Monday, May 12, 2008

An Interview With Author Stanley Popovich - A Layman's Guide To Managing Fear

Fear is certainly one of the primary factors in determining why many of us do not achieve total success. As a matter of fact, fear lies at the root of nearly every reason why so many of us experience failure in the attempt to achieve our goals.

Fear is also a major factor in addiction of any kind. Recent events, involving a large number of celebrities in the news, shows us that fear resulting in addiction is not just the bane of the ‘common man’, but can strike even those who appear to have achieved a large measure of success.

I recently spoke with Stanley Popovich, the author of ‘A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear’ ( about this subject.

How can celebrities and every day people manage the fear, anxiety and perhaps subsequently going into rehabilitation or getting some kind of treatment?

You cannot run away from your fears and anxieties. They will eventually catch up to you. With this in mind, you have to be smart in how you manage your fear, anxiety and going to Rehab. You need to know how to deal with this stuff and the best way to do this is to learn from someone who has been there in terms of fear and anxiety.

What are your credentials as an author?

I am a Penn State graduate with a computer and business background. I have dealt with fear, anxiety, and depression for the last 20 years. For this reason I wrote a book on how to deal with fear, anxiety, and depression.

What is the title of your book and where can I get a copy?

The title of the book is “A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear” and it is located at

How can a person get a free review of your book before getting it?

Do a Internet search for the name “Stanley Popovich” and you will get a list of free articles that can give you instant help. Most of my articles are a quick review of my book and can provide instant help and guidance.

So how is your book different than the books that are already out there?

My book focuses on the main strategies on how to deal with fear and anxiety. These techniques involve cognitive and behavior therapy and also some Christian techniques in dealing with fear. The book will also save a person a lot of work in finding the answers to their particular problems.

What should we do when we find ourselves at the ‘end of the rope’ in dealing with fear and anxiety?

The first step is to get professional help. Next, try to learn the best ways to deal with your fears and anxieties through the help of a counselor or therapist and/or a good book.

If a family member deals with fear and anxiety - what can we do?

Encourage the person to seek help from a professional. Remind them that fear and anxiety can ruin lives and lead to many problems. The best thing they can do is to seek professional help.

How can I find a qualified counselor in my area?

Ask your Primary Care Physician if they know of any good counselors in the area. Also ask your friends or relatives for some referrals. Any person can go to their local church to find a qualified counselor.

In regards to audience, who is your book geared to?

My book is easy to read and provides instant help. Half the book focuses on cognitive and behavior therapy and the other half of the book is Christian based. The book is geared for both the religious and non-religious person who struggles with fear, anxiety, OCD, depression, panic disorder, suicide, and bipolar disorder.

Why should I read your book?

I wanted to write a book that was to the point and focused only on those strategies that will manage the fear and anxiety. A person who reads my book can get many ideas on how to deal with fear, anxiety, OCD, depression and other mental health issues.

Anything else I need to know about ‘A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear’?

The book is not a substitute for the guidance of a professional. Also, many people have commented on how useful my book and articles were to them. Members of the national media have also taken an interest in the book. Just go to my website at for more information.

Stanley Popovich is available for interviews and can be reached by email at, or at his alternate email address at Please put ‘News Release’ in the subject line.