Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dallas Texas Author And Life Coach Astrid Harris Releases New Book, ‘Finally, Get What You Want’

‘Finally! Get What You Want’ is a six-part course written in workbook style that is designed to provide readers with the direction, purpose and motivation they are looking for to get what they want out of life

Dallas Texas life coach and best-selling author Astrid Harris has announced the release of her latest book, ‘Finally! Get What You Want’. The book is a six-part course written in workbook style. It is designed to help readers develop direction, clarify their life’s purpose and to develop the drive necessary to achieve one’s life goals, while providing motivation and the tools to build an effective life plan.

“This workbook,” stated Ms. Harris, “will provide readers with the direction, purpose and drive they are looking for to get what they want out of life. Readers will be able to define with clarity what they truly desire from life and will know how to get it.”

‘Finally! Get What You Want’ is divided into six modules:

Module One –
Discovery: What’s my life about?

Module Two –
Goal Setting: What do I want?

Module Three –
Moving Forward: How do I get started?

Module Four –
Adversity: How do I overcome setbacks?

Module Five –
Motivation: How do I stick with it?

Module Six –
Perseverance: How do I get what I want and keep it?

Each of the six modules includes both exercises and assignments. ‘Finally! Get What You Want’ can be used as a life map and a life plan. Readers will rediscover those lost ambitions, goals and those dreams that have fallen by the wayside. Ms. Harris’ life coaching skills come sharply into focus to help the reader increase motivation and develop perseverance.

“You will discover," continued Ms. Harris, "what your life is about, what you want from it, how to get it, and how to keep it. It will show you where you are now, where you want to go, and the various stops you must make in between to reach your goals. You will have the skill and confidence to get up from any fall, dust yourself off, and carry on regardless of the situation. Once you have achieved this state you will know, because you will never have felt anything like it before.”

Astrid Harris is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at astrid.harris@astridslifecoaching.com. More information is available at her website. ‘Finally! Get What You Want’ is available at Amazon.com and BarnesNoble.com.


Astrid Harris is an internationally renowned confidence building expert, best-selling author, educator and highly regarded life coach.

Early on, Astrid capitalized on her outgoing personality, passion for learning and international awareness and understanding to teach languages at a prestigious school for adults. Awards such as Outstanding Teacher of the Year recognized her superior professional performance. Her strong entrepreneurial spirit eventually motivated her to establish her own language school, Polyglot-Network, which currently offers a broad range of language services to a diverse client base. Astrid always looks for ways to use her personal life experience and extensive cultural expertise to enrich the lives of others.

In addition, Astrid followed her dream even further to connect her life experiences with her gifts for teaching and mentoring others. She established Astrid’s Life Coaching in which she successfully utilizes her keen perception and knowledge of different learning styles and world-views to professionally motivate and coach others. She encourages people to take personal responsibility for their actions, stay focused and move steadily toward their goals. Her empathy and enthusiasm as well as her direct, no nonsense approach help her clients quickly get what they want.


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