Thursday, May 20, 2010

Author Carmen Navarro-Talavera Helps Children Overcome The Fear Of Hurricanes in The Ant Lucy And The Hurricane

Hurricane season is swiftly approaching. All people suffer fear when hurricanes approach the US coastline, but children even more so. Author Carmen Navarro-Talavera helps children overcome their fear in The Ant Lucy And The Hurricane

Hurricane season is approaching quickly. The Ant Lucy and the Hurricane is purely a piece of fiction, but it is based on the reality of the dangers of hurricanes that many southern and water coastal areas in the United States are affected by greatly. The book teaches children and parents a new fun way to be prepared for the hurricane season and how to deal with this natural disaster as a family.

"The Ant Lucy and the Hurricane," stated Ms.Navarro-Talavera, "is a fun book that will teach not only the children, but also the entire family about the danger of this natural disaster. The book helps create awareness through Lucy and Lola's experiences with hurricane Javier. This book is different from others as the concepts speak to anyone from 5 year olds to grandparents. The illustrations are bright and fun. Included are homework assignments, Lucy's letter to parents and the Reader's theater, which can get the family together to have fun while they are learning."

In addition to a captivating story with beautiful illustrations, this children's book also contains:

A homework page
A to do supply list worksheet
A letter to parents from Lucy
A reader’s theatre to entertain the whole family

"The Ant Lucy and the Hurricane", Ms. Navarro-Talavera, "is also an excellent book for when children are waiting for the storm to arrive. Certainly nearly all children have a tendency to worry too much and get bored. The entire family can get involved with the play. This book is also written in Spanish and is titled "La hormiguita Lucy y el Huracan."

The Ant Lucy And The Hurricane, both English and Spanish versions is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, local bookstores and at her website. Ms. Navarro-Talavera can be contacted by email at or by using the information below.

The Ant Lucy And The Hurricane
Carmen Navarro Talavera
ISBN 978-1438977881


Carmen Navarro-Talavera was born in Somot, Nicaragua, and attended school to become an elementary teacher, a profession she worked in for five years. Afterward, she studied in the National University of Nicaragua in Managua, Nicaragua, to become a preschool teacher, and then continued on to Eckerd College in Florida to obtain a degree in human development.

Carmen's interest in writing in writing children's books started when she was a teacher in the rural mountains of Nicaragua and had no books available in her classroom. It was then that she began writing books using simple household and outdoor items such a craft paper, newspapers, magazines, insects and leaves.

Ms. Navarro-Talavera is available for media interview and can be reached using the information below. She has appeared on The Children's Authors Show, Channel 8 Tampa, Channel ABC7 Sarasota and has appeared in print in The Bradenton Herald and The Observer.


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