Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Artist With Cerebral Palsy Who Paints Remarkable Acrylic Masterpieces To Be Featured At Tobii Dynavox

Joshua Englehaupt has turned a disability into an ability at a level that can only be called breathtaking

Joshua Englehaupt is an artist whose medium is acrylics. While his work may defy description, the talent he brings to the canvas is undeniable. What is even more remarkable is the fact that his work is produced by a team effort. He is half the team at OurHome Studio. His mother, author Carol Englehaupt, is the other half of the team. Carol assists Josh by holding up his arm when he paints. Joshua provides inspiration for his mother's work as an author. It is a match 'made in Heaven' for both Carol and Joshua.

"Josh isn’t an independent painter," Carol stated. "He needs my help in getting his painting ready. I load and clean brushes for him. I place the brush in his hand and support his elbow. The brush strokes are his. The composition and colors are his. He has a far better sense of color than I do. We use a big color chart to help him decide on colors and to communicate to me what he wants."

"I was taking a watercolor art course, when Josh let me know that he wanted to paint too. Without thinking, I gave him paper and paints and let him finger paint. This lasted about three pictures. Josh got angry. He kicked his foot and kept looking at the paintbrush in my hand. He wanted to paint with a brush. I did what I always do when Josh wants to do something. I figured out a way for him to do it. His grip was poor. I’d have to curl his fingers around the brush and help him hang onto it. This wasn’t what Josh wanted so I started to think of ways to help him. I mentioned to my husband one evening, 'If only paintbrushes came with handles like screwdrivers.' He gave me a look, got up from his chair and disappeared into the garage. He came back with a couple of screwdriver handles with brushes inserted. These were the first brushes that Josh used. The handles were big enough that he could get a grip on them."

Joshua Englehaupt was born April 3, 1980. Birth trauma resulted in Joshua being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He attended Easter Seal until the age of seven at which time testing became available that gave a more accurate assessment of his I.Q. His diagnosis was updated to multi-physically disabled with normal intelligence. As a result of this testing, Josh was able to leave Easter Seals and attend public schools. The travel was simply too much for Joshua to handle. Home schooling became the only reasonable choice.

The other half of the team, Carol Englehaupt, is both an artist and a published author. She learned early that normal doesn’t exist. Her stories reflect an unconventional outlook on life that fires the imagination, inspires the reader, and delivers a dose of unexpected humor. A multi genre author who writes under the pen name C.L. Roth, she delivers fast-paced, imaginative stories with enough unusual twists to please readers of any age.

Carol's works include 'Cosmic Shift', 'Cosmic Chaos' and 'Bone Weary'. 'Cosmic Shift' is a fantasy for kids geared to Middle School readers but also enjoyable for all ages. 'Cosmic Chaos' is written for middle grade kids and young adults. Carol's latest work, 'Bone Weary', is an adult mystery full of heart and humor that features a caregiver protagonist, drawing on her own experiences with Joshua.

"My goal as an author," Carol stated, "is to tell a story that intrigues the mind, entertains the reader, and takes root in the heart. I strive to write fast-paced books that deliver action, humor, and unexpected twists that are suitable for all ages to read."

Joshua's work has been drawing a great deal of public attention and several of Joshua's prints will be displayed at Tobii Dynavox in Pittsburgh, PA.

"Josh and I are just beginning this artistic journey," Carol concluded. "I have no idea where the path will lead. I only know we are enjoying every step of the journey."

Carol Englehaupt is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information on Joshua's work is available at More information on Carol's work is available at


OurHome Studio is a collaboration of two artists. Joshua Englehaupt is an artist with Cerebral Palsy who paints in watercolor. His mother, Carol Englehaupt is a multigenre author who writes under the name of C. L. Roth.


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