Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Author Saverio Monachino Champions The Cause Of Traumatic Brain Injury Sufferers, Announces Speaking Tour

A former scientist, Monachino suffers from a traumatic brain injury. Nonetheless he has managed to overcome the challenges he has faced and has gone on to become a successful author. He has announced a speaking tour in support of sufferers of traumatic brain injury and hopes to help others by demonstrating what can be accomplished

For some people, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be an ending. For Dr. Saverio Monachino, TBI has been the catalyst for a transition. Dr. Monachino holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia and a Doctorate in biological sciences from Georgetown University. His work experience includes many years in the bio-pharmaceutical arena including drug discovery and development along with technology innovation and implementation. The traumatic brain injury he suffered, the result of an automobile accident, led to a major change in his life. However, the change he experienced also was responsible for a new world opening up before him - the world of writing.

While Saverio has undergone the life altering experiences TBI induces, he now uses his writing talent as a departure point in his life’s new adventure. Why become a writer? Simply put, Saverio has a lot to talk about now, and he finds it fun to delve into various perspectives on the meaning of life, the universe and pretty much everything else. With his special experience Saverio thinks adding his two cents to these topics is the right thing to do. He hopes to help others do the same and has announced a speaking tour that will begin early in 2011.

“So many parts of one’s brain," stated Dr. Monachino, "are altered by the TBI experience. Some are closed down or severely handicapped, others open up and lead to enhanced comprehension in new arenas. While still capable, I want to explore this new world and in my books relate what I see to others. Different is different, not necessarily worse, maybe better. I want to be a reminder of sorts, that recovery is slow, but it is real.”

Saverio Monachino's writing style has been termed 'Kurt Vonnegut meets Mark Twain'. Dr. Monachino describes it as 'comic fiction noir'. Regardless of the terms used, his attempt is to use humor to open the door to serious discussion about very important human issues.

Dr. Monachino's speaking tour will begin early in 2011. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

1. How to survive without remembering
2. Relearning to translate thoughts to words
3. Experiences in rehabilitation
4. What it is like to have a 3 Dimensional world torn away and then reformed (cognitive nodes disconnect and reconnect).
5. How incoming and outgoing messages are processed without filters
6. Things essential to help re-integrate a TBI survivor into society.
7. What is dreaming?
8. Learning to live with memory loss

Many of these topics are highlighted in his serious efforts to write about his recovery process ( The entry dated November 4, 2010 is most interesting.

Details and booking information are available by contacting Dr. Monachino at Information on his books is available at his website. Dr. Monachino is available for media interview and can be contacted using the information below.

"I am happy to be here," asserts Dr. Monachino, "and this is what I tell everyone who asks about the accident. Lucky to be here is more apt. Fortunate too, because so many people I do not know and most likely will never meet, helped. That list is enormous and it starts with whoever called 911, and progresses to the man who jumped in the car to check on my condition, the helicopter pilot, the nurses and doctors in the surgical suite and all of those who worked in ICU. With this list I have only gotten started because I was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital and later, as an outpatient, continued therapy. It is only in the outpatient program that my memory begins to reconnect so that I can identify some of those to whom I am grateful. Altogether there are so many people who lent a hand and without their efforts I would not be here. This is why I want to begin to repay. But in all honesty the best way for me to do this is to reach out to those in the rehabilitation process. And this is what I want to do."


Dr. Saverio Monachino has one book published (By Any Means) and three more completed manuscripts waiting for the right opportunity. Saverio, when describing himself, simply states “I’m a scientist, or at least I was”. While by trade he was a very accomplished scientist, life changes, and challenges with a twist of fate have come to play and this has allowed him to follow his true passion: revel creatively in the complexities of the human condition, i.e., be a writer. Of course the artistic interpretation of life only points out the problems he observes while the other side of Saverio’s brain is always searching for answers. He believes that the concepts of right and wrong, like truth and beauty, seem to lie in the eyes of the beholder, and the only way to get people to question their interpretation is to make them laugh first, and then think.

Dr. Monachino was born and raised in Virginia the son of immigrant parents. He has a bachelor degree from the University of Virginia and a Doctorate in biological sciences from Georgetown University. Saverio has spent time working in the biopharmaceutical arena including drug discovery and development along with technology innovation and implementation. When not in workaholic mode Saverio spends time exploring various states in this country and provinces of Canada. He uses this exposure to regional idiosyncrasies as a source for the interesting characters populating his stories.


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