Friday, May 5, 2017

Danielle Hampson, Executive Producer Of ‘The Authors Show’, Signs Asian Agency Contract With Award Winning Author Taba Dale

Taba Dale, author of over 300 stories, is also a fine art dealer, an avid golfer and the co-founder of a golf events management consulting company specializing in organizing tournaments in Ireland and Scotland.

Taba Dale, originally from Washington DC and now living in Scottsdale, AZ, is the author of over 300 stories. As a fine art dealer she was the first to sell golf artwork online. An avid golfer, she co-founded a golf tournament and event management consulting company as well as the "Top 100 Invitational", which celebrates golf clubs and courses included on the Top 100 U.S. and World ranking list.

“With a 3 handicap, my late husband was passionate about the game and valued the history and traditions of what he always called ‘a gentleman’s game’, using the word ‘gentleman’ in the sense of respecting the course, the players and the rules," Hampson stated. "Ms. Dale echoes this philosophy, which led me to become aware of her involvement in the golf community, and when she began to write about her golf travels, she shared lots of her writing with me.  I find her work quite appealing as she writes from the heart, communicates very effectively her emotions about her surroundings, and depicts landscapes like artists skillfully brushing on canvas what they see and perceive.  Her golf stories are very inclusive and engaging - the game, the landscaping, the architecture, the people, the socializing, the happy hour on the 19th hole ….she leaves nothing behind.  She brings you along on a journey you truly want to be a part of.  I choose to represent only authors whose writing I can honestly relate to, and Taba fits that matrix.  I work with other authors on a global scale and I travel to Asia where the golf industry is growing, so representing Ms. Dale in that part of the world makes sense to both of us.”

A pioneer in online media, Danielle Hampson created 'The Authors Show' over a decade ago, long before Internet streaming radio & podcasting became popular.  She is a public speaker and an expert in business networking who has conducted many workshops at conferences in the USA and China. As an International Marketing Consultant who speaks several languages, she has traveled the world and has assisted U.S. and foreign companies in establishing footholds on both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific. She also volunteers her time and resources to produce and host 'World Academy Radio' a podcast she created to help bring exposure to the work of 'World Academy for the Future of Women', a multi-level three year curriculum focused on developing young women for leadership roles that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Danielle Hampson is an International Marketing Consultant, networking expert, podcaster and the Executive Producer of The Authors Show and World Academy Radio.


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