Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alan Ellman, Author Of Cashing In On Covered Calls, Featured On Mind Your Bizness Radio

Highly successful self educated investor demonstrates how anyone can take control of their own financial future. The show will run through September 2009

Alan Ellman believes that anyone can become a successful self taught investor. He believes this because he has done it. And now, he offers all of us the opportunity to take advantage of what he has learned through experience.

“My system,” stated Dr. Ellman, “is dedicated to the average blue collar investor who yearns to become CEO of their own money. Using a series of common sense steps, anyone can learn to invest with confidence and control. This knowledge and control results in an incredible feeling of power as people begin to realize they need only depend on themselves for creating financial success.”

Dr. Ellman’s book, Cashing In On Covered Calls, is considered by many to be the ultimate guide to becoming a successful ‘blue collar’ investor. “I used the power of self-education,” stated Dr. Ellman, “to accomplish my mission of becoming an accomplished stock market investor. I used the same blueprint that I adapted to become a licensed General Dentist, a Certified Personal Trainer and a Licensed Real Estate Agent. Year after year my portfolio generated higher returns than those of the average stock market."

"When I started selling options, those returns increased exponentially. In 2006 I was invited to speak before a group of 250 Real Estate investors about some successful property investments I had fashioned. When I mentioned that I purchased my first investment property with the profits earned from selling stock options, the floodgates opened. I received a seemingly endless numbers of calls and emails asking me to explain how I do this."

"In response I held a series of seminars, each one a sellout. That has led to my penning of a book, Cashing in on Covered Calls, with another on the way. In addition to that, a DVD and CD Series have been created."

Dr. Ellman presented 11 seminars during the past year on the subject of stock options. He was a speaker at the LIREIA Deal Panel Forum in 2006, and was a featured speaker (along with Than Merrill of A&E's Flip This House) at the LIREIA December meeting. He is the author of a monthly series of articles on investing at the Blue Collar Investor website (www.thebluecollarinvestor.com). Dr. Ellman has 20 years of successful stock market investing, boasting a 33% return in 2007. He was recently named Investor of the Month by David Lindahl, a world renowned Real Estate investor. He is a speaker for the Learning Annex and is a seminar presenter for Norwegian Cruise Lines.

His book, Cashing In On Covered Calls, along with a series of DVD and audio recordings, are available at www.thebluecollarinvestor.com and at Amazon.com.

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