Thursday, June 25, 2009

Renowned Author Tawan Perry Has A Single Word For Obama Regarding Education - Accountability

College Sense: What College And High School Advisors Don’t Tell You About College reveals important information for college enrollees, students. parents and graduates

Tawan Perry, known as the 'King of College Prep', is very concerned with accountability for institutions of higher education. “If President Obama, Congress, or the Department of Education plan to hold institutions of higher education accountable,” he stated, “then they should be just as concerned, if not more so, with a college or university's job placement rates as they are with graduation rates. There is something very wrong when college graduates are competing with high school graduates for employment. It’s true that good retention rates lead to graduation but being a graduate should lead to more opportunities than a student had before entering college. If the Obama Administration doesn't address this issue then they are just inadvertently creating another ‘No Child Left Behind’ type of situation for higher education---and we all know how that’s working out. Globally, as Americans, we will be left behind."

Making sense of higher education can confound the most stellar of students and parents. A college education isn't just about gaining knowledge. Author Tawan Perry’s new book, College Sense: What College and High School Advisors Don’t Tell You About College, explores a myriad of essential topics such as how to reduce and eliminate debt, the questions that you should ask during your campus visit and how to get the most of your college experience. The goal here is to provide the reader all the help one might need to help prepare for all those things that your advisors didn't tell you or your parents about college.

“When considering institutions of higher education,” said Perry, “students and parents should not just consider the sports teams and manicured lawns, but should also consider the job placement rate of the institution. If the institution's job placement rate is dismal then parents and students might want to reconsider their decision. It’s just not enough to graduate from college anymore. It’s really about having immediate employment and career options right after college. If these options don't exist--then what's the point in paying all that money for college? Sure, it may pay off, but the real question is when? College is far too expensive not to come with some kind of assurance. If we as consumers purchase any big ticket item, it usually comes with some type of warranty.”

“What’s not new is that thousands of students and parents are beginning to prepare for the collegiate experience this fall all over the country. On the other hand, what is new is that many more college graduates are now jobless, moving back in with parents, or, if they are lucky---working as a waitress or waiter."

Tawan's mission is to better prepare college bound students and parents for what's ahead through his student leadership and college transition workshops and keynotes.

Mr. Perry is taking his message to schools, students and media all over the United States. He has appeared on Community Focus with Valerie Elijah, Taking Care of Business, The Education Report, Blog Talk Radio, BC Magazine, Eworldwire News, Sound Authors with Dr. Kent Gustavson, Calling All Authors. Mind Your Bizness with Danielle Hampson, and will be appearing on The Author's Show Radio at on, July 18, 2009. Mr. Perry will be touring high schools and college campuses all over the country this fall.

Tawan Perry is an award winning author, speaker and educator. He has overcome incredible odds to become the person he is today. As a teenager, he lost his best friend to a violent crime. After completing high school, he had to learn the reality of life without an education. The turning point came when he grew tired of doing nothing with his life. He enrolled into a local community college and began taking classes. Although he was enrolled, he failed both the English and Math placement tests. He spent the next two years struggling to get out of remedial courses. With hard work and persistence, he eventually graduated and was awarded a full academic scholarship.

Tawan’s inspirational message is “it's not about the smartest or most gifted; it is about who can persist. Persistence always wins the marathon of life." Today, Tawan draws on the life lessons learned to help people, especially the youth, transform their own lives.

Tawan earned his bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Morgan State University and his master's degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Tawan Perry