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Dr. Carson's SDA Faith Includes Focus on Prophecy - A Muslim Can't Be President - Dr. Richard Ruhling Sheds Light On Five Key Issues

Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician, an expert on Biblical prophecy and the author of 'The Alpha & Omega Bible Code'

Dr. Richard Ruhling issued a statement recently in which he clarified and expounded upon five key issues pertinent to Dr. Ben Carson:

*  Seventh-day Adventists have a focus on Bible Prophecy that includes Daniel and the Revelation    *  Dr. Carson may understand that Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers for World Domination, so how can we be sure they wouldn't put Islam ahead of the US Constitution as president?
* Carson may believe the US already has a Muslim president.
* Bible prophecy supports Islam's conquest of the US as payback for our conquest in the Middle East.
* Daniel 8 shows a Muslim ram pushing west into  Europe and the US, but it will soon be defeated.

The full statement can be viewed here:

1.    Seventh-day Adventists have a focus on Bible Prophecy that includes Daniel and the Revelation. From roots in a (Baptist) Millerite movement and Great Disappointment in 1844, Adventists have an interest in Daniel and Revelation prophecies. Their evangelistic crusades have usually begun with a focus on the 2nd chapter of Daniel depicting the image of a man representing the four kingdoms of this world, says Ruhling who now claims a broader view of his Adventist teaching.

The head of gold represented ancient Babylon. The chest and arms of silver were the Medo-Persian Empire. The thighs of brass represented Grecia and the legs of iron were Rome. The feet of iron and clay meant a mix of strength and weakness with no world supremacy until Christ's kingdom smashes the image, explains Ruhling, adding that 2500 years have substantiated the accuracy of this prophecy that is expanded in the 7th chapter of Daniel with the papacy as the little horn that grew out of Rome. The Protestant Reformers believed the papacy fit Daniel's description of the little horn.

2.    Dr. Carson may know that Islam permits lying to deceive unbelievers for world domination, so how can we be sure they wouldn't put Islam ahead of the US Constitution as president? “Allah” will not hold them accountable for lying when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. A lie in the defense of Islam is approved and even applauded in their “holy” books. Al-Taqiyya means deception or disguising one's beliefs or strategies. "Washington seems to be ignorant of this," Dr Ruhling stated.

It's impossible to understand Muslims by listening to their protests against terror or their patriotism for America. ( "This applies to Iran's nuclear agreement," said Ruhling.

3.    Carson may believe the US already has a Muslim president. There are numerous reasons why this could be so. Obama's father was Muslim and Barry Soetoro was schooled in Indonesia, a Muslim country. Online photos of his school registration show his religion was “Islam.” Obama admits he is Muslim in a 9-minute YouTube video in different circumstances.

4.    Revelation 9 could be understood as Islam's conquest of US, paying us back for our Middle East involvements. Babylon was conquered by the Medes & Persians who diverted the Euphrates River into a reservoir and marched into the city under the river gate without a battle as the king and leaders had a drunken feast one night.

Bible prophecy represents peoples and nations by water in Revelation 17:15. America is having the same tactic—waters (people) being diverted from Muslim nations that don't get along, but want to bring their ideology here. Why won't Saudi Arabia with 100,000 air-conditioned tents take even one refugee? ISIS wants to conquer the world and has indicated their intent to infiltrate the refugees. The FBI says their data base is inadequate for screening.  Yet this administration seems hellbent on bringing them here.

5.    Daniel 8 shows a Muslim ram pushing west into Europe and the US, but it's defeated in the end. 2500+ years ago, Gabriel told Daniel that the ram's horns represent the kings of Media and Persia, and his vision is “at the time of the end.” Alexander's victory in 331 BC was not the time of the end. However their descendants are Iraq & Iran. If we can believe this amazing parallel to history, we are “at the time of the end.” 

The God of the Bible says He declares the end from the beginning. In the 22nd chapter of Genesis God tested Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Muslims say the son was Ishmael. Which is the true holy book?

The Bible shows Isaac spared by sacrificing a ram and the 8th chapter of Daniel 8 supports the ram as militant Islam (Iraq, Iran, ISIS), intent on annihilating Israel.

The Bible will be seen as the true holy book when the 2nd horn—Iran is also broken by the GOAT—Global Organization Against Terrorism. Daniel 8 says the goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth and touched not the ground.

The US coalition came from all over the globe and “touched not the ground” Air war was not possible for Alexander the Great in the first application. The book of Daniel has meaning for now as suggested by Christ when asked about the end of the world in the 24th chapter of Matthew.

"How much of the above," Ruhling concluded, "is part of Carson's faith? Maybe it's like Trump's faith—a personal matter and like Pelosi said of Obamacare—we need to vote it to find out what's in it."

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About Dr. Richard Ruhling:

Dr. Richard Ruhling is a physician whose interest in retirement is Bible prophecy and alternative healthcare. More information on these and many other topics is offered on his site.


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