Monday, February 2, 2009

Sensible Home Design: Author William Hirsch Releases Designing Your Perfect House

Architect William Hirsch has released Designing Your Perfect House: Lessons From An Architect, a guide for those who understand that the economic woes experienced by the US housing market have created an opportunity to design and build their dream home at a lower cost than any time in recent history.

“It is the dream of most Americans to own their perfect home,” said Mr. Hirsch, “and now is the time to do it. I released the book now to help prospective homeowners eliminate many of the problems experienced by first-time homeowners. After working in the home design field for many years, I came to realize there were many problems common to all new homeowners. Unfortunately, there were no real resources out there for my clients to draw on. It was for that reason that I wrote and released Designing Your Perfect House: Lessons from an Architect.”

The book uses twelve lessons to help new homeowners design that perfect house. It explains in detail the benefits of a good design process. Many prospective homeowners experience frustration due to the lack of information about house design, house plans, floor plans, and a host of other unfamiliar topics. Design Your Perfect House: Lessons from an Architect explains the process from start to finish and helps the reader recognize and avoid common problems that can occur. The book was a Best Book Award Winner in USA Book News and has reached number one bestseller status on

“Housing starts are down dramatically,” stated Mr. Hirsch, “so at first blush it would seem that this is not a great time to build. But the opposite is actually true. Because of the slow construction industry, prices of materials, fixtures and labor are the lowest we've seen in years. Home builders who make a move now will get terrific deals and save a lot of money. I would not recommend that people wait too long to begin the home planning and home construction process. We will come out of this recession. When that happens, the prices of everything will jump up significantly.”

Mr. Hirsch is available for media interviews. He was recently interviewed on The Authors Show radio at Designing Your Perfect House: Lessons from an Architect is available at, Barnes and Nobles, Borders, and at the author’s website at

Designing Your Perfect House: Lessons from an Architect
ISBN: 9780979882036

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