Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gina Van Luven, Author Of 'I'd Rather Scrub Toilets Than Cook!' To Host Event In Park City UT

Get Healthy - Stay Healthy is the theme of this six-week interactive program. It will be a journey to learn more about how food and lifestyle affects each individual and to learn to apply new concepts that can help one become healthier and happier

Gina Van Luven, author of 'I'd Rather Scrub Toilets Than Cook' will be hosting 'Get Healthy - Stay Healthy', a six week program beginning February 1, 2011, at Park City Yoga Studio in Park City UT. The program will be held from 7 pm to 8 pm on February 1, February 8, February 14, March 1, March 8 and March 15, 2011.

Participants in the program will learn:

* Which foods and lifestyle are best for your unique self
* To create healthy habits that are long-lasting
* How to increase energy levels “naturally”
* How lifestyle can affect digestion and metabolism
* How to reduce or eliminate cravings for processed foods
* To apply stress-reduction techniques
* How to improve your overall health and vitality

Participants in the workshop will receive a copy of her book 'I'd Rather Scrub Toilets Than Cook!'.

After counseling many clients on health and nutrition and providing them with so many simple, easy and delicious recipes, Van Luven realized she had enough recipes to create a cookbook. However, she did not want to create an ordinary cookbook. Instead, she wanted to help people “learn” to create healthy meals in their own kitchens, versus eating out. 'I’d Rather Scrub Toilets than Cook!' is a summary of Van Luven’s own struggles in the kitchen and how to overcome them.

"This book," stated Ms. Van Luven, "came from my own frustrations in the kitchen. I thought that if I could overcome my issues in the kitchen, I should put everything I learned into a book to help others. My book is the first gift I give to my clients when they start working with me. I refer to it quite a bit in my own life and in helping my clients adopt healthier eating habits."

Gina Van Luven is the founder of YOUniqueNutrition.com and its outreach program, 'The YOUnique Community'. YOUniqueNutrition.com offers individual and group health and nutrition counseling. Services also include the candida cleanse and a total body detoxification program. Products include books and nutritional supplements. Health news, healths report and health information can be accessed on the site, as well. Information is available on topics such as diet, pregnancy, nutrition, diabetic diet, constipation, diabetes, weight loss, health, depression, psoriasis, yeast infection and on many more important health topics.

The YOUnique Community puts forth the message that nutrition is more than food; it offers resources to help members in their relationships, careers, spirituality, physical activity and much more.

"Anyone," continued Van Luven, "can benefit greatly from reading my book. It was written for anyone who is 1) time-challenged, 2) doesn’t like to cook, 3) doesn’t know how to cook or 4) just wants some great, healthy recipes. Readers will also get tips about how to make their meals healthier – something many households are lacking these days. With this book, I hope to make people laugh a little and inspire their inner chef."

One thing the book does not offer, however, is a customized program for individuals. This is what Van Luven will be focusing on in the upcoming workshop.

Admission to the Park City workshop is $89. Attendees may register at www.YOUniqueNutrition.com/events.htm or by calling 435-565-2062. Couples in the same household can attend 2-for-1 with an additional $25 fee for materials.

Gina Van Luven is available for media interview and can be reached using the information below or by email at gvanluven@youniquenutrition.com. 'I'd Rather Scrub Toilets Than Cook!' is available at her website and through Ingram Publishing and Amazon. More information, including details on the YOUnique Community is available at the company website.


Gina Van Luven is certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is the author of “I’d Rather Scrub Toilets than Cook” and founder of YOUnique Nutrition™ and Healthy Habits Wellness Center. She practices in Park City, Utah counseling clients on how to reach their health goals using a 'whole body' approach (diet, lifestyle and environment). She presents workshops and lectures to a variety of organizations on living a healthy, balanced life.


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