Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pat Bluth, Author Of From Pain To Peace, To Speak At St. Thomas By The Sea In Orange Beach, Alabama On February 3, 2010

Author Pat Bluth will discuss grief, bereavement, healing and the journey to forgiveness. Bluth lost her teen daughter at the hands of a drunk driver and shares her story regarding how the death of a child allows rage to be transformed into forgiveness

Pat Bluth, author of From Pain To Peace, will speak at St. Thomas By The Sea Catholic Church in Orange Beach Alabama on February 3, 2010.

Ms. Bluth will share her story regarding how her life changed after the death of her 17 year old daughter at the hands of a drunk driver. She will describe in detail what happened on that night and how it felt to go from planning for a graduation to planning for a funeral. She will also share how she felt victimized by the Criminal Justice system, resulting in her starting a chapter of MADD in her county.

“I wrote this book,” stated Ms. Bluth, “because I believe I have a story to share that offers hope and inspiration to others that have suffered a loss. As a grief counselor, I learned that many people get stuck in their grief, anger, or unresolved feelings. I wanted to share that grief is a process that doesn’t have to control your life forever. Forgiveness was something I thought was impossible after my 17 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver. I was wrong. My book describes in detail what I did on an 8-day silent retreat to heal. Others can follow this process.”

After the death of her daughter, Ms. Bluth started a MADD chapter inher county. She also attended Compassionate Friends meetings, a support group for parents whose children have died, and began journaling.

“All these things helped,” stated Ms. Bluth, “but I found no lasting peace. Four years later I felt suicidal and called out to God for help. I talked to my priest and at his suggestion I attended an 8 day silent retreat. That was the answer for finding peace.”

Ms. Bluth will share her story at St. Thomas By The Sea Catholic Churchin Orange Beach Alabama on February 3, 2010 at the Parish Hall. Ms. Bluth is available for speaking engagements and interviews and can be contacted using the information below or by email at

Copies of her book, From Pain To Peace, are available at her website at and from most major online booksellers.

From Pain To Peace
Pat Bluth
Axiom Press
ISBN: 9781581692952


Pat Bluth grew up in Bremerton, Washington, but life brought her to Brainerd, Minnesota, where, along with her husband, Gary, they have lived and raised three children: Tammy, Jeff, and Jennifer.

Life was going well for the Bluth family, but everything changed suddenly when one Friday night, daughter Tammy was killed by a drunk driver.

For months after Tammy’s death, Pat struggled to go on with life, but because of her strong faith, she persevered and has used her life experiences to help others facing life changing situations. She completed a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling, and has used her abilities as an Independent Clinical Social Worker to facilitate Home Care/Hospice groups for St. Joseph’s Medical Center, and grief groups for Compassionate Friends, listening and comforting parents who experience the death of a child. She served in private practice as a family therapist for a Christian Counseling Clinic in Brainerd, and is also certified as a Chemical Dependency Counselor.

Pat was instrumental in forming a Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter in the Brainerd Lakes Area, and is a frequent speaker at MADD impact panels. She has worked as a victim advocate for others whose lives have been shattered by impaired drivers. As a Certified Toastmaster, Pat enjoys opportunities to speak and spread a message of hope and inspiration to various audiences. She shares her story of how God turned her bitterness into forgiveness, and how it is possible to enjoy life again, even after great tragedy has occurred. Her message has inspired thousands.

A member of the Brainerd Area Catholic Churches, Pat is a Lector and a Minister of Holy Communion. She has served on boards for the Council of Catholic Women at the local, Deanery and Diocesan levels. Because of her commitment to God, and because of her service in church and the community, Pat has been able to use life’s struggles to grow spiritually, and finds it her mission to encourage others along the way.


Pat Bluth
Phone: 218-831-5383

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Author Anthony Federico Releases Must Be Nice, College Humor Novel, And A College Story Contest

Author Anthony Federico has captured the essence of the college experience in Must Be Nice. Must Be Nice captures the very core of the college experience as seen though the lens of college classmate relationships, college parties and collegiate softball. He also announces the Must Be College contest that allows for submission of the funniest college stories

Author Anthony Federico has announced the release of his new novel, Must Be Nice. He has also announced the Must Be College Contest, an opportunity for anyone to submit their funniest college stories.

Must Be Nice is a hilarious work of fiction based on a true story. The book details a glorious season of spring softball as experienced by a group of second semester college seniors, poised on the threshold of graduation and the unfamiliar real world beyond. Line drives and double plays are blurred together with endless college parties and final exams as college comes to its inevitable and unforgettable end.

“In colleges across the country,” stated Mr. Federico, “I would estimate that 97% of 'next-morning' stories are exaggerated and embellished. In the mind's eye of the teller of that story, the average is replaced by the astounding. It is this subtle extra, this slight enhancement of every vivid detail, which gives the topic ‘college’ its brilliant cache as it recedes gently into one's memory bank under the category 'Glory Days.'”

Nearly all of us have our own favorite humorous college stories. To coincide with the release of Must Be Nice, Mr. Federico is giving everyone the opportunity to submit their own college stories. A form to submit a favorite college humor story, college party story or college sports story is available at his website. Those picked as favorites can be rewarded with copies of Must Be Nice and Must Be Nice gear. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the book go to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

“I believe any current student or alumni will enjoy Must Be Nice,” stated Mr. Federico. “There are hundreds of thousands of college humor stories out there. This is one of them.”

Must Be Nice is available at, Barnes and Noble, and at his website at Mr Federico is available for media interviews, speaking engagements and books signings and can be reached using the information below or by email at

Must Be Nice
Anthony Federico.
ISBN: 978-0741456670


Author Anthony Federico hails from southern Connecticut. He is a 2006 graduate of Providence College where he majored in Theology. He works as an editor for ESPN in the Digital Media/Mobile department.


Anthony Federico

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bea On Bereavement - The Power Of Planning - Announces Show Lineup For January, 2010

Hosted by author Beatrice Toney Bailey, Bea On Bereavement presents topics of interest for widows, caregivers, cancer victims, Alzheimer's sufferers, Parkinson's victims and their loved ones. Guests on the weekly show present timely and important information regarding planning in regards to a wide variety of mental and health care issues

Serious illness and death are never questions of ‘if’ but are rather a question of ‘when’. Nevertheless, very few people are really adequately prepared when these occur. Preparation and details are the last thing anyone wants to think about when dealing with the shock and the grief resulting from the illness or the death of a loved one. Author Beatrice Toney Bailey, often called 'The Skinny Oprah' understands this, having recently lost her husband to cancer. Ms. Bailey has released a new book entitled Farewell My Friend. The book is a step-by-step guide for those who wish to plan for the inevitable, and is an extremely valuable resource for those who may be called upon to act as caregiver or caretaker for terminally ill friends or family members. As a result of the release of her book, she has now taken on the role of televison host in an effort to reach a wider audience.

“Farewell My Friend,” stated Ms. Bailey, “is a manual and a workbook. It should not be something that is read and then set aside.The book is an active document that readers will internalize as they prepare for the inevitable. We do not necessarily need to be caught unaware. The show is a natural outgrowth of the philosophy behind the book. Adequate preparation and planning are the keys to coming through these life changing situations that we all must eventually face."

Ms. Bailey's televisions show, Bea On Bereavement, is aired twice weekly on Monday at 9 pm Pacific and Thursday at 8 pm Pacific. The show can be seen on Comcast Channels 20 or 96 and Surewest Channel 19 in the Sacramento California area. For those not in the Sacremento area, the show is also simulcast at This month's lineup includes:

January 18 and 25 - Taking Care of the Caregiver
Guests Moriya Fordice - Advocate California Coalition Of Caregivers
Michelle Nivens - Del Oro Resource Center
Dolores Hassel - Caregiver
Denise Hammond - Caregiver

January 26 and 28 - The World Of Hospice
Guests: Mary Kaye Walters-Perez - First Call Hospice
Charley Blatchford - Sutter Hospice Volunteer
Karen Heron - Owner, Visiting Angels Agency

February 1 and 4 - Pre-Need Planning The East Lawn Way
Guests: Tayce Vogel - Director of Advanced Planning
Valerie Rose - Assistant Mortuary Manager

February 8 and 11 - I Have Fallen And I Am Trying To Get Up
Guests: Al Fisher - President - Indecare
Stacy Dalton - Bay Alarm Medical

Ms. Bailey’s husband passed away from cancer. During his illness, she began a daily journal that eventually became a book. For this reason, Farewell My Friend incorporates every conceivable facet of care giving and caretaking. Estate planning, in-home care, funeral planning, dealing with doctors and hospitals, wills, trusts, stress and even PTSD are covered in the 203 page, 8.5” X 11” manual. The book is written in a practical and down-to-earth style that any reader can easily understand and put to use immediately.

Bea On Bereavement can be seen on the channels mentioned above. Farewell My Friend is available at and at numerous sites listed on her website. Ms. Bailey is available for interview and speaking engagements by contacting her at the address below or by email at Further information and no-charge copies of many of the organizational forms and documents needed to prepare for making final preparations and plans can be found at Ms. Bailey’s website at

Beatrice Toney Bailey
Farewell My Friend
ISBN 978-0-9801520-0-5


Beatrice Toney Bailey
Mailing Address: PO Box 2444,
Citrus Heights, CA 95611
Business Phone: (916) 745-3454

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John Meacham, Author Of Is Your Church Heavenly?, Appears On The Christian Authors Show Radio To Discuss Bible Prophecy

Author John Meacham provides guidance from Christ to the churches of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Sardis, Thyatira, Laodicea, and Philadelphia. Meacham will be appearing on The Christian Authors Show Radio through February 2010

Bible prophecy is a very hot topic of discussion as we head towards the year 2012, thought by many to be the year of the Apocalypse. Author John Meacham's recently released book, Is Your Church Heavenly?, reaffirms Christ's message to the seven churches of the Book of Revelation. The message asks again for reform of the seven churches so that Christ might return.

Mr. Meacham spent eight days at the Sea of Galilee in 2005. During this time he received a new revelation from Christ which involved messages that spoke of the state of the seven churches in this modern time. Is Your Church Heavenly? details both his experience and the messages he received.

"The book," stated Mr. Meacham, "is a current day application of Christ's seven letters to the seven churches in Revelation. Each chapter opens with Scripture, gives background on the city, offer expository discussion, poses challenging questions, shares anecdotal stores and presents application ideas. I began the writing in January of 2005 while in Galilee. The journey to Israel occurred after Jesus appeared to me in three dreams. Each dream was of a special appearance of Christ on earth."

Is Your Church Heavenly? appeals to individuals, church leaders, church members and groups who desire to take steps towards improving their churches through directly following the advice and guidance of Jesus. Jesus' evaluation of each of the churches - Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Laodicea and Philadelphia - are presented in such a manner as to make them easily understandable to any Christian reader. The book is hard hitting, sometimes harsh and completely honest in its assessment of the state of Christianity today. It provides practical suggestions for change. It clearly defines the characteristics that are found in a Christ centered church. Its unique style of writing inspires the lost and challenges the intellectual.

The 199 page text is accompanied by a 97 page study guide to guide group discussion, study and tools to evaluate one's own church.

"It is my sincere hope," stated Mr. Meacham, "that Is Your Church Heavenly? will help bring the light of Christ back into our churches and into our world."

Mr Meacham is available for interview and can be contacted using the information below, or by email at His appearance on the Christian Authors Show Radio can be heard at

Zoë Life Publishing
Is Your Church Heavenly?, 2008, 199 pages
Group Study Guide, 2009, 95 pages


John Meacham has served Christ’s Church as a Christian author, lay pastor, supply preacher, elder, workshop leader, small-group coordinator, Bible-study instructor, and Sunday-school teacher. As a part of his church work, John developed a small-group program titled AIM (An Involved Membership) and prepared a group study guide for the book Is Your Church Heavenly? A Question from Christ for Every Christian (published in 2008)

John was born on October 22, 1951 in Hickory, NC. He grew up the son of faithful Presbyterian parents. However, despite loving instruction and example from his parents and the Presbyterian Church until his conversion at age 31, he thought the story of Jesus Christ was a lie. Two days after his birthday in 1982, he learned the truth of Christ.

John and his wife Sue live in Raleigh, NC, and have two married sons and two granddaughters.

John Meacham

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jef Benedetti, Author Of The Cactus That Saved Ashleyville, To Hold Book Signing January 16, 2010 At El Acapulco Restaurant In Gahanna Ohio

Author Jef Benedetti’s book focuses on multicultural issues that affect children. Young readers will learn valuable lessons regarding prejudice, discrimination and ethnic diversity. The author’s books address these issues in a manner that engages early to middle school readers, using ethnic foods and recipes as a focal point

Jef Benedetti, Columbus Ohio area children’s author and creator of “Kidtext With a Message,” will sign copies of his latest children’s first-chapter book, The Cactus that Saved Ashleyville, on Saturday, January. 16, 2010 at El Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, 96 N. High St. at Town Street in Gahanna, Ohio from noon to 2 p.m.

The Cactus that Saved Ashleyville is Benedetti’s newest first-chapter book for early to middle-elementary readers. The first book in the “Rosemary and Friends” series, The Cactus that Saved Ashleyville addresses ethnic diversity, prejudice, discrimination and other multicultural issues. The Cactus that Saved Ashleyville is the story of Eduardo “Lito” Sanchez, a first-generation American son of Mexico-born parents.

Lito seeks to solidify his identity as an American while acknowledging his Latin roots and using the Mexican culinary delicacy nopalitos (the pads of the prickly pear cactus) to help save his town, ravaged by unemployment.

The book signing will be held at El Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, 96 N. High St. at Town Street in Downtown Gahanna. No charge samples of the nopalitos cooked with the recipe in Benedetti’s book will be available at the signing. Lunch and beverages will be available for purchase at the signing.

El Acapulco Mexican Restaurant is owned and managed by Jose Banderas and Raquel Sanchez. “I wanted to hold the signing at El Acapulco because I work at Creekside in Downtown Gahanna, which is one block west of the restaurant,” Benedetti said. “Jose and Raquel have been very hospitable to me and I wanted to share this day with them. Also, Raquel’s last name is the same as the hero of my newest book, so what better place to hold a book signing?”

‘Kidtext With a Message,” continued Benedetti, “is a brand that is truly unique. In this style of multicultural literature, the heroes use foods from their native lands to assimilate into all of American culture – not just the pop culture aspect – regardless of the country the kids or their parents are from,” he said.

Copies of The Cactus that Saved Ashleyville will be available at the restaurant on the day of the signing. The book is also available at .

Jef Benedetti is available for interview and can be reached using the information below, or by email at

The Cactus That Saved Ashleyville
Jef Benedetti
WordWork Publishing LLC.
ISBN: 978-0-9801372-1-7


Author Jef Benedetti is founder and president of WordWork Publishing L.L.C. and creator of “Kidtext With a Message,” the logo phrase associated with Benedetti’s publishing company, WordWork Publishing L.L.C. Benedetti created the phrase to help identify the literature he writes for children.

“In this brand of multicultural literature, the heroes use foods from their native lands to assimilate into all of American culture – not just the pop culture aspect – regardless of the country the kids or their parents are from,” he said.

In 2007, Benedetti published the illustrated children’s book Rosemary’s Taken Over My Potatoes, a charming tale of Rosemary Mead, who overuses her namesake herb while cooking her signature potato dish. With the help of her father, she crafts a recipe using the correct amount of the herb. Just as the nopalito recipe is contained on the final two pages of The Cactus that Saved Ashleyville, Rosemary’s fried potato recipe is on the final page of Rosemary’s Taken Over My Potatoes, which is available for $5, postage included, at

WordWork Publishing, L.L.C., established in 2009, publishes children’s books that feature “Kidtext With a Message.”

Jef Benedetti
Wordwork Publishing LLC

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Obama Tells The Banks To Lend - Martin Harshberger Of Measurable Results LLC Believes More Must Be Done

Martin Harshberger, CEO of Measurable Results LLC and author of Bottom Line Focus, offers advice to business owners and CEO's regarding the current lending situation. Harshberger, widely known as The Bottom Line Coach, has also just released Bottom Line Focus. The book details how strategic planning can make the difference between success and failure in today’s rapidly evolving business environment

A newsletter from the Small Business Administration dated September 2008 provides the following interesting figures about U. S. small businesses. It says that firms with fewer than 500 employees:

• Represent 99.7% of all firms with employees.
• Employ about half of private sector employees.
• Create between 60% and 80% of all new jobs during the last decade.
• Generate more than half of non-farm gross domestic product.
• Employ 40% of our nation's scientists, engineers, and computer workers.

In spite of that information loans are tough to get for small to mid-sized businesses. Banks are looking for businesses that present no risk. Loans, if they make them, must be over capitalized and in nearly all cases personally guaranteed by the owner. Even profitable small to mid-sized businesses in the U.S. have trouble getting asset-based financing using receivables and inventory as collateral.

"These days," Mr. Harshberger stated, "business owners must understand the New Golden Rule - he that has the gold makes the rules. It is important that any business learn to conserve cash. If you don't, the day may come when you can't get any more."

Mr. Harshberger also believes that businesses should look inside the organization for cash before looking outside. Businesses can seek to free up working capital by:

• Reducing inventory. Inventory is cash on your floor. Even asset-based lenders generally won't loan you more than 50 percent of the value of your inventory.

• Reducing rework and scrap. These soak up cash for materials and labor, but they generate zero sales.

• Retraining or dismissing underachieving employees. The investment for underperformers is about the same as for high producers, but the return is far less.

• Increasing quality. This frees up cash by reducing the amount of rework, scrap, and customer returns.

"If you don't have a clear vision," stated Mr. Harshberger, "a well-constructed plan and well-defined goals, you can burn lots of cash going down blind alleys and chasing false opportunities. That can cause you to lose credibility with your lenders and investors. When you need additional capital, know how much you need and exactly how you're going to use it. With every trip to the well, you may have to pay higher costs in terms of equity dilution, additional personal guarantees and additional debt service costs."

A no cost bottom line assessment tool is available for download at Mr. Harshberger's website. Mr. Harshberger's book, Bottom Line Focus is available at the company’s website and most online book retail outlets. Mr. Harshberger is available for interview and can be reached using the information below, or by email at


Martin Harshberger is the founder and President of Measurable Results LLC. He has extensive executive management experience in both Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups and mid-sized organizations spanning over a 30 year period.

Mr. Harshberger held senior executive positions with Control Data Corporation. He founded Logistics Management Inc. in Memphis, TN. He served as CEO of LMI for ten years. LMI was a pioneer in value added logistics management and grew from a startup to over $40MM in sales within five years. Martin also owned a small logistics company in Germany and operated that company as a subsidiary of LMI. The European operations grew from 2M DM to over 12M DM in four years. LMI was named to the INC 500's prestigious list of America's fastest growing companies in 1997.

After selling out of LMI in 1999, in anticipation of changing market conditions, Martin served as CEO of a mid-sized manufacturing company in the HVAC industry.

Martin Harshberger’s passion for results and common sense approach to business problems coupled with his varied experience makes him a natural fit in the consulting industry. He brings that experience to the table for his clients.

Martin Harshberger
Measurable Results LLC

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