Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Caregiving For Seniors Can Be Overwhelming - Cynthia Martindale Offers Rock Solid Advice In 'Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care'

No one else in the world has Martindale's skill set. It's been formed by her education, experiences and professional work. She now serves as a Senior Care guide, counselor, coach, and teacher. Her book walks readers step-by-step through developing unique caregiving plans to meet their needs, goals, and finances

In a recent article titled 'A New Outlook On Caregiving' in the Herald Tribune, Harold Bubil described his experience as a first-time caregiver. Bubil, a newspaper editor and columnist, talked about how that experience gave him a new perspective on caregiving. It created in him a real admiration for those who find themselves in the caregiving role.

The caregiving experience can be challenging for some people and, for many others, completely overwhelming. Nobody can prepare adequately. The options, some new and unfamiliar, can cause feelings of inadequacy, fear or perhaps sheer panic. We must make the right decisions, but how do we do that when we don't know the facts or can't understand the most basic concepts? Most people struggle, sifting through all the options and making life changing decisions, any one of which could cause disaster at some unknown point in the future. No two situations are the same. There are no cut and dried solutions.

What we as caregivers need, more than anything, is a map that will allow us to make the right decisions and will help us rest assured that those decisions are the right decisions.

Cynthia Martindale has that map. No one else in the whole world has her particular skill set. She holds a law degree specializing in elder care. She was a manager in assisted living. And she was the primary caregiver for her own parents. She now serves as a guide, a counselor, a coach and a teacher. She understands the fear, the problems and the frustration. Cynthia's book, 'Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care', walks readers step-by-step through developing their own caregiving plan, one that is unique to their situation and accomplishes their personal caregiving goals.

"We never know when our personal journey as caregiver will begin or how long it will last," Martindale stated. "The journey can begin suddenly and, in the blink of any eye, life is forever changed. Or, it can start slowly and build so gradually that we’re surprised to discover who we’ve become -- a caregiver. Whichever way it happens, it almost always takes us by surprise. The one thing we know for certain is we’re needed by someone who depends on us for help."

Topics covered in the book include:

* Life as a caregiver for seniors: Uncover all the options for care, do your best work, and find peace of mind when your journey’s done.

* Long term care: Learn how to create the best plan for today and for future needs, then make it happen. You won’t avoid the hard parts -- legal preparation, financial planning, and medical history -- because they’re made easy.

* Senior Care at home: Learn about home health care, homecare, home care assistance, home health, and home care services -- and most importantly -- what makes them different?  Find resources, interview, hire, get the right mix, and locate the latest technology.

* Senior Care in retirement communities: Demystify how to find the senior care you need at a senior living community. You’ll learn criteria for independent living, assisted living, and memory care facilities. Ask the right questions to uncover what you need to know, and get ready to tour.

* Decision-making made easy: Viable options for healthy senior living can be either ageing at home with additional care or senior care inside senior housing.

Readers will be better prepared to help make choices for seniors who need more care. They will form a knowledge base to proceed on the journey, learn the lay of the land, the terminology and definitions, the common twists and turns that can’t be controlled, and the options likely faced along the way. They will become better guides, partners, and friends to those who depend on them. Above all, readers will know they are not alone.

Cynthia Martindale is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at cindy@martindalecopywriting.com. 'Graceful Last Chapters' is available at Amazon and other book retailers. More information is available at her website at http://www.bookforcaregivers.com.

About Cynthia Martindale:

Cynthia Neher Martindale combines her education, business expertise, and personal experiences to bring readers a valuable resource about caring for aging loved ones. Her academic accomplishments include degrees from Hillsdale College (B.A. in English), Northern Illinois University (M.A. in English), and Valparaiso University School of Law (J.D.). Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care is the result of her years as both a sales and marketing director for senior living communities and as the primary caregiver for her parents. Its pages are filled with support and guidance for caregivers, clearly defined options for care, and the ways and means for readers to craft their own successful journey through caregiving challenges and heartbreak. Ms. Martindale offers readers fundamental knowledge, hope, a sense of identity and, ultimately, a path toward peace of mind. Cynthia lives in Flossmoor, Illinois.


Cynthia Martindale