most people,” stated Ms. Warfield, “have never looked at their own thoughts, feelings or words. Yet that’s where the answers lie. Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World, can help.”“Shift,” Warfield continued, “offers simple and unusual word tools to stimulate our thinking. As we manage these tools using our own awareness and choice, we’ll notice our competence, clarity, strength, self-sufficiency, courage, and serenity increasing. We’ll watch our self-esteem growing as we take our power back.”

Today many of us have lost jobs, our homes, our life savings and even fathers or brothers in war. Shift teaches us how to refocus our energies. It teaches us how to release our pain, move on with our lives and channel our energy into caring for ourselves, those we love, and the things that really matter. To accomplish this, Shift teaches simple word and focus changes which provide immediate relief from fear and provide support for taking the next step.

“If we explode in rage, then retreat in guilt,” stated Ms. Warfield “Shift helps us channel that rage to clarify our values, indirectly change the people and situations we hate by directly changing ourselves, and make a positive difference in the world. If we are disgusted by other people’s ethics, words and actions, Shift shows us how to change others by changing ourselves. It helps us develop more satisfying relationships. If we are searching for meaning, Shift offers tools that help us clarify our mission and purpose on this planet.”

Ms. Warfield will be appearing on Authors Web TV through November, 2010. She is available for interview and can be contacted using the information below or by email at More information is available at her website.

Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World
Janet Smith Warfield
Word Sculptures Publishing L.P.
ISBN: 978-0-9778324-6-0

For thirty five years Janet Smith Warfield has been honing her language and people skills so that others may experience the exhilarating consciousness shift that she experienced many years ago. She is a mother, a grandmother, a poet, mediator, lawyer and author. She has learned how to ask the right questions to uncover the right answers.

Janet is a graduate of Swarthmore College and Rutgers School of Law, Camden, with honors. She practiced law in Atlantic City, NJ for twenty two years.


Word Sculptures Publishing, L.P.
3225 South McLeod Drive Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89121

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Martin Harshberger, CEO Of Measurable Results LLC And The Bottom Line Coach, Releases New Book: Bottom Line Focus

A business consultant and coach with over 30 years of experience, Martin Harshberger’s new book, Bottom Line Focus, covers strategic planning, diversification, gross profit, productivity monitoring, project management, process redesign and much more

Martin Harshberger, CEO of Measurable Results LLC has just released Bottom Line Focus. The book details how companies can not only survive, but thrive in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.

“The road to success,” stated Mr. Harshberger, “begins with a clear vision supported by solid strategic planning. Strategic planning is a process that addresses all key areas such as diversification, profitability, productivity, productivity monitoring, project management, process improvement, organizational alignment - the list goes on and on. In every case, however, each of these strategic planning components can enhance or detract from your company's focus - the bottom line.”

Bottom Line Focus covers 18 key strategic points. The information the book contains details how companies and individuals can

* Make strategic management and execution the bottom line focus beginning with effective strategic planning

* Diversify company offerings to help overcome geographic and seasonal slowdowns while improving cash flow

* Increase gross profit and reduces expenses through profitability analysis

* Increase efficiency and productivity through productivity monitoring and effective use of data

* Improve workflow efficiency through project management and process improvement

* Improve organizational alignment to dovetail with the company's strategic plan

* Dramatically boost company revenues;

* Improve an organization's focus, momentum, and teamwork;

* Cut costs and increase profit margins;

* Make better decisions faster;

* Reduce personal stress.

“What is not in Bottom Line Focus,” stated Mr. Harshberger, “is theories, generally accepted half truths, platitudes, fads, hype or gimmicks.”

Bottom Line Focus is available at the company’s website and most online book retail outlets. Mr. Harshberger is available for interview and can be reached using the information below, or by email at

Bottom Line Focus
Martin Harshberger


Martin Harshberger is the founder and President of Measurable Results LLC. He has extensive executive management experience in both Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups and mid-sized organizations spanning over a 30 year period.

Mr. Harshberger held senior executive positions with Control Data Corporation. He founded Logistics Management Inc. in Memphis, TN. He served as CEO of LMI for ten years. LMI was a pioneer in value added logistics management and grew from a startup to over $40MM in sales within five years. Martin also owned a small logistics company in Germany and operated that company as a subsidiary of LMI. The European operations grew from 2M DM to over 12M DM in four years. LMI was named to the INC 500's prestigious list of America's fastest growing companies in 1997.

After selling out of LMI in 1999, in anticipation of changing market conditions, Martin served as CEO of a mid-sized manufacturing company in the HVAC industry.

Martin Harshberger’s passion for results and common sense approach to business problems coupled with his varied experience makes him a natural fit in the consulting industry. He brings that experience to the table for his clients.


Martin Harshberger
Measurable Results LLC
787 Indian Oak Dr.
Saltillo, MS 38866

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Author Richard Palombi To Appear On The Authors Show Radio And Release His Second Book, The Geronimo Corndogs

Author Richard Palombi will appear on The Authors Show Radio on December 18, 2009. In his newest release, The Geronimo Corndogs, Palombi offers a hilarious look at three friends who meet John Dilliinger and find themselves on the wrong side of the law

Author Richard Palombi has released his new book, The Geronimo Corndogs, a hilarious look at the adventures of three friends who fall in with John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd and Billie Frechette. The book serves as a follow up to his first novel, Open The Door Richard.

The Geronimo Corndogs turns the world of gangsters and criminal icons on its head. When the fourth member of their bowling team turns out to be gangster John Dillinger, three lifelong friends find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Dubbed The Geronimo Corndogs by the press, each is assigned a mentor-in-crime from Dillinger’s gang: John Luther becomes the reluctant ward of Babyface Nelson and his over-protective wife, Helen Gillis. Reynaldo’s tutor, Pretty Boy Floyd, is forever getting the two of them lost on one ill-advised shortcut or another while reminiscing about growing up in the Cookson Hills, “the paste capital of the world.” Demoted to dog care duties for Dillinger’s gun moll, Billie Frechette, the bumbling Augustus soon finds himself reviled as a pet felon and the subject of a nationwide manhunt. Having Melvin Purvis and the F.B.I. hot on their trail was bad enough, but when PETSA and its legions of animal rights activists join in the hunt, the chase is on for real.

Mr Palombi was recently interviewed on The Authors Show Radio program. The program will run on December 18, 2009. In this interview he discusses his comedic writing style. He also talks about his past life as a joke and monologue writer, his street ministry for at-risk teens in Houston, Texas and his involvement in prison ministries. The interview centers around both of his recently released books. The show can be heard at

The Geronimo Corndogs and Open The Door, Richard are available at the Stonegarden Publishing website at,, Barnes & and at most large Internet book retailers. Richard Palombi can be reached by email at A third book, Big Son and Little Son, is due for release in 2010.

Richard Palombi
The Geronimo Corndogs Publishing
ISBN 1-60076-153-4


Retired with five grandchildren, Richard Palombi wrote jokes and monologues for various stand-up comedians in the seventies and eighties. He later started a street ministry for at-risk teens in Houston, Texas and became involved in prison ministry.

He was also a chaplain at Harris County Jail until moving to Austin, where he worked in various psychiatric hospitals and recovery centers. He’s written three novels: Open the Door, Richard; Big Son ‘n Little Son; and The Geronimo Corndogs.


Richard Palombi
3851 Cottonwood Dr.,
Danville, CA 94506

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Astrid Harris, Author of Unstoppable Confidence, To Be Featured By Outskirts Press In New York Times On December 13, 2009

Astrid Harris, life-coach and author of Unstoppable Confidence: A Life-Changing Workbook provides specific strategies to overcome shyness, develop confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness for success in any life situation

Unstoppable Confidence: A Life-Changing Workbook, written by life-coach and author Astrid Harris, will be featured in an advertisement by Outskirts Press appearing in the New York Times on December 13, 2009 in the book review section. With over 4 million readers daily, Ms. Harris’ appearance is sure to attract a lot of attention for her newly released title.

In today’s economy, so many people are concerned about keeping their jobs or finding new ones. Others are worried about losing their homes and their life-savings. Each of these common concerns can be a powerful adversary that can beat down someone’s self-confidence and self esteem. After several year of economic turbulence, many find it harder and harder to stay self-confident. Ms. Harris says “The difference between those who succeed and those who do not is confidence. For these reasons I have recently released my new book Unstoppable Confidence: A life-changing workbook.”

Unstoppable Confidence provides six breakthrough steps to help build self-confidence using case studies, exercises, assignments and empowering techniques. With Unstoppable Confidence, readers will find everything they need to succeed and the results can be phenomenal. "This workbook," stated Ms. Harris, "is like having your own affordable personal self-confidence coach. I always knew that one day I would be in the New York Times,” she stated, exhibiting her own unstoppable confidence.

Unstoppable Confidence is available in both hardcover and e-book formats at the author’s website and at Ms. Harris is available for interview. She can be reached by using the information below or by email at

Unstoppable Confidence
Astrid Harris
ISBN: 9781432738556

Astrid Harris was born, raised and educated in Europe. As a successful life coach, teacher and motivator, Astrid Harris has a unique ability to help people break through barriers that limit self-confidence in order to lead the life they dream.

Astrid Harris
5200 Keller Springs Rd. # 533
Dallas TX 75248
Phone: 214-356-1270

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Stress And Anxiety - Mary Lore of Managing Thought Suggests Changing Thinking Patterns Can Reduce Stress and Bring Peace of Mind

Mary Lore, CEO of Managing Thought LLC and author of Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World?, proposes that stress reduction and peace of mind is achieved through learning to manage thought.

With holiday plays and parties to attend, cards to mail, gifts to buy, baking to do, guests to prepare for, and a slashed budget to boot, we may find ourselves tied up in ribbons. Yet “focusing on the essence of what you want is one of the most powerful ways of thinking to reduce stress and bring about peace and happiness during the holidays,” states Mary Lore, author of the multiple award-winning book and audio book, Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World?

"During these stressful times," Lore states, "we may find ourselves consumed with thoughts of worry, self-criticism, frustration, and even anger. Thinking about the essence of what we want, on the other hand, raises us to a new level of consciousness, gives us the ability to discover what truly matters to us, receive ideas on what to do next, and experience peace and happiness."

Lore, also an internationally recognized executive mentor, public speaker, and founder of Managing Thought, LLC – suggests the following practices to discover the essence of what you want.

1. Stop thinking, “I have to,” “I need to” or “I should” thoughts. As soon as you catch yourself thinking one of these judgmental – and exhausting – thoughts, restate your thoughts using the words, “I choose,” “I am committed to,” “It would be great if” or “I wonder how I can” and notice what happens.

These powerful thoughts help us relax, discover what we really want and open us to the many ideas on how to achieve it.

2. List everything you think you want to accomplish during the holidays, and ask yourself, “What does this bring me?” for each item. Keep asking and answering the question “What does this bring me?” until you get to the essence of what you want. If the essence of what we want brings us peace or inspires us, we open ourselves to the myriad of possibilities on how to fulfill what we truly want. If the essence does not bring us peace, then we can cross the item off our list or choose another way to think about it.

3. Take a deep breath focusing on the exhale and think “I wonder what truly matters in this moment?” Reinvoking the state of wonder is a sure-fire way to reduce stress, spark creativity, and keep us fully present and focused on what really brings us peace and joy.

Lore conducts workshops across North America as founder and president of Managing Thought, LLC, which helps individuals and organizations develop self-awareness and change how they think to attain long-lasting success.

Mary’s book has won six best book awards in various business, leadership and personal development categories. The most recent Nautilus Awards for Conscious Business and Leadership and Audio Books that Enlighten and Inspire place Mary with previous winners including Deepak Chopra, M.D., Eckhart Tolle, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Published by Ferne Press, Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World? hardcover, Kindle, and audio book are available through online retailers including Amazon, Borders and Barnes & Noble and through the Managing Thought website. A downloadable digital version of the audio book with bonus material is also available at the Managing Thought website.

More information regarding Managing Thought products and services can be found at the company’s website. More on reducing stress and experiencing peace of mind can be found on the Managing Thought blog. Stress reduction and many other pertinent topics are also covered in the company's Forward Thinking TM Gentle Reminder E-Columns.

Ms. Lore is available for interview and for keynote speaking engagements workshops, and individual and group coaching. She can be contacted at the address below or by email at


Mary J. Lore is the founder and CEO of Managing Thought, LLC, which helps individuals and organizations develop self-awareness and change how they think and conduct business to attain long-lasting success. She is an internationally recognized leader, public speaker and executive mentor, and author of the award-winning book and audio Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World?®. The book is a guide understanding how our thoughts create our reality and serves as a guide to creating happiness and ongoing success in all areas of life. The book provides tools to help those interested development, personal development, motivation, happiness, purpose, beliefs and goal setting.

Mary has devoted thirty years to serving as a CPA, senior executive, entrepreneur, and mentor to corporate leaders. She has successfully assisted others, in North America and Europe through her corporate and public workshops, and thousands of hours working with CEOs, managers, employees, teachers, parents, and teens. Since 2002, Mary has served as a chair for TEC, also known as Vistage, the world’s pre-eminent organization for the personal and professional development of CEOs.

In addition to appearance on the Mind Your BIZness show, Mary has appeared on the Good Day Show on Fox TV 35 in Orlando, FL, Michigan Entrepreneur TV, NBC Affiliate WTMJ, Amazing Women: Brains, Beauty and Success Internet Radio Show, The Voice America Network, Vistage International and WYCD/WWJ.950 radio.

Mary Lore
Managing Thought LLC

Posted by Don at Free Publicity Focus Group

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