Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inspirational Stories Help Kids Overcome Challenges: Emeka Iwenofu, Author Of ‘Francine’s Miracle’, Issues Statement

A recent article in the Lethbridge Herald recounted the tale of Spencer West, a motivational speaker who overcame challenges beyond belief. Iwenofu believes West's story can serve as an example to children everywhere

 A recent article by Nick Kuhl in the Lethbridge Herald presented the story of Spencer West. After losing his legs early in life, West overcame not only that challenge, but also went on to conquer obstacles that would challenge the fully functional, including overcoming bullying as a result of his disability and, unbelievably, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. While the challenges that face young people today do include bullying among many others,what is really important is the message West delivers to the world: Anybody can overcome any challenge, given the right mental focus, perception and attitude.

"I wholeheartedly admire this person and his story," Iwenofu stated. "Everything we do is based on attitude. And as I explained in my book, ‘Francine's Miracle’, we have a choice everyday of how we want to feel,  - angry and bitter, having every excuse for our miserable condition... or we can just smile, believing and knowing that everything is going to be just fine and work to our advantage."

"Everything is energy and the universe formulates situations, people, and circumstances into our lives to produce the outcome in our life that is all relative to our own thoughts and attitude. In this article, West, who has no legs and moves around in a wheelchair is a motivational speaker who decides everyday to be joyous for the day, rather than focus on his handicap. When he was born he was told to focus on the things he can do rather than the things he couldn't and to always have a good attitude about it. West has taken their advice and is a motivational speaker, living his life to fullest, believing and knowing that nothing is impossible."

"It's all in the perception and how we choose to direct our energy and attention. This does make me question how some people can make a big deal over a trivial challenge when someone else would take that challenge any day if they could, for one moment, know what walking feels like. We should appreciate what we have, as there is always someone who is lacking in that area."

In the tradition of his mentors, Og Mandino, Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and Wayne Dyer, Emeka Iwenofu teaches young readers, through engaging works of fiction how to achieve their life goals despite limitations or challenges.

’Francine’s Miracle’ features miraculous stories that teach young people how to achieve their dreams. Parents will appreciate the book as it empowers parents and grandparents to help children achieve their goals. Educators will find the messages in 'Francine's Miracle' to be uplifting, inspiring, appropriate for class projects and a powerful teaching tool. Children will find the book to be a down to earth, honest, entertaining tale that will allow them to see a troubled person’s success story unfold step by step.

“Parents, grandparents, children and teachers will enjoy this book” Iwenofu continued, “because the message is presented in story form - as an indirect guide to the reader on how they can achieve their goals regardless of their current situation that they, their family members or students are in. My work demonstrates how anyone can still triumph to ultimate glory and greatness, regardless of their current status in life or in the classroom.”

Emeka Iwenofu is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at jackiesmiracle@gmail.com. All of his works are available at most online book outlets including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. More information is available at the website at http://www.FrancinesMiracle.com.

About Emeka Iwenofu:

Emeka Iwenofu lives in Cleveland where he attended Cuyahoga Community College before transferring to Cleveland State University where he earned his degree in Accounting. He eventually found his true calling as a writer.

He was inspired to write the three book series that he calls 'The Miracle Trilogy'.

Since publishing Francine’s Miracle, Emeka has appeared on numerous radio stations, sharing his mission and sharing his message of positive thinking, spirituality and proven self help techniques with people all over the world. He was recently chosen as one of ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’. His story is featured in the 2013 – 2014 edition of ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’.

Virtually all the material contained within his books are techniques he endorses and continues to model in his daily life as the fundamental principles needed for anyone to achieve success in life. He sincerely hopes that reader’s lives can be changed for the better, enriching both their lives and others around them.


Emeka Iwenofu