Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dr. Simon Casey To Appear On The Authors Show To Discuss 'Secrets To Emotional Wealth'

Emotional Mastery™ expert Dr. Simon Casey combines psychology, science and years of hands-on experience that gives people the ability to achieve emotional freedom by mastering six core emotions, leading to personal growth, career success and goal achievement

Therapist, Life coach and Emotional Mastery™ expert Dr. Simon Casey will appear on The Wellness Authors Show on June 13 and 14, 2011, to discuss his latest release, 'Secrets To Emotional Wealth'.

Books in the self help genre offer guidance in many different areas: stress management, unhealthy relationships, career success, goal achievement, developing self confidence and self worth - the list goes on and on. Many of us have gone a step further and have been involved in talk therapies of one kind or another. But often neither books or talk therapy produce the results we desperately seek. 'Secrets to Emotional Wealth' transcends the 19th century approach by mastering the language of six core feelings and their effective application to subconscious mind to achieve a happy and successful life.

'Secrets To Emotional Wealth' leads the reader to identify six core feelings. It allows one to discern the true meaning of these emotions, helping to eliminate doubt and confusion, and it guides the reader to stop using reason to resolve emotions. Hence the reader will eliminate endless mental analysis in trying to make some sense of the world and can overcome some of the 'paralysis of analysis'.

"I wrote this book," stated Dr. Casey, "because I realized that many people are suffering emotionally and yet don't know how to stop it. Personal dissatisfaction, failing relationships and repeated self destructive behaviors are the end result of never learning the art of emotional skills needed to create the kind of life they always desired. I believe that anyone can learn these skills to transform their lives from a sense of self-doubt, confusion and unhappiness to creating a path of self-fulfillment and joy."

Emotional Mastery™ is the ideal self-mastery solution for anyone who wants to benefit from:

* Personal Growth and Empowerment
* Career Success and Satisfaction
* Easy and Effective Goal Achievement
* A Purpose-Filled Life with Direction
* Long-Term Functional Relationships
* Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies
* Increased Confidence and Self-Worth
* A Higher Degree of Consciousness and Awareness
* Problem Solving without Confusion or Frustration
* Managing Emotions in Oneself and Others

"Emotional Mastery," continued Dr. Casey, "is also excellent for enhancing productivity at work and boosting job satisfaction. In fact, the workplace is an ideal environment for implementing Emotional Mastery, because work often plays a central role in sense of self-worth, confidence level, peace of mind and overall quality of life."

Dr. Casey is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at He will appear on The Wellness Authors Show at on June 13 and 14. More information is available at his website. 'Secrets To Emotional Wealth' is available at his website, and other online book outlets.


Simon Casey is a nationally-known Author, Speaker, and Educator. He graduated from Waltham College in London with emphasis on pre-med. He concluded alcoholism certification at University of Irvine. Later, he graduated from California Coast University and received his Doctor of Psychology. He also holds a doctorate degree in Metaphysics. He is a Board Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor and Board Certified Eating Disorders Specialist.

He is an experienced PSYCH-K facilitator. He also finished his training on Forensic Mental Heath in Clinical Practice at University of Irvine. He also holds certificates in Bio Feedback and EEG Neuro Feedback. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of addictions and dual diagnosis treatment. As a Board Certified Clinical Supervisor, he regularly provides internship and training to various university and college students. He has established and directed several inpatient as well as outpatient treatment programs for adolescents as well as adult patient population. Currently, he is an active member of MADD organization. He has published several books as well as many articles in various magazines.


Dr. Simon Casey
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Dana Point, CA 92629

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