Saturday, November 7, 2009

Clever Sound Promotions LLC Adds Sound To Make Unique and Unforgettable Christmas Cards and Gifts for Employees, Clients and Customers

Holiday Christmas cards with sound modules allow organizations to make an unforgettable impression in the mind of customers this holiday season. Clever Sound Promotions’ unique products deliver messages using fully customizable sound modules embedded within the traditional holiday greeting card and gifts.

The traditional Christmas card, a flat, text based holiday greeting, is fast becoming a thing of the past with the introduction of ‘sound cards’ that allow organizations to both show and tell the message using innovative technology.

“This affordable technology,” stated Karen Ibach, CEO of Clever Sound Promotions LLC, “makes any greeting card, company announcement or direct mail piece literally talk to the receiver of the piece. This can really set a company apart from the competition in the mind of the client and creates a memorable impression that will not soon be forgotten.”

Holiday greeting cards are not the only promotional product that can be fitted with customized sound technology. In addition to sound cards, mailing tubes, key chains, flashlights, pens and magazine ads can be fitted with the sound device. Even the bell on the company’s front desk can be fitted to deliver a message each time a customer uses it.

In addition, point of purchase displays can now feature not only visual information but also audio information. Study after study has shown the increased effectiveness of sales pieces and displays that actively engage potential buyers beyond the simple delivery of a text message.

Sales organizations really stand to benefit by using this technology. Many of the largest corporations and companies in the world have begun to use sound module technology. In today’s marketplace the potential customer is inundated with so many marketing messages that the sales promotion pieces tend to blur into the background and are soon forgotten. It is important for any sales organization to make a one-of-a-kind, indelible impression in the mind of buyers. This technology accomplishes this goal. During this time of the year most companies send out traditional holiday greetings. These can also tend to get lost in the shuffle due to the sheer number of such messages. The sound card technology allows any sales organization to custom design a holiday greeting that will not soon be forgotten.

“Adding sound to a promotion,” stated Ms. Ibach, “adds a completely different level of emotion and excitement. Our clients have used everything from a Tarzan yell to catchy audio logos. Organizations are limited only by their own imagination and I will state that some clients have wild and crazy imaginations. They often get a much higher response rate than most other forms of advertising produce; as much as 40% higher. The real benefit here is that the audio promotion pieces get past the tough gatekeepers and directly into the hands of their targeted customers.”

More information is available at the Clever Sound Promotions’ website. Ms. Ibach is available for interview and can be reached using the information below or by email at


Clever Sound Promotions specializes in the production of unique promotion items that leave a lasting impression in the minds of clients of companies, corporations and sales organizations.The company's clients have included Stapes, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Convention and Tourism Bureau, Wells Fargo, US Tennis Assoc., Coast Guard Academy, Omaha Steaks, Lands’ End, Orlando Magic, Northern Trust, Chicago Bulls, Foxwoods Casino, Frito Lay and Burger King.

Products offered include custom cards, flashlights, pens, key chains, memo key chains, talking magazine inserts, desk bells and a host of other unique promotional items. The company is based in Arlington Heights, IL.


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