Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dr. Melvin Kirschner Presents The Facts In 'All Medicines Are Poison: Making Your Way Through The Medical Minefield'

Dr. Kirschner believes the public is being fed a constant flow of misinformation. ‘All Medicines Are Poison’ attempts to clear up the confusion regarding medications and treatments, the risks and benefits associated with medicine and the validity of complimentary and alternative medicine

Everyone is aware of the ever-growing number of medical malpractice suits and FDA recalls that plague the medical field today. In light of the outrageous state of healthcare today, Melvin Kirschner, MPH, MD, recently released 'All Medicines Are Poison: Making Your Way Through The Medical Minefield.'

In this book, Dr. Kirschner sets out to remove the fog of confusion that clouds the landscape patients are required to navigate in their search for health care today. This book describes the risks and benefits associated with the use of medicines, and explores the validity of other treatment modalities referred to as "Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). He discusses the numerous failings and backroom dealings in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, and highlights possible solutions to many of these current concerns.

"I wrote this book," stated Dr. Kirschner, "because the public and my patients were being fed a constant flow of misinformation regarding value and hazards of medicines and medical care. They were also being fed a line of useless information and treatments. Much of that is harmless, but failure to seek time proven treatment when needed can be disastrous."

This book is a collection of essays by Dr. Kirschner, regarding some of the many unresolved health care, pharmaceutical and insurance issues that his patients have shared with him during his forty-seven years of family medical practice.

"Soon after I became a physician," Dr. Kirschner continued, "it was obvious that the pharmaceutical industry clearly reported the benefit of their medicines, but had a tendency to downplay or 'forget' their risks and side effects. There was no advertising to the public permitted in those days. Advertising only appeared in the medical journals. In recent years, advertisements in the public media became common. Patients who are completely uneducated regarding the risks and hazards of taking medicines often demand a medicine when none is needed and may be inappropriate."

Dr. Melvin Kirschner is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at 'All Medicines Are Poison! Making Your Way Through The Medical Minefield' is available at his website,, Barnes and Noble and at most retail book outlets. More information is available at Dr. Kirschner's website.


After medical training at the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles County General Hospital, Dr. Melvin Kirschner entered medical practice in the San Fernando Valley as a family physician.

In 1961 there were very few doctors with his public health experience. This soon led to volunteering in various health related programs, such as the Regional Medical Disaster Program, the Red Cross Disaster and Blood program, the Home Health Association, Visiting Nurse Association, Hospice, several committees on biomedical issues, adviser to the California Health Law Revision Committee, Single Payer Health Care for All, Physicians for a National Health Plan, California Physicians Alliance and other health-related activities.

He has also written numerous articles, letters and Op Ed pieces and appeared on radio, television and lectured on health care issues at many venues. Recently retired from medical practice, he continues to volunteer for many health oriented community programs.


Dr. Melvin Kirschner