Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Childhood Obesity Crisis - One Company Offers A Simple Solution To A Staggering Health Problem

Childhood obesity is a crisis of epic proportions. Obesity is caused by too much food intake, not enough exercise or a combination of the two. Now, one company has found a simple solution that is not only extremely effective, but is also nearly impossible for kids and young adults to resist

On May 14,The Weight Of The Nation, a four-part HBO documentary on the subject of childhood obesity was aired. The project is a joint effort by HBO, The Center For Disease Control and Prevention, The Institute Of Medicine and the National Institute of Health. The series will raise the consciousness of the public regarding the staggering facts surrounding childhood obesity. While creating awareness is laudable, one company believes solutions are urgently needed and has recently developed a product that can provide that solution. The new product is both effective and affordable. Even more important is its powerful, nearly irresistible appeal to young people.

Many believe that young people spend too much time in front of video screens and ignore the need for regular exercise and activity. Exergamer is a unique and inexpensive fully-developed computer input device for video game playing. It allows users to control video games through exercise-related full-body movement. Anyone can experience this enjoyable diversion of playing free or inexpensive video games while engaging in intuitive full-body exercise and stretch routines. Exergamer fits neatly in a pocket and costs less than $50.

"Exergamer has the potential," stated Tom McLaughlin, developer of Exergamer, "to encourage and motivate those suffering from obesity, especially young people, by helping them to engage in and stay with a fitness regimen that will foster improved health. Video games, believed to be a major cause of the problem, have now become an integral part of the solution."

Many people agree. Donald Trump recently stated, "I have been aware of the development of Exergamer for some time and recognize that this tiny device could help to address that aspect of childhood obesity caused by the lack of physical activity. This is certainly a product every parent should be watching."

Exergamer works with popular computer systems and a great many computer games. Many of these games are free.

"Childhood obesity," McLaughlin continued, "could be lessened to some degree by this tiny little exercise device. Nearly all children, even obese children, love playing video games. Here we have an intuitive, inexpensive exergaming device that could help the overweight and obese become more confident in their own ability to improve their health. It could produce some impressive results right where they are needed."

More information on Exergamer is available at http://www.exergamer.com. Tom McLaughlin is available for interview and can be reached using the information below or by email at tmclaughlin@exergamer.com.


Tom McLaughlin holds an MBA and is a trained professional manager who has specialized in working with Fortune 500 companies. He has been steadily involved in a wide range of software and product development projects.  He is a tenacious researcher capable of collecting and organizing information and is able to make the information easily understood and suitable for intuitive usage.


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