Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Author John Meikle Releases 'Daughters Of The Outback' A Sweeping Tale Of Adventure and Romance In The Australian Outback

John Meikle's personal familiarity with the Australian Outback region lends a sharp touch of realism to his debut novel featuring survival, romance, wealth and international intrigue

In his deftly written debut novel, John Meikle spins an engaging story involving the daughter of a controlling father who desperately seeks her independence. Her journey leads to the largest station in western Australia, Naringa, where her story highlights intrigue, conquest and endurance in the brutal but majestic expanse of the great Australian Outback.

Mr. Meikle relates, "I wrote this book to memorialize the notable characters that were integral to my early adventures in the Australia Outback. The barren outback culture, the copper mines, the colorful people and the famous whaler horses were inspirations for “Daughters of the Outback.” As a firm believer, once you’ve visited the Outback, it will forever become a part of your soul.

The story further evolves around a charismatic disillusioned priest, a dynamic dashing rancher who steals the heart, a family member murdered in New York City, a NYPD homicide detective and guitar-playing inner city priest, all figuring into this remarkably enticing story that, despite the global scenery, is always close to the Outback.

'Daughters of the Outback' is skillfully narrated by the reclusive Mrs. Abernathy, as she returns from many years of living abroad to bury her husband's ashes, she’s confronted by a gutsy novice reporter who courageously wins the exclusive rights to her personal story intertwined with the history of Naringa, her two million acre Outback station.

This finely constructed story spans almost five decades from 1953 to the present, its characters are highly engaging and relatable; dialogue is natural and completely uncontrived, descriptions of the people and environment absorb the reader into another time and place. The readers will love this story of happiness, sadness, and spirit captured in the intrinsic strength and grace of this hard-scrapple society.

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As a New Zealander, John Meikle experienced the Outback as a young man working in the copper mines of Mt Isa. It was a young man’s adventure and a way of making a living, but many years later while raising his family in Rye, New York, his love of the Outback and the people who called it home remained powerful. As the years passed, the Outback mystically called him, inspiring visual earthbound images of those years.

After completing 'Daughters of the Outback,' Meikle was surprised to discover Henry Lawson’s poem, written in 1897 and now included in the foreword of his book. The poem astoundingly reflected the identical impressions in Meikle's 'Daughters of the Outback' written 114 years later.


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