Monday, March 30, 2009

Author Rowena Cherry To Be Featured On Authors Show Radio

Award winning author discusses her newest novel, 'Knights Fork'

Rowena Cherry, author of a number of award winning futuristic romances, will be featured on The Authors Show Radio through June 19, 2009.

On the show, she discusses the importance to her of humor, political satire and ethics in her latest award-winning novel entitled Knights Fork.

Released in October 2008 by Dorchester Publishing's LoveSpell imprint, KNIGHT'S FORK has already garned a "Readers' Choice Book of the Week" award on the basis of an advance review, two consecutive PNR Reviewer's "Top Pick" awards for September 2008 and also October 2008, in addition to a PNR Staff "mention".

Knight's Fork is a hilarious love story about a very virtuous knight on a quest and an alien's queen who realizes that only a discreet sperm donor can save her world from a constitutional crisis. A right royal scandal and interstellar political chicanery result when the queen is accused of adultery.

Rowena Cherry was offered her first New York publishing contract in 2004 after her debut novel, Forced Mate won third place in the global Romantic Times and Dorchester Publishing's New Voice in Romance contest, forerunner of the current American Title Contest.

To date, Ms. Cherry is the author of four titles: Forced Mate, Mating, and Insufficient Mating Material, and Knight's Fork, all of which have won awards. In the interview, Rowena Cherry explains how she came up with her branding strategy to base all her titles on chess terms. "I like chess," says Rowena Cherry, "I think it's sexy, intellectually stimulating and fun." She continues, "Especially when, instead of learning something during sex that changes his mind about whether or not the heroine is a flake or a bore or a shrew, my arrogant hero discovers that there is more to the heroine than meet the eye when she beats him at chess."

"The Enchanted Quill" is Ms Cherry's most treasured award of more than half a dozen first place Romance Writers Of America award wins for Forced Mate before it was published.

"It's a real red feather quill pen mounted on a heart-shaped Perspex inkstand," she beams.

Since publication, Forced Mate's honors include a place in the finals of the 2006 EPPIES (for the electronic version), finalist status in the 2005 Affaire De Coeur Readers/Reviewers Choice Awards; an Honorable Mention in the 2004 JADA Press Book Of The Year Awards; kudos as a finalist in the Best SF Romance or Futuristic category of the prestigious PEARL awards, and also the Honorable Mention as Best New Author in the same 2005 PEARL Awards.

A year later, the short e-book, Mating Net won the USABookNews "Best Books" award for electronic fiction in 2006; it also gained a PEARL nod, and came fourth in the Romance category in the 2005 Preditors and Editors poll.

Insufficient Mating Material was judged the winner in the Romance category of the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival. It was voted the Cupid And Psyche Award Award for Fantasy Romance by readers and members of The Romance Studio, and was a Fantasm Award winner in the Best Futuristic Romance category. It took First Place in the Author Reader's Choice Awards and was named Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Romance in the 2007 Spring Night Owl Romance Awards. Insufficient Mating Material also was a finalist in the Golden Quill awards, and in the Most Humorous category of the Anne Bonney Awards, and finaled in the prestigious PEARL AWARDS Futuristic category.

"My goal as an author," states Rowena Cherry, "is to give good value. I expect to provide my readers with six to eight hours of amusement, a couple of really good laughs, a romantic frisson or two from the sensual scenes, a thoroughly satisfying Happy-Ever-After, and perhaps, something to think about after the book is finished."

In the case of Insufficient Mating Material --which draws on Rowena Cherry's life-saving qualifications and adventure experiences while doing The Duke Of Edinburgh's Award-- the author consciously set out to write an entertaining book which included information that might change or save a life. Insufficient Mating Material was endorsed by TV "Survivorman" Les Stroud.

The interview can be found at the Authors Show Radio site at Rowena Cherry's featured interview will run through June 19, 2009.

Titles By Rowena Cherry

Forced Mate (e-book, January 2005)
Forced Mate (paperback, November 2004)
Mating Net (e-book, short, October 2005)
Insufficient Mating Material (paperback, February 2007, Kindle)
KNIGHT’S FORK (paperback, newly released on Amazon 2008)

1. Forced Mate, ISBN 978-0-505-52601-4
2. Insufficient Mating Material ISBN 978-0-505-52711-0
3. KNIGHT’S FORK, ISBN 978-0-505-52740-0

Visit Rowena Cherry online at a Preditors-and-Editors award-winning "Author's Site of Excellence."

Rowena Cherry
PO Box 554
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303

Sample Reviews

“Another wacky and wicked romantic romp from the talented keyboard of Rowena Cherry! With her trademark droll humor, she attacks intergalactic politics, sets up a sizzling romance and throws in a colorful—and memorable—cast of characters that rivals the best that Monty Python ever produced. A wonderfully fun read.”
~Linnea Sinclair, RITA® award winning author of SHADES OF DARK

“Rowena Cherry is a brilliant writer. Blending humor and romance is much harder then most people believe and she does it effortlessly.”
—Sarah Gentili,

"I think Rowena's true skill is that she weaves this intricate world of aliens and sex just the same way J.K. Rowling weaves the world of Wizards,"
~Des DiFabio, bookclubqueen

"If you look up the word spellbinding in the dictionary of authors - Rowena Cherry is right at the very top."
~M.J. Rose - international bestselling author of THE REINCARNATIONIST

"She writes about alien universes as if they exist, she's lived there and characters as if they are real and she's know them. Fantasy fiction at its very best."
~M.J. Rose - international bestselling author of THE REINCARNATIONIST

"I really like Cherry's writing; it is literate and fast moving, with active imagery, and it challenges the reader."
~ Jean Cooper, reviewer, Fallen Angel Reviews

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

As Obama Raises The Education Bar, Dr. Joyce Teal's Trilogy Offers 100 Practical Solutions For Adolescents

Dr. Joyce Teal’s 'Don’t Sweat It Kid' series demonstrates that getting off to a good start early is the key to success in later life

President Obama has suggested that states begin to broaden their standards of proficiency for schools beyond math and reading skills. Obama hopes that schools will become creative in providing more life skills to youth. The goal is to prepare students not only to graduate from high school, but to set children on the path to success in both life and career. Dr. Joyce Teal has developed a program that can help accomplish that goal.

Her trilogy, ‘Don’t Sweat It Kid’, has been designed to accomplish this goal. “This trilogy,” stated Dr. Teal, “will help adolescents get a grip on the reality that they do not have to sweat the small stuff, and with the realization that most of it is small stuff. The series contains 100 topics relevant to the lives of adolescents and are loaded with information that will provoke thought and affect positive changes in adolescents' behavior and way of thinking regarding ordinary occurrences and experiences in their lives.”

Don’t Sweat It, Kid consists of three volumes that are loaded with information and scenarios that are designed to provoke thought and affect positive changes in the behavior and way of thinking about ordinary occurrences and experiences in the lives of young people, ages eleven through eighteen.

Don’t Sweat It, Kid is the first of three volumes. It consists of the first 33 of 100 topics that the three volumes contain. Volume 2, Hang in There, Kid, consists of topics 34 through 65. Volume 3, entitled Just Do It, Kid consists of topics 66 through 100. These 100 topics have been chosen because of their pertinence to the life of young people. Youth are encouraged to read the trilogy with an open mind and to share it with a friend. It can potentially help them to become a better person, a more giving family member and a wonderful role model for the younger kids who are part of their world.

“The 'Dont Sweat It, Kid' Series," stated Dr. Teal, “will assist adolescents with problem-solving solutions to problems they frequently encounter. Our hope is to make this series available to children through schools systems and libraries throughout the United States and other English speaking countries. The series represents one answer to the problems faced by our youth and can serve to get our youth started down the path to success both now and in the future.”

Dr. Teal is available for interview and can be reached using the contact information below.

Joyce Willard Teal is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University. She is an award-winning retired teacher. She has taught school in Dallas for six years, but her career path has taken her through New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Virginia where she taught community college and reading/language arts to boys and girls in the public schools.

Mrs. Teal began writing professionally in 1993 and has had several award-winning poems published. Her first book, It’s O.K. To Be Different, was written for boy and girls between the ages of nine and fifteen, but has universal appeal and is being read by children as well as adults. It is now in its fourth printing.

Don’t Sweat It Kid is Volume 1 of a trilogy. The three volumes contain 100 topics relevant to the lives of adolescents. Volume 1 contains topics 1-33; Volume 2 contains topics 34-65; Volume 3 contains topics 66-100. The trilogy was written for young people between the ages of eleven and eighteen, (middle grade through high school). It focuses on topics relevant to their lives and discusses positive ways to help them cope with situations they face day to day.

Dr. Joyce Teal.
Phone: 214-349-7361

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Rhonda Fischer, Author Of Randy Kazandy Where Are Your Glasses. Announces Follett Listing

Successful children’s book will now be available in libraries nationwide

Author Rhonda Fischer announced today that her highly successful children’s book, Randy Kazandy Where Are Your Glasses?, has been included in the current Follett listing. Randy Kazandy Where Are Your Glasses? will now be available to libraries nationwide. The book has been approved by Parents magazine, Old Schoolhouse magazine and Stories for Children magazine.

“Having Randy Kazandy accessible through Follett Library Resources is fantastic news for children,” stated Ms. Fischer, “as Follett covers schools and libraries from the heartland to the inner city, from the East Coast to the West, across Canada and the United States. I believe children who wear eyeglasses and their parents will really benefit from having this book available.”

Randy Kazandy welcomes every child with and without glasses to come share his fun adventures. Randy is clever, sometimes a clown, but is always a boy who needs to wear glasses. But he struggles getting used to the new and unnatural feeling of having glasses on his face, and tries to ditch the glasses at every turn. With Randy’s mother determined to get him to wear his glasses, Randy finally comes to the conclusion that hiding the glasses just does not work, as somehow, another pair always seems to appear. Randy learns to love himself the way he is, with a motto, "I love being me."

“Ultimately the goal behind this book is to raise the self-esteem of a child who is required to wear glasses,” says Ms. Fischer. “This is almost universally perceived as a very negative event in the life of a young child. Now librarians can have a resource in their own libraries that will directly address this issue in a way that will engage, delight and inform. I am very pleased that Follett made the decision to make this book available to children nationwide.”

Follett is the nation's largest supplier of books, eBooks and audiovisual materials. Follett Library Resources offers a vast selection of educational materials. Their industry-leading expertise allows them to deliver the best products and services available anywhere.

Author Rhonda Fischer has contributed to community service columns for newspapers, including the Olean Times Herald in Olean, NY and the Orange County Register in California and Coto De Caza News in California. Ms. Fischer attended the prestigious Eastman School of Music on scholarships. Her career as an educator began as Musical Director at Children’s Meeting House, Serendipity, Willow School, St. Paul’s, Love’n Laughter, St. Thomas School, The Music Experience and The Academy of Children’s Music, all in Pennsylvania. She also taught children’s writing workshops in the public library in Lansdale, PA.

Rhonda designed the pre-school music curricula for 10 years through Marywood University in Pennsylvania. She was the Nutrition Director for the Cattaraugus County Senior Program in Olean, NY. As a Nutrition Director for South County Senior Services in Orange County, CA, Rhonda received an honored award for starting the Meals on Wheels program café style in Olean, NY. She also started the Meals on Wheels program at The Bell Tower Foundation in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. While there, Rhonda worked with senior citizens, keeping them busy writing poems that were published in the newspaper column called “Wrinkles”.

Ms. Fischer currently teaches for California Music Studios in Carlsbad, CA, and is a private piano teacher in Orange County, CA. She is now the president of Whim Publishing in Santa Margarita, CA, and is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and The Independent Book Publishers Association. Ms. Fischer continues to write children’s books and poetry.

Rhonda Fischer
Whim Publishing
31441 Santa Margarita Pkwy Ste A 308
Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Science With Me Announces New Animation Designed To Educate Children About Their Senses

New animation by Science With Me offers an engaging look at how the human senses function

On March 23, 2009, Science With Me, the premier free educational science website for elementary age children announced the release of a new animation designed to teach children about the five senses. The new animation engages children with vivid color, fast paced animations and sing-a-long lyrics.

For many children, the task of learning science from a textbook can be dull, tiresome and confusing. Science With Me attempts to correct this age-old problem. By turning science into entertainment, Drs Elva O'Sullivan and Scott Rickard, co-creators of the Science With Me program, believe that it is possible that children need not develop negative feelings towards the subject, but may rather see science as it truly is; a wondrous and fascinating journey into the physical world in which we live.

"I thought about how I would teach science to children differently," said Dr. O'Sullivan. "There wasn't much out there for teachers that was entertaining and at the same time that would show children how science relates to the real world."

Like all animations on the site, the fast paced new senses animation is designed to be upbeat, amusing and wildly entertaining.

"As parents, we tend not to give our children enough credit for their intellectual capabilities," said Dr. O'Sullivan. "We tend to think we need to wait until our kids are older to introduce them to more complex ideas in math and science. Scott and I think this is a mistake."

Dr. O’Sullivan's animations teach children how science relates to everyday life, without "dumbing it down" to their age level. The key is to get children excited about science and to encourage parental involvement in the process. The animations accomplish this goal perfectly through very heavy emphasis on the entertainment value and interaction. There is also a good deal of instruction specifically geared towards parents, who may have forgotten the most basic of science lessons learned so long ago. In this respect, the Science With Me site can be quite helpful in regards to 'teaching the teacher'.

This 'entertainment first' concept works very well, as currently the Science With Me web site boasts about 43,500 members. The site has become extremely popular with parents and children alike, as the site offers the opportunity for both to interact and to share in the learning process. Membership is free.

The site currently offers science animations, educational games, worksheets, science projects, free e-books, entertaining coloring books, informative articles and blogs. More offerings are planned in the very near future.

Science With Me began as an after school program in Princeton, NJ, which became a free online animation series to reach a larger audience. A resident of Princeton for 10 years, Dr. O'Sullivan first came to the states after graduating with a bachelor's of science degree from the University College of Dublin, Ireland. She received her Ph.D. in chemistry from Clarkson University in New York, and then settled in Princeton, where she met her husband, Dr. Rickard, who has a Ph.D. in applied and computational mathematics from Princeton University.

"The beauty is that the number of animations we can produce is infinite, as there are so many topics to present," said Dr. O'Sullivan.

The new animation, along with all the resources mentioned above, can be viewed at

Contact: Dr. Elva O’Sullivan
Company: Science With Me

Company Background:

Science With Me, founded by Drs Elva O'Sullivan and Scott Rickard, began as an after school program in Princeton, NJ, which soon became a free online animation series to reach a larger audience. Dr. O'Sullivan first came to the states after graduating with a bachelor's of science degree from the University College of Dublin, Ireland. She received her Ph.D. in chemistry from Clarkson University in New York, and then settled in Princeton, where she met her husband, Dr. Rickard, who has a Ph.D. in applied and computational mathematics from Princeton University.

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9-12 Project Initiated By Fox TV Talk Show Host Glenn Beck Echoed In Scottsdale Arizona

[March 23, 2009 - Scottsdale AZ] Scottsdale entrepreneur Danielle Hampson, has unveiled a new website,, that aims to follow the lead of the newly created movement “The 9-12 Project”, announced a week ago on Fox TV by talk show host Glenn Beck.

“The day after the 9-12 Project was announced on Fox, two friends and I talked about Glenn Beck’s new 9-12 Project at an evening party. We had been thinking about trying to figure out a way to help stop the downward spiral we feel our country is experiencing. Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Project was the catalyst we needed to get us going”, explained Ms. Hampson. Danielle and her acquaintances met the very next day and began to map out their plan of action, and within less than 24-hours, the new website was up and running.

People interested in the Arizona initiative are already showing their support by signing up on the website, and local businesses are offering their support in different ways as well. “We are planning an array of events and actions. Our effort is totally non-partisan”, said Ms. Hampson. “The people who relate to the 9 Principles and 12 Values the movement puts forth come from all political points of view and we welcome them all. This is not about Democrats or Republicans, it is about cleaning house. It is about what is right for our country and its citizens, not for its politicians and the elite. It is about bringing back Americans together, and bringing back to America the values that made it the greatest country on earth”.

The people spearheading The 9-12 Project Arizona are Danielle Hampson, President of, Dr. Cie Scott, and author Bonnie Birnam. In an effort to help coordinate all efforts in the state of Arizona, the three women are reaching out to other groups forming in the valley and in other counties. They also hope that The 9-12 Project Arizona will help drive other states to take on a similar action, resulting in a 9-12 Project for each state. The hope is that that the 9-12 Project Arizona will lead to a national movement.

For further information regarding The 9-12 Project Arizona, visit, or contact Danielle Hampson at 480-502-5354. Ms. Hampson may also be reached by email at

Contact: Danielle Hampson -
Phone: 480-502-5354

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Linda Moore Kurth, CEO of Whimsmoore LLC, To Be Featured On Authors Show Radio Until May 18, 2009

Linda Moore Kurth, known to children the world over as 'Aunt Linda', will be a featured author on The Authors Show Radio program. In the interview, she discusses the Elfery, several of her latest books and Whimsmoore's Elfery Toy Of The Month program. The interview will be featured through May 18, 2009.

How can a grandparent stay in touch with his grandchild who lives far away? How can an aunt maintain ongoing communication with a special niece? Linda Moore Kurth discovered the perfect answer when, many years ago, she sent her niece an Elfery Toy of the Month(TM). The Elfery, as Rachel discovered, was a little playhouse under the stairs where the elves of Glimmer Glen came to make fun and mischief.

“The season-appropriate monthly gift was a bonding experience for the two of us,” stated Ms. Kurth, "and so, many years later, Rachel and I now operate as Whimsmoore LLC, an e-commerce toys, gifts, and book store that features the Elfery Toy of the Month.”

Ms. Kurth is a prolific writer of children's books. She has written twelve illustrated Elfery Storybooks to acquaint children with the elves and their activities. Michael Orwick is the illustrator. The books are included with companion toys in Whimsmoore's unique packages. Now, just like the younger Rachel, children five through seven years can look forward every month to receiving an enchanted package from the special adults in their lives and the elves.

The books are unique in that they are much smaller in size than most other books written for children. “When I was little,” stated Ms. Kurth, “I was given a package of tiny storybooks. I loved them and still have them today. I modeled the Elfery books after those. There was a concern that the books would be hard to keep track of, so we produced a handsome book box in which to keep the books. Kids like being able to put the little books in it.”

In addition to the Toy Of The Month program, Whimsmoore also offers other children and family books, doll play accessories, kitchen play accessories, play tents and playhouses, kid's furniture, free ebooks and an Elf community for children and adults.

“The series of Elfery books allow me, as an author, to really develop the characters I write
about,” stated Ms. Kurth, “much the same as an actor in a series might. I will eventually have three years worth, a series of 36 books, that can be read in any order.”

Ms. Kurth's interview on the Authors Show Radio will be featured until May 18, 2009. The show can be accessed by visiting the Authors Show site at

More information regarding the Toy Of The Month program and other products and services offered by Whimsmoore LLC is available by visiting Ms. Kurth is available for interview and can be contacted at the address below.

Linda Moore Kurth
Whimsmoore LLC
13215 SE Mill Plain Blvd. Ste C8 #276
Vancouver WA 98684-6999

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Multiple Deployments Tear Military Marriages Apart: New Book Offers Tools To Help Save Families

The often overpowering stress of serving in the military can tear families apart. The ever increasing number of stress related disorders suffered by veterans is only part of this tragic story. What can be even more heartbreaking is the number of families destroyed by the strain of serving in the military. Now a new book offers real, workable solutions to a problem that can tear these families apart.

Written by military advocate Michael Schindler, Operation Military Family: How to Strengthen Your Military Marriage and Save Your Family highlights successful military families and many of the key resources and programs the government makes available to families in an effort to strengthen military marriages.

The book follows several activated Reserve and Guard families from pre-deployment through the families’ reunification and how they dealt with the emotions, the issues surrounding finances and children as well as several other circumstances brought on by deployment. It also follows these couples back to their reunion and reunification and specifically details what each family did to get reacquainted.

The book includes the latest government research and studies on military marriages and highlights how families are taking action and what the government and the military are doing to strengthen military marriages and save the military family.

Four Star General Tommy Franks (ret), former Commander-in-Chief U.S. Central Command says of Schindler’s work: “Freedom is not free…and no one knows it better than military men and women and their families. Mike Schindler does a great job of giving practical, “how to” pointers to help them strengthen their marriages. A great resource!”

Mike Schindler is an author, speaker, military advocate and Director to the President at Families Northwest. The difficult issues facing today’s military marriages prompted Schindler, a Navy veteran, to take action. He is the Founder of Operation Military Family, an organization committed to developing road maps and tools to strengthen relationships while revealing the many available government resources. Mr. Schindler is available for interview at the address below. He can also be heard on The Authors Show Radio at

Operation Military Family:
How To Strengthen Your Military Family And Save Your Marriage
ISBN 10: 1-890427-86-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-890427-86-3

Contact: Michael Schindler, Author
Phone: 206-795-5890

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cheryl Palmer Of Call To Career To Offer No Charge Resume Review And Articles To Senior Executives

Record unemployment hits senior executives and upper level managers

[March 1, 2009 - Silver Spring, MD] Layoffs, downsizing, company closures and the loss of jobs do not just affect the average American worker. In recent months, the economic downturn has affected upper level management and senior executives in record numbers. The competition for these upper level jobs is fierce as, on a percentage basis, the number of these types of jobs are fewer in number. Cheryl Palmer, a nationally known Certified Executive Career Coach and Certified Professional Resume Writer is now offering a no charge series of powerful articles on career development for anyone who might need them. In addition, she is also offering a no charge resume critique to executives and managers with an annual salary of $100,000 and above.

"The number of people receiving unemployment benefits", stated Ms. Palmer, "jumped to an all-time high near 5 million in February of 2009. As the economic downturn deepens, many executives are looking for professional assistance with finding new employment. With millions of jobs being shed at a rapid pace, many are looking for an edge over the competition. This service will help those who may not have been faced with the possibility of looking for new employment for many years. The articles and the resume review service is just my way of pitching in to help those who need assistance."

Ms. Palmer has achieved national exposure as a career expert. She has been quoted in media outlets such as CNN, The Ladders, ExecuNet, and HotJobs, and was recently interviewed for a soon to be published article in USA Today on the advisability of moving for a job in the current economic climate.

“In my work with executives I have seen that many of them are not representing themselves well, especially on paper” said Ms. Palmer, “In a shrinking economy with more competition for fewer jobs, it is critical to present yourself professionally to a potentially employer and demonstrate what you have done for past employers to give a hiring manager confidence that you will be a good hire. While executives may be experts in their fields, most of them are not experts at resume writing. That’s where professional assistance comes in. Those who take advantage of the free resume reviews will find out where they are missing the mark.”

The no charge resume critiques will be limited to the first 40 executives who apply and whose current salary is $100,000 and above. The articles are available to all at her website at

Call to Career was founded by Cheryl Palmer, M.Ed., CECC, CPRW. Ms. Palmer has more than 15 years of experience in the field of career development, and she is a Certified Executive Career Coach as well as a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Ms. Palmer's articles have appeared on CNN/Career Builder, ExecuNet newsletter (CareerSmart Advisor),, The Ladders, MarketWatch and on HotJobs, and will appear in USA Today. Also, she has been interviewed on Maryland Public Television, WMOV Radio, and JobRadio FM.

Call to Career provides resume writing as well as career coaching services such as career discovery, career assessment, and job search strategies, including interviewing and salary negotiation. Ms. Palmer is available for interview or comment by contacting her at the address below.

Cheryl Palmer M.Ed., CECC, CPRW
Call To Career

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