Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Love Brett Favre. I Hate Brett Favre. Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers Fans Can’t Decide

Group offers football fan survey, a new video, an opportunity to send letters to Brett Favre, and a chance to help the Special Olympics

Brett Favre has made some people laugh. He has made some people cry. Fans have mourned his retirement and rejoiced in his comeback. He has become one of football’s greatest favorites and, at the same time, one of the most disliked and misunderstood players in the game. Like the man himself, the controversy surrounding his career decisions and his move from the Packers to the Vikings has become the stuff of local and national legend. The question his fans and former fans ask is “Should we love Brett Favre? Or should we hate Brett Favre?” It is a question not easily answered.

The co-authors of “Letters To Brett Favre – A Fan Tribute” are offering fans a chance to voice their opinions regarding Brett Favre’s career. The group recently posted a survey that will allow fans to voice their feelings, and they are also collecting letters from Packer and Viking fans alike. Brett Favre fans will have a real opportunity to make their feelings known, and their personal messages will passed along to Brett himself.

‘We decided to do this at this time because we want the fans to have an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about this latest chapter in Brett’s career,” Erick Rolfson said. “We also feel it is important that fans know their messages will actually be delivered to Brett.”

"Letters to Brett Favre: A Fan Tribute" includes messages from fans in Wisconsin, New York, the rest of the nation, and the globe. Ten chapters each offer an essay about the three-time-MVP and aspects of his career - including a never before told account of his greatest game, his retirement and return to the game he loves so much, followed by letters from fans. Some are funny, some are poignant - but all have one thing in common: they highlight what Brett's toughness, courage, and love of the game have meant to his fans.

Fans can voice their opinions at the group’s website, They can also view the group’s new Brett Favre video, send a letter to Brett and get further information regarding “Letters To Brett Favre, A Fan Tribute.” The group guarantees that letters submitted to the site will be delivered to Brett. A portion of all sales from the book will be donated to Special Olympics.

"We invite all football fans to make their voices heard, no matter how they feel about Brett," said Thomas Hapka. “We want to provide a true representation of the pulse of the fans through the letters collected.”

Letters To Brett Favre: A Fan Tribute
Thomas Hapka with Erick and Adam Rolfson
Kitter House Press And Two Brothers Holding Company
ISBN: 978-0-9767458-1-5


Thomas Hapka is a freelance writer, lifelong football fan, and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. His first book - "Feline AIDS: A Pet Owner's Guide" - has received critical acclaim in Animal Wellness Magazine, Australian National Cat, and a host of holistic veterinary publications.

Erick Rolfson is a proud father of four, who coaches football for Pewaukee's youth football program. He is a Wisconsin native currently living in Pewaukee. Erick is a cause-orientated individual, entrepreneur, and owner operator of several businesses. His love for football has been inspired by watching the Green Bay Packers, which has made him a lifelong fan. His favorite quarterback is Brett Favre.

Adam Rolfson is an outdoorsman, diehard hunter, and a top-notch fisherman who loves muscle cars. He is a lifelong Packer and Brett Favre fan. Adam was born and raised in Wisconsin and currently lives in Lake Country.

Thomas Hapka
Erick Rolfson
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