Wednesday, June 6, 2012

R. Peter Ubtrent, Author Of The ‘Dark Pilgrim Series’, Announces New Science Fiction Release, ‘The Chaos Of Unity’

R. Peter Ubtrent is the author of the popular ‘Dark Pilgrim Series’ of science fiction books. ‘The Chaos of Unity’ is the epic conclusion of the science fiction book series ‘The Sslithax Heresy’

Acclaimed author R. Peter Ubtrent has announced the release of his latest science fiction novel, ‘The Chaos Of Unity’. Ubtrent was also recently interviewed on the Author Show radio. In the interview he discusses what he feels makes for the best science fiction books.

Ubtrent is the author of The Dark Pilgim series of science fiction books. Titles include ‘Book One: Dark Pilgrim Rising’, ‘Book Two: Seed Of Power’, ‘Book Three: Dark Throne’. ‘Book Four: Dark Enlightenment’, ‘Book Five: Dark Redemption’ and ‘Book Six: Fallen Pilgrim’. All of the books in the Dark Pilgrim series have received 5 star reviews from Reader’s Favorite. In addition to the Dark Pilgrim series, Ubtrent is also the author of ‘Eternity’s Handmaiden’, ‘The Sslithax Heresy’ and the Va’Shan Trilogy.

“All of the basic ideas for my books,” stated Ubtrent, “have come to me in dreams, sometimes in one night and sometimes spread out over several nights. I usually have the beginning and the end set and it's all the middle stuff that I have to work at, but when I write, it's like I have someone whispering into my ear and telling me what to type. I'm usually surprised by the time I finish a chapter with where it ended up, not having seen it coming. The Dark Pilgrim Series was supposed to be only three books long and expanded easily into six and I probably could have written more."

A recent Amazon review stated, “Set in the a future far different than we would ever expect, ‘Dark Pilgrim Rising’ is a fast paced, multiple sub-plot adventure that carries the reader to worlds excellently described, to believable aliens, and to characters that jump out of the pages at you with their realism. I can hardly wait for the next book of the series. This will prove to be a classic!”

“I write for those people,” Ubtrent continued, “who like to read books with substance. So much of what is written today to me seems to be filled with fluff aimed at young teens. I don't follow that route. I write for the adults who grew up on Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jose Farmer, Issac Asimov, Tolkien and Frank Herbert.  Their books were true science fiction and fantasy.  They took the time to describe the settings and the characters and their books were driving by the characters and not the story or the genre. They were masters at writing, writing that draws the reader into their world and makes their imaginations work, makes they think about what they are reading. That's what I strive to achieve with my books. The best science fiction books have sub-plots and sub-sub-plots that make the reader have to concentrate on the story and learn the characters, whether they like them or not, and then become surprised when a character acts in a way one didn't expect."

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R. Peter Ubtrent was born in New York City but moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico at the age of eight. Although he has lived in both Florida and California, he seems to have settled in Edgewood, New Mexico for the moment. Peter served in the US Naval Reserve for 12 years as a sonar technician, spent several years teaching and coaching at the high school level and has been repairing watches and clocks with his father for the last 15 years. Peter starting writing in high school but didn't really get started with serious novels until about ten years ago and since then, he has self-published nine science fiction novels, six in one series called Dark Pilgrim, one stand-alone titled Eternity's Handmaiden, and two in The Sslithax Heresy. Peter has obtained bachelor's degrees in astrophysics, history, and secondary education, has a Master's degree in military history. When he's not writing, Peter works improving his gardens and builds wooden and plastic models. He has been married to Genevieve for over sixteen years.


R. Peter Ubtrent