Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nancy J. Ballard, Author Of The Caring One, Applauds Obama’s Proposed Budget Increases For Family Caregivers

The Caring One by Nancy J. Ballard focuses on how caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases can form and renew bonds with loved ones while taking time to care for themselves. Her book, The Caring One, offers real world guidance to those who care for loved ones at home and offers advice on learning to care for the caregiver

Alzheimer’s wreaks havoc in the lives of thousands of Americans each year. The terrible price paid by the patient of dementia sometimes pales in comparison to the problems faced by family members who must take on the role of caregiver. Author and artist Nancy J. Ballard understands this challenge. Ballard’s newest release, ‘The Caring One’, focuses on caring for oneself while caring for others. The book is the direct result of Nancy's intimate relationship with her mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer's. The Caring One offers readers the opportunity to remember loved ones via journaling, art and nurturing activities.

“Without a doubt,” stated Ms. Ballard, “President Obama’s initiative is exciting news for the caring one. Support in caring for ourselves while caring for others is a positive, much needed step toward personal wellness. It really is all about caring - caring for others and caring for ourselves. My book grew out of my personal experience, starting with email updates of my Mother’s health including reports of medications, forgetfulness, the beginning of a mean streak and the need to be entertained and amused.”

As a daughter, an artist and author, Nancy J. Ballard shares her story with compassion and inspiration, sprinkled throughout with humor, gratitude and love. The Caring One, is divided into three sections; the story, a journal and a resource section.

The journal section focuses on self-care through exercises in writing and creative expression as she encourages us to tell our stories. Through these exercises readers will gain insight not only into themselves but also into the person for whom they are caring using art, meditation, prayer and imagery. The resource section provides valuable resources that offer facts, practical suggestions and creative ideas. Ms. Ballard manages to provide all of this while keeping a healthy sense of humor.

“Humor must play an important role in care as well,” Ms. Ballard states. “I have to laugh when I hear stories of loved ones trying to turn on the TV with the phone vs. the remote or hear about a phone call saying, 'I cannot remember how to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.'” She calls these moments semi sweet and encourages us to remember - semi sweet is still chocolate.

Ms. Ballard was recently featured on The Authors Show Radio. A copy of the interview is available on her website. Ms. Ballard is available for interview and for speaking engagements. She can be reached using the information below or by email at The Caring One is available at her website and at Wisdom House Gallery, 45280 Main Street, Mendocino, California and Electric Rose Gallery, 107 Plaza Street, Healdsburg, California

The Caring One
Nancy J. Ballard
ISBN: 5800029150992


Nancy J. Ballard is an author, an artist, a speaker and a caregiver. With an art therapy point-of-view, Nancy facilitates watercolor classes through Memories in the Making, an Alzheimer Association outreach program. She also developed an adjunct program for Dr. Bruce L. Miller’s Memory and Aging Center at UCSF.

Nancy partnered in publishing with Palm of Her Hand founder, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, who has published journals and workbooks in the field of wellness. Palm of Her Hand is a division of Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, LLC, a publishing company committed to creating positive media and tools for transformation.


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