Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Helping Women Aged 30 to 50 Find And Capture Their Dreams - Best Selling Author And Transformational Life Coach Jacqui Greene Announces 'The Listening Project'

Greene offers a one of a kind approach to transformational life coaching that sets her decidedly apart from the rest in both approach and scope. Her process helps clients start to see results immediately

Jacqui Greene has announced the formation of 'The Listening Project'.  Greene is a transformational life coach, best selling author and keynote speaker who works with proven and tangible strategic processes to help individuals, families and businesses alike to thrive.  She understands that clients do not want to wait months or years to achieve their dreams and goals.  Results driven, Jacqui's professional and inspirational coaching approach mixed with her ability to help her clients find the answers they already have inside gives her the edge when it comes to creating lasting change that begins today, not at some date in the future. Her passion and her mission is to help her clients find the greatness that is inside and to capitalize on that greatness beginning immediately.

"The feeling of disconnect, uncertainty and sadness that comes from an inner knowing that the path you are on is not the right one can be beyond overwhelming," Jacqui stated. "When you learn to recognise the old recurring, destructive patterns from your past and call them out for what they are, you free yourself to focus on where you want to be, what you want to be feeling, thinking and doing, in a moment to moment basis. There is a peacefulness that is borne from knowing you are finally stepping forwards on your destined journey."

The cornerstone of her approach is built on 4 key concepts - Conceive, believe, take action and achieve. In her practice, Jacqui focuses her efforts on 5 key strengths she brings to the table for her clients:

Strategic; Jacqui is quick to spot relevant patterns and issues, then designing innovative plans for improvement and success.

Empathic; With a unique ability to align herself with others’ lives and situations, Jacqui builds connection and trust with her clients from the outset.

Activator; Jacqui is a specialist in breaking down thoughts and turning them into actionable resources, focusing on immediate results.

Maximizer; Seeking out the strengths of her clients’ is principle to Jacqui’s approach, stimulating confidence, excellence and a sense of pride from the outset.

Positivity; Jacqui brings with her a contagious enthusiasm that helps inspire others with what they are doing and where they are going.

Greene will be holding Listening Workshops at The Hudson Theatre in Hollywood, CA, USA on Thursday August 11 2016 and The Point in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK in October.  She is also co-hosting a 4 day Listening Retreat in Walnut, California, August 25th to August 28th, 2016.  Arrangements for the workshops, retreat as well as her private one-on-one consultations can be made at her website where you can also get hold of her no-charge downloadable guide to "The Six Human Needs" when signing up for her mailing list.

"We live in a world so bound by expectation, from our cultures, our families and of ourselves that it is all too easy to settle into a life that is far from fulfilling our needs. We can suddenly find ourselves lost, wondering what happened and left desperately trying to figure out “is this it?”  What I strive to achieve with every one of my clients is a trusting unity that allows for openness in communication, enabling me to guide each person to the answers they already hold inside.  Through proven and strategic techniques, helping each client to step clear of the fog and see more clearly the true path that lies ahead of them.”

Jacqui Greene is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by emailing  Information regarding workshops and retreats is also available at the website

About Jacqui Greene:

Jacqui is a bestselling author, transformational life coach and dynamic speaker who offers a one of a kind approach to transformational life coaching. She works with individuals, families, businesses and corporate executives who wish to begin to live their dreams, starting today. Her core clients are women age between 30 and 50.


Jacqui Greene