Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Author S. Evan Townsend, America’s Unique Speculative Fiction Voice, Announces March Events, Releases New Novel, ‘Rock Killer’

Author S. Evan Townsend has announced new events for March 2012 in Amarillo and Lubbock TX. He has also announced the release of his latest novel, 'Rock Killer'

Author S. Evan Townsend has announced a number of book signings for the month of March, 2012 in the cities of Amarillo and Lubbock TX. Townsend is also pleased to announce he has released his third speculative fiction novel, ‘Rock Killer’. The new novel follows his two previous novels, ‘Agent Of Artifice’ and ‘Hammer Of Thor’. His body of work, blends of historical fiction and fantasy, has received numerous 5 star reviews and have placed him in the top echelon of America’s speculative fiction writers. In the literary tradition of Robert Heinlein, Townsend is a builder of worlds - fantastic yet familiar, slightly off-kilter worlds, filled with characters and storylines that breathe new life into the genre that is speculative fiction.

“I started writing Rock Killer,” Townsend stated, “after there was a spate of eco-terrorist events in the U.S. Pacific Northwest in the late 1990s. I wondered what motivated these people and what would happen if there were such attacks in the future on what they perceived to be ‘bad for the environment.’ What if they wanted to stop the mining of asteroids for the resources a crowded planet needs and how would they do it?”

Townsend writes in the tradition of Robert Heinlein, and his writing has been compared to both Heinlein and Piers Anthony. Townsend's approach is to begin in the real world - everyday reality - and then to twist that reality, heat it up a bit, spin it and mold it seamlessly into fiction. The dividing lines between what is real and what is fictional become blurred. Townsend's writings are heavily researched to ensure both historic and scientific accuracy. All of his works offer captivating tales of fun adventure, wrapped tightly around a solid iron core of fact and accuracy.

On March 24th, 2012, Townsend will visit Barnes and Noble at 2415 Soncey Rd, Amarillo, TX for a book signing from 10am to 1pm. He will also visit Barnes and Noble, 6002 Slide Rd., Lubbock, TX from 4pm to 7pm on the same day. He has recently appeared on several Blog Talk Radio shows including Focus Discussion, The Ashley Fontainne Show and on The Authors Show radio to discuss the release of 'Rock Killer'.

“People will enjoy this book,” Townsend continued, “because it is a fast-paced action adventure with a multifaceted plot that ranges from Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Syria, the Moon, and out to the Asteroid Belt. It combines action, terrorism, political intrigue, romance, and science into a story of heroic men and women trying to save the lives of their fellow humans. ‘Rock Killer’ is an all-too-plausible yet futuristic story of terrorism and those who are caught in its sights and those trying to stop it.”

Townsend is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information is available at his website. All Townsend’s works, including ‘Rock Killer’ are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, World Castle Publishing and at other online book sites.


In the literary tradition of Robert Heinlein, S. Evan Townsend writes speculative fiction novels. Townsend's writings are heavily researched to ensure both historic and scientific accuracy. All of his works offer captivating tales of fun adventure while staying true to real world facts and accuracy. 'Rock Killer' is his third novel.


S. Evan Townsend