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Pat Bluth, Author Of From Pain To Peace, To Speak At St. Thomas By The Sea In Orange Beach, Alabama On February 3, 2010

Author Pat Bluth will discuss grief, bereavement, healing and the journey to forgiveness. Bluth lost her teen daughter at the hands of a drunk driver and shares her story regarding how the death of a child allows rage to be transformed into forgiveness

Pat Bluth, author of From Pain To Peace, will speak at St. Thomas By The Sea Catholic Church in Orange Beach Alabama on February 3, 2010.

Ms. Bluth will share her story regarding how her life changed after the death of her 17 year old daughter at the hands of a drunk driver. She will describe in detail what happened on that night and how it felt to go from planning for a graduation to planning for a funeral. She will also share how she felt victimized by the Criminal Justice system, resulting in her starting a chapter of MADD in her county.

“I wrote this book,” stated Ms. Bluth, “because I believe I have a story to share that offers hope and inspiration to others that have suffered a loss. As a grief counselor, I learned that many people get stuck in their grief, anger, or unresolved feelings. I wanted to share that grief is a process that doesn’t have to control your life forever. Forgiveness was something I thought was impossible after my 17 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver. I was wrong. My book describes in detail what I did on an 8-day silent retreat to heal. Others can follow this process.”

After the death of her daughter, Ms. Bluth started a MADD chapter inher county. She also attended Compassionate Friends meetings, a support group for parents whose children have died, and began journaling.

“All these things helped,” stated Ms. Bluth, “but I found no lasting peace. Four years later I felt suicidal and called out to God for help. I talked to my priest and at his suggestion I attended an 8 day silent retreat. That was the answer for finding peace.”

Ms. Bluth will share her story at St. Thomas By The Sea Catholic Churchin Orange Beach Alabama on February 3, 2010 at the Parish Hall. Ms. Bluth is available for speaking engagements and interviews and can be contacted using the information below or by email at

Copies of her book, From Pain To Peace, are available at her website at and from most major online booksellers.

From Pain To Peace
Pat Bluth
Axiom Press
ISBN: 9781581692952


Pat Bluth grew up in Bremerton, Washington, but life brought her to Brainerd, Minnesota, where, along with her husband, Gary, they have lived and raised three children: Tammy, Jeff, and Jennifer.

Life was going well for the Bluth family, but everything changed suddenly when one Friday night, daughter Tammy was killed by a drunk driver.

For months after Tammy’s death, Pat struggled to go on with life, but because of her strong faith, she persevered and has used her life experiences to help others facing life changing situations. She completed a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling, and has used her abilities as an Independent Clinical Social Worker to facilitate Home Care/Hospice groups for St. Joseph’s Medical Center, and grief groups for Compassionate Friends, listening and comforting parents who experience the death of a child. She served in private practice as a family therapist for a Christian Counseling Clinic in Brainerd, and is also certified as a Chemical Dependency Counselor.

Pat was instrumental in forming a Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter in the Brainerd Lakes Area, and is a frequent speaker at MADD impact panels. She has worked as a victim advocate for others whose lives have been shattered by impaired drivers. As a Certified Toastmaster, Pat enjoys opportunities to speak and spread a message of hope and inspiration to various audiences. She shares her story of how God turned her bitterness into forgiveness, and how it is possible to enjoy life again, even after great tragedy has occurred. Her message has inspired thousands.

A member of the Brainerd Area Catholic Churches, Pat is a Lector and a Minister of Holy Communion. She has served on boards for the Council of Catholic Women at the local, Deanery and Diocesan levels. Because of her commitment to God, and because of her service in church and the community, Pat has been able to use life’s struggles to grow spiritually, and finds it her mission to encourage others along the way.


Pat Bluth
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