Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reiki Master And Author Carlos Gutierrez Releases New Book, 'Wisdom In Action'

'Wisdom In Action' is designed to help the reader heal the body, mind, and soul, resulting in a healthier, more spiritual life

Carlos Gutierrez, Life Counselor, Reiki Master and author has released 'Wisdom In Action', a work designed to assist readers in healing body, mind, and soul. Gutierrez has been practicing and teaching spiritual healing for over thirty years in over thirty countries around the world. He provides his clients and students with extraordinary wisdom to guide them through their soul's journey. His deep understanding and positive outlook encourage people to find their self-identity and redefine who they want to be. 'Wisdom In Action' encapsulates his philosophy and presents his holistic approach in a practical, easy to read format.

"I wrote this book," stated Mr. Gutierrez, "because it will help readers improve their self-confidence and their intimate relationships. It will also help readers understand their emotions, mind, body, and soul, and will help them understand others. It will also explain one's spirituality and how to create a new experience in one's personal life."

Gutierrez deftly uses humor, compassion, and intuition to communicate with spirit to heal the mind, body, and soul for a healthier and spiritual life. As a professional ballroom dancer and instructor, he is also the author of 'The Body Language of Dance', in which he explains the psychology of dancing, right and left brain dominance, what it means to be born a first, second, third, or fourth child, and why he believes that the physical body is the soul materialized.

"Readers will benefit from this book," continued Gutierrez, "because it will help to expand one's perspective and create a new experience in one's life. When we expand our perspective this becomes our truth. This truth will create new thoughts, which will trigger emotions and will create new experiences in one's new reality."

Mr. Gutierrez is available for media interviews and speaking engagements. He can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Wisdom In Action' is available at Mr. Gutierrez's website, and at other online retail book sites. More information regarding Mr. Gutierrez's philosophy and approach to healing is available at his website.

Wisdom In Action
Carlos Gutierrez
ISBN-10: 1436336740
ISBN-13: 978-1436336741


Carlos Gutierrez was born in Peru in 1955. He has been teaching spiritual healing and metaphysical psychology for over 30 years in the Washington metro area and over thirty countries around the world. Carlos is an evolved soul from another world and he is here to help people remember who they really are. All learning is remembering and real education is not putting information in the mind, but bringing out the wisdom within the soul.

Carlos is the founder and Director of the Reiki Healing Center in Potomac MD. He loves sharing his deep wisdom in his work as life coach, Reiki healer, teacher, and his books.

Carlos helps people become more aware the causes of dysfunctional relationships, understand some of the characteristics on how the mind, body, soul, and emotions work. He has given talks on spirituality and metaphysical psychology at the Northern Virginia Community College, the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel in Arlington, VA, at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington, DC, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Institute for Spiritual Development. He is also the author of 'Wisdom In Action', 'The Body Language of Dance' and a forthcoming book "Turning Your Love Inside Out" in 2012.


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