Monday, October 11, 2010

Author Saverio Monachino's writing style has been termed 'Kurt Vonnegut meets Mark Twain'. He deftly uses humor to open discussion on important human issues. By Any Means is his latest thriller novel

[Annandale NJ October 12, 2010] Author Saverio Monachino will appear on The Authors Show on October 13, 2010, to discuss his latest thriller novel, By Any Means. The show can be accessed at

Saverio Monachino's writing style has been termed 'Kurt Vonnegut meets Mark Twain'. Dr. Monachino describes it as 'comic fiction noir'. Regardless of the terms used, his attempt is to use humor to open the door to serious discussion about very important human issues.

"I wrote the book," stated Dr. Monachino, "because after publishing on scientific topics in peer reviewed journals for a number of years I wanted a chance to, like newspaper columnists, just give my opinion. In this way my point of view can be used and we can just leave the facts out of it. This is much easier to write. In By Any Means I translate, to the best of my abilities, my vision of the three dimensional world around us and use this treatise to help people see, as I do, the important things in life and how they are clouded or misdirected by the social conditions around us."

While it can be said that Saverio's book are funny, the issues he discusses are real. The humor in By Any Means alternates between simple and subtle. It also uses the comic take on noir fiction to 'explore motive involving murder, the conflict between true religious belief and cultism, and deeply felt, sensitive, emotional family values.”

"Readers will enjoy this book," continued Dr. Monachino, " because, as a reviewer in Virginia posted: 'Comic? Yes, and the comedy is truly both deep and subtle. A mystery? Indeed, a murder mystery but those pages seem to cover the deeper mystery investigated by the author. It is obvious that By Any Means has gone to great lengths to open up more important questions than just who killed who as one begins to see the outlay of dysfunctional family dynamics, its development and picturesque guides to finding the right way to reconnect.'"

Dr. Monachino will be appearing on The Authors Show on October 13, 2010. He is available for media interview and can be contacted using the information below or by email at More information is available at his website.


Dr. Saverio Monachino has one book published (By Any Means) and three more completed manuscripts waiting for the right opportunity. Saverio, when describing himself, simply states “I’m a scientist, or at least I was”. While by trade he was a very accomplished scientist, life changes, and challenges with a twist of fate have come to play and this has allowed him to follow his true passion: revel creatively in the complexities of the human condition, i.e., be a writer. Of course the artistic interpretation of life only points out the problems he observes while the other side of Saverio’s brain is always searching for answers. He believes that the concepts of right and wrong, like truth and beauty, seem to lie in the eyes of the beholder, and the only way to get people to question their interpretation is to make them laugh first, and then think.

Dr. Monachino was born and raised in Virginia the son of immigrant parents. He has a bachelor degree from the University of Virginia and a Doctorate in biological sciences from Georgetown University. Saverio has spent time working in the biopharmaceutical arena including drug discovery and development along with technology innovation and implementation. When not in workaholic mode Saverio spends time exploring various states in this country and provinces of Canada. He uses this exposure to regional idiosyncrasies as a source for the interesting characters populating his stories.


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