Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Schoolkids Win Against Corporate Giants In World Class Food Competition - Create Jobs For Adults And College Scholarships

The City Kidz Food Science Programs’ Viva Vanilla ice cream recently won second place in ‘World Dairy Expo Product Championship Contest’. In so doing they will create jobs for adults in the Jacksonville Florida area, along with college scholarship opportunities nationwide

In regards to ice cream, most kids could be called ‘experts’. The term expert is usually used to denote ‘experts at eating ice cream.’ Recently however a group of young people demonstrated a talent for creating world-class ice cream. Not only did they create one great ice cream, they beat out nearly all the ice cream manufacturing corporations in one of the largest professional competitions in the US. And, in so doing, they have created real job opportunities for residents of the Jacksonville Florida area and college scholarship opportunities for students nationwide.

City Kidz Food Science Educational Lab is regarded as one of the best programs of its kind in the United States. The program teaches students food science, and takes them from the classroom to supermarket shelves. On October 4, 2011, one of their creations, Viva Vanilla ice cream, won second place in ‘World Dairy Expo Product Championship Contest’. Of the 705 corporate contestant entries submitted, the City Kidz Viva Vanilla won second place in the Philly Style vanilla ice cream category. This was the first submission ever created by high school students in the contest. This is no small accomplishment, in that The World Dairy Expo Product Championship Contest is the largest judging contest of it’s kind in North America.

The new ice cream will be sold in local supermarkets throughout Jacksonville, Florida, creating manufacturing related jobs in the area. But these kids are not going to stop at just mere just job creation. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the ice cream will benefit a college scholarship fund for students nationwide.

“I am extremely excited,” stated Pastor Clinton Bush, program director, “about our student’s recent accomplishment at the World Dairy Expo Competition to go from classroom to supermarket shelves to raise monies to offset their college costs. To create a national educational endowment fund for all qualifying students nationally, and to put American Citizens back to work by creating manufacturing jobs, is a great achievement.”

The Viva Vanilla ice cream is currently available at the City Kidz Café in Jacksonville and, in a recent head to head blind taste test, Viva Vanilla scored higher than Breyers®, Blue Bell®, and Haagen Daz®. The panel of professional panel judges included three executive chefs, one of whom was Chef Amadeus, recently awarded the title of "Extreme Chef"® by the Food Network®.


City Kidz at the corner of 3rd and Main Street in Jacksonville Florida and is a shining jewel in the city’s restaurants. Recently recognized for its award winning ice cream, Viva Vanilla, and its programs on food science programs for inner city high school youth, City Kidz focuses on its passion for the community and its commitment to serving the local communities of Jacksonville. More information is available at the group's website.

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