Thursday, March 30, 2017

Author Dan Slot Announces Release Of New Self Help Book, 'Awareness Journey'

Dan Slot's book helps readers discover how the power of individual thought and perspective can help one achieve one's most cherished goals.

Author Dan Slot has announced the release of his latest self help book, 'Awareness Journey'. The best self help books help readers move toward understanding, courage, love, peace and joy. This is precisely where Slot takes readers, all within the framework of a fictional journey.

All of us have to deal with personal issues - depression, relationship problems, money issues and a host of others. Of course we hope to leave negative emotional states behind. These include shame, guilt, grief, fear, anger, anxiety, regret and many others. We all want to achieve higher states such as courage, love, peace, joy, optimism and trust.

Many of us feel that leaving negative states behind and achieving higher states will require a great deal of effort. We put the accomplishment in the future. Dan Slot shows us how we can achieve those states now - for it takes no time at all to simply be what we really are now.

Dan's work follows in the tradition of the law of attraction classic, 'The Secret', and is heavily influenced by the work of Dr. David Hawkins. He uses an engaging and enlightening tale of fiction to provide his readers with the answers they seek.

In the storyline of the book, the journey of Tanxian zhe, simply known as “Tan,” begins aboard the Conscious Awareness. His allegorical ship takes readers to different ports within their own heart, soul, and mind where, along with Tan, they will explore locations and characters representing various emotional states of mind. These stops may either prevent one from finding happiness, or propel one toward the goal. By vicariously understanding each character’s perspective, readers can discover how the power of individual thought and perspective can help one find a fulfilling harbor.

"As we become aware of the way our universe works, we realize that the part we play is what we were meant to do," Slot stated. "It comes naturally to us. By releasing what holds us back, we add glory and beauty to our world. By being the person we are meant to be, we are rewarded with joy and happiness."

Reviews have praised 'Awareness Journey'. One reviewer said, "Awareness Journey was truly enjoyable and eye opening. Though we all think we try our best, the book brought the awareness of how ego is still a major factor in my life. Dan's ideas about faith and the source of happiness in life are well delivered and easily understood. The idea of every little thing we do potentially adding or subtracting from the well-being of our universe was beautiful." Another stated, "This book is an easy read with a great story and then goes deep into the thoughts that we have about ourselves and how they either make our lives dead and repetitive or alive and forward moving. The author really brought this awareness to a level that is understandable and relatable to today's lives."

Dan Slot is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Awareness Journey' is available at Amazon. More information is available at Slot's website at

About Dan Slot:

Daniel Slot grew up in the mid 1960s in the often-violent inner city, where he came to understand the life outlook held by people in that segment of society. His family’s fundamentalistic Christian following gave him a solid foundation, but never answered certain questions about God and human suffering.

Daniel graduated from Cornerstone University with honors, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in business management. He then started his own practice as a Certified Life Success coach, trainer, speaker, and author dedicating his time to those who want to benefit from his experiences and knowledge. Dan lives in West Michigan with his wife of more than thirty years, with whom he raised three great kids.


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