Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bea On Bereavement - The Power Of Planning - Announces Show Lineup For March 2010

Hosted by author Beatrice Toney Bailey, Bea On Bereavement presents topics of interest for widows, caregivers, cancer victims, Alzheimers sufferers, Parkinson's victims and their loved ones. Guests on the weekly show present timely and important information regarding planning in regards to a wide variety of mental and healthcare issues.

Bea On Bereavement - The Power Of Planning has announced the show's March 2010 lineup.

Serious illness and death are never questions of ‘if’ but are rather a question of ‘when’. Nevertheless, very few people are really adequately prepared when these occur. Preparation and details are the last thing anyone wants to think about when dealing with the shock and the grief resulting from the illness or the death of a loved one. Author Beatrice Toney Bailey, often called 'The Skinny Oprah' understands this, having recently lost her husband to cancer. Ms. Bailey has released a new book entitled Farewell My Friend. The book is a step-by-step guide for those who wish to plan for the inevitable, and is an extremely valuable resource for those who may be called upon to act as caregiver or caretaker for terminally ill friends or family members. As a result of the release of her book, she has now taken on the role of televison host in an effort to reach a wider audience.

“Farewell My Friend,” stated Ms. Bailey, “is a manual and a workbook. It should not be something that is read and then set aside.The book is an active document that readers will internalize as they prepare for the inevitable. We do not necessarily need to be caught unaware. The show is a natural outgrowth of the philosophy behind the book. Adequate preparation and planning are the keys to coming through these life changing situations that we all must eventually face."

Ms. Bailey's televisions show, Bea On Bereavement, is aired twice weekly on Monday at 9 pm Pacific and Thursday at 8 pm Pacific. The show can be seen on Comcast Channels 20 or 96 and Surewest Channel 19 in the Sacremento California area. For those not in the Sacremento area, the show is also simulcast at www.RCCTV.net/. This month's lineup includes:

March 14th - Alzheimer Board and Care Options
Guests - Robert Rimbault - Alzheimer Advocate
Daniela Berindei - Owner, Elite Elder Care

March 21st - Support From the American Cancer Society
Guest - Paula Birdsong - Regional Vice-President for American Cancer Society

March 28th - I Know It's In Here Somewhere - Clutter Control and Organization
Guests Name - Lisa Smith Young - Clutter Specialist, Eskaton
Barbara Vandervort - Senior Relocation Services

Ms. Bailey’s husband passed away from cancer. During his illness, she began a daily journal that eventually became a book. For this reason, Farewell My Friend incorporates every conceivable facet of care giving and caretaking. Estate planning, in-home care, funeral planning, dealing with doctors and hospitals, wills, trusts, stress and even PTSD are covered in the 203 page, 8.5” X 11” manual. The book is written in a practical and down-to-earth style that any reader can easily understand and put to use immediately.

Bea On Bereavement can be seen on the channels mentioned above. Farewell My Friend is available at Amazon.com and at numerous sites listed on her website. Ms. Bailey is available for interview and speaking engagements by contacting her at the address below. Further information and no-charge copies of many of the organizational forms and documents needed to prepare for making final preparations and plans can be found at Ms. Bailey’s website. Ms. Bailey can be contacted at beatricebailey@yahoo.com.

Beatrice Toney Bailey
Farewell My Friend
ISBN 978-0-9801520-0-5


Beatrice Toney Bailey now often called 'The Skinny Oprah', was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa to a Baptist minister father and a gospel recording artist mother. She attended the University of Iowa and graduated with a BA in Psychology from California State University, Sacramento.

Ms. Bailey is a much highly sought-after public speaker who has conducted many seminars on financial planning and organization. Some of her most popular seminars are Budgeting for the Not So Rich and Famous and Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together…The Ultimate Balancing Act. Her current book, Farewell, My Friend is enabling people who are facing serious illness to move from a position of crisis to empowerment. Currently, she is touring the country lecturing and promoting her book and seminars.

In addition to her role as a public speaker, Ms. Bailey is an active member of St. Paul Baptist Church in Sacramento, CA.. She serves as an adult Sunday school teacher and a member of the Strategic Team for Assessment, Implementation, and Review (STAIR). She is also a co-facilitator of the National Grief Share Support Group ministry which meets at St. Paul. Ms. Bailey is also the Head Feature Writer of Senior Magazine which has large distribution throughout Northern California. Ms. Bailey has two children, Wendy and Rodney, and is the proud grandmother of five. She is also the stepmother to Richard, whom she refers to as her “bonus” son. Traveling, within the United States, Mexico, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe, is one of her true passions.


Beatrice Toney Bailey
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