Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How To Stay Young - Stanley Hirsch Sets New Standard For Inspirational Stories With 'Memoirs Of A Geriatric Ski Bum'

Hirsch's new book is a motivational and inspirational book that educates and entertains. The primary message of the book is that staying young and aging gracefully are within reach of nearly everyone

Motivational books and inspirational stories can be found by the thousands at any book outlet. Just a handful of those inspirational books are published for senior citizens. Now Stanley Hirsch has set a new standard for motivational books for senior citizens with the recent release of 'Memoirs of a Geriatric Ski Bum'.

All of us hope to grow old gracefully. We all hold our own definition of 'graceful'. For Stanley Hirsch, age 85, graceful means rocketing down the side of a mountain on a pair of skis.

"Writing this book,” stated Hirsch, "and sharing these episodes with others has been quite meaningful. In the winter of one's life, remembering triumphs large and small brings the joys of the past into the present. It's an exercise we can all enjoy. One doesn't have to write a book, but it helps. It helps to remember."

Notable names from the world of skiing, vividly described in 'Memoirs Of A Geriatric Ski Bum' include Jean-Claude Killy, Alberto Tomba, Ingemar Stenmark and Pepi Gramshammer. History, adventure, joy and tragedy are intertwined in narratives concerning individuals such as Albert Einstein, Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy.

The book, light-hearted and fascinating, includes confessions of life threatening mistakes mixed in with heart-pounding adventure. Included also are descriptions of the slopes and runs Hirsch has skied in more than 150 areas over 40 years.  Above all, Hirsch's message is that growing old does not mean giving up. It is a message that will resonate with anyone who hopes to age gracefully.

Stanley Hirsch is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at shirsch888@optonline.com. 'Memoirs of a Geriatric Ski Bum' is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at his website. More information is available at the website at www.geriatricski.com.

About Stanley Hirsch:

Stanley Hirsch, 85 years old, has been published in a variety of venues, in ski magazines and in the Encyclopedia of Bronzes, reflecting his family’s well established business enterprise. He composed lyrics of various and charming children’s songs, designed to educate as well as entertain. His writing skills were nurtured during his years as a prominent discussion leader with the Great Books Foundation. Hirsch has served as a ski consultant to travel agencies, ski clubs and various publications.

Once he discovered the joys of skiing at the age of 45, the die was cast. Eight years later, Hirsch sold his family’s business to the fourth generation in order to devote more time to his favorite sport. A resident of Long Island NY, where the only skiing is on water, he will drop everything at the suggestion of a snowflake.


Stanley Hirsch