Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mackey Ventures LLC Releases 'Walking In Kingdom Authority', A Practical Jumpstart Guide to Kingdom Living

'Walking In Kingdom Authority' is designed to lead Christians beyond mediocrity and into a deeper understanding of what it means to live an abundant life in Christ

Mackey Ventures LLC, a New Mexico faith based company, has released 'Walking In Kingdom Authority'. Written by the company's co-leader, Natasha Mackey, the book leads readers to a deeper understanding of what it means to live in abundance. The purpose of the book is to give readers a look at the benefits, power, and authority they receive when they come into the Kingdom. It is intended for use in both group and individual studies.

"I was led of the Holy Spirit to write this book," stated Mackey, "because there was such a lack that I encountered in the Body of Christ through over 15 years of ministry. So many Christians, new and old alike, were not living the empowered Christian life. Instead of taking their rightful place in the Kingdom of God and living the abundant life that God promised, many were satisfied with mediocrity and just having a mundane existence."

At the beginning of each chapter readers will find a Kingdom Prayer Shield which has been included as a guideline for praying in agreement with the word concerning concepts discussed in each chapter. Included at the end of every chapter are Kingdom Confessions. Finally, discussion questions are included that readers can use for reflection.

"This book, continued Mackey, "will provide the essential tools to live an empowered Christian life. This manual transcends denominational lines and is geared towards use in the universal church - the Body of Christ at large. Readers should walk away with a better understanding of the Kingdom of God and their place, authority and responsibility in the Kingdom.”

‘Walking In Kingdom Authority’ is available in paperback at Amazon.com and at the company's website. The ebook, Kindle, Nook Book and Microsoft reader versions are also available.

Natasha Mackey is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at info@mackey-ventures.com. More information is available at the company's website.

Walking In Kingdom Authority
Natasha Mackey
Mackey Ventures LLC
ISBN 978-0-9835337-0-2


Mackey Ventures LLC offers prayer, beauty products and spiritual services both domestically and internationally. Mackey Ventures LLC offers services that are based on bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to all.

Located in the 'City Of Vision', Mackey Ventures LLC provides tools that are instrumental in unifying souls within the Body of Christ.

Mackey Ventures LLC is on a spiritual mission to minister the gospel through monthly and annual conference events. The company has been blessed to create a masterpiece of spiritual songs.

It is with prophetic worship, inspirational teachings, in-depth study and revelation of the Word of God that Mackey Ventures LLC strives to achieve its mission.


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