Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Author Richard Palombi Releases His Hilarious Third Book, 'Big Son N' Little Son'

Author Richard Palombi has released his third book, 'Big Son N' Little Son'. In this book Palombi offers a wildly entertaining look at growing up in Texas

Author Richard Palombi has released his new book, 'Big Son N' Little Son', The book serves as a follow up to his first two novels, 'Open The Door Richard' and 'The Geronimo Corndogs'.

Big Son ‘n Little Son is a humorous tale of two farm boy cousins growing up in Texas. Half the size, but oh-so-much smarter than his mammoth cousin, the pintsized Big Son narrates the story. The dimwitted Little Son is a giant square peg in a world of round holes. The better part of the county passes him up in school while he languishes in sixth grade. Saddled with an evil little sister and a tool ban for “bendin’ all his Daddy’s hammers out of shape,” it isn’t long before his day of infamy on Grandpa Jack’s farm costs him his tractor privileges. Of course, when one of your only two friends starts wearing an executioner’s mask to keep folks from recognizing him, you pretty much know the cards are stacked against you.

"I wrote this third book," stated Mr. Palombi, "as sort of a modern-day salute to Tom Sawyer, with a dose of The Beverly Hillbillies for added flavor."

In a recent review, Donetta Garman of Allbooks Reviews said, 'Author Richard Palombi has done it again! In his newest release, Big Son ‘n Little Son, Palombi uses his storytelling skills and sense of humor to weave an entertaining tale. . . . I recommend Big Son ‘n Little Son as a great way to escape reality and to put a little humor in your life.'

Mr Palombi was recently interviewed on The Authors Show Radio program. In this interview he discussed his comedic writing style. He also talked about his past life as a joke and monologue writer, his street ministry for at-risk teens in Houston, Texas and his involvement in prison ministries.

Richard Palambi is available for media interview. All of Mr. Palombi's titles are available at the Stonegarden Publishing website at www.stonegarden.net, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and at most large Internet book retailers.

Richard Palombi
Big Son N' Little Son
Stonegarden.net Publishing
ISBN 1-60076-178-X


Retired with five grandchildren, Richard Palombi wrote jokes and monologues for various stand-up comedians in the seventies and eighties. He later started a street ministry for at-risk teens in Houston, Texas and became involved in prison ministry.

He was also a chaplain at Harris County Jail until moving to Austin, where he worked in various psychiatric hospitals and alcohol and drug centers. He’s written three novels: 'Open the Door, Richard'; 'The Geronimo Cordogs' and 'Big Son ‘n Little Son'.


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