Thursday, August 8, 2013

Abortion, God and Science: Author Jerry Pollock Offers A New Perspective On Abortion

God and science is not a phrase that comes to mind when the topic of abortion comes up. Jerry Pollock, author of 'Little Book Of God : Merging Science With God', believes the questions raised by abortion are more complex than the pro-choice versus pro-life discussion

The news for Saturday July 13, 2013 stated, “Texas Legislature under Governor Rick Perry’s Leadership Restricts Abortion.” In Texas, a woman can no longer abort her unborn fetus after twenty weeks of pregnancy. Moreover abortion clinics must now meet the same standards as hospital style surgical centers.

"Is this a victory," asked Pollock, "for both the pro choice and pro life beliefs? It’s certainly not a victory for the low standard of care provided by many of the abortion clinics and they should rightly be pushed out of business by the enacted new laws in Texas."

For forty years Dr. Pollock has been a scientist. During the past fifteen years on the spiritual ladder, he has blended God and science. Yet he has mixed feelings on abortion.

"Through both Primal Therapy and hypnotic past life-spirit world regression," Pollock continued, "I have many times gone back to my time as a fetus in my mother’s womb and experienced firsthand how she tried to abort me during the first trimester of pregnancy. I am pro life therefore for selfish reasons. I wouldn’t be here writing this piece if my mother’s abortion had been successful. I am also pro choice with restrictions as I do believe that if God wanted all conceived babies to live, there wouldn’t be any miscarriages."

In Dr. Pollock's opinion, God is Energy and His Energy has intelligence. He has trillions to quadrillions of times more energy than any one human being. This limitless Energy is the source of God’s Omnipotence or all powerfulness and represents an organizing intelligence that is the being of us all. He takes the position that God preplanned our universe and our entire body mechanisms. The miracle of the fertilization of the egg by the sperm was known to God before the beginning of time some 14 billion years ago.

"God foresaw the complete development and maturing of a fetus," Pollock concluded" and set in motion sophisticated anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, chemistry, and biochemistry for the human body. The nine month period of the mother’s pregnancy is no accident and it takes about forty-five days after conception when all body biological systems, including all neurological systems, are functioning when life is possible. I would humbly offer that the first trimester of pregnancy be the red line maximum, as the fetus biological functioning would have evolved past God’s acceptance of the definition of when life began. No abortions should therefore be carried out in my opinion after ninety days because God’s miracle of life has evolved. However a mother's Free Will should totally supersede my opinion if a woman wants to abort in the second trimester or even in the third.”

Pollock latest work, "Little Book Of God: Merging Science With God", sheds new light on the God and science debate and covers nearly the entire spectrum of the human experience. Subjects found in the Table of Contents include:

God Preplanned Our World
God’s Beginnings
God and Science
God is Omnipresent
God is Omniscient
God’s Light Energy is the Chi
Origin of Thoughts
Transmission of Thoughts
God’s Omnipotence
Why Both Creation and Evolution?
Miracles of Adam and Eve
The Ten Commandments
Religion and Spirituality
Our Evil Inclination; Our Animal Soul
The Covenant
Aging and Health
Past Lives
God’s Miracles
Messianic Age; Time and Timelessness

and much more.

Jerry Pollock is available for media interviews and speaking engagements. He can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Little Book of God: Merging Science with God' is available in Kindle format at More information including a full resume and information on speaking engagements is available at his website at

About Jerry Pollock:

Dr. Jerry Pollock is Professor Emeritus from Stony Brook University on Long Island where for thirty years he was an academic and research scientist publishing seventy-five scientific articles including seven patents. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto, a PhD in Biophysics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and has postdoctoral training in Microbiology from New York University Medical Center. Marcia Pollock is deceased and held a bachelors degree in psychology from Stony Brook University and a Master of Arts in Special Education from C. W. Post University on Long Island. Marcia and Jerry are the coauthors of their recently published unique book, “Putting God Into Einstein’s Equations: Energy of the Soul.” Jerry wrote from our earthly world and Marcia’s soul suggested and confirmed from the spirit world.


Jerry Pollock PhD