Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Detroit Author Kevin Hickey Releases 'Hidden Thunder', Presents 'Haley's Heroes' For Kid Heroes

In 'Hidden Thunder', Hickey uses ancient mythology as a model for children and young adults. 'Haley's Heroes' relates stories of young adult heroes found in the real world. Both are designed to help us imagine what kids can do

Kevin Hickey, author of 'Hidden Thunder' is on a mission. Books for kids, teenagers and young adults are released every day. All types and styles of role models are presented to our children - not only in books, but also in movies, television and the media. In the case of 'Hidden Thunder' however, author Kevin Hickey present kids with a different type of role model - mythological heroes. He wants us to imagine what kids can do. He is backing that up with a special section on his website, Hayley’s Heroes, that presents stories of real life kid heroes.

"I have always thought, Hickey stated, "that writing good books for young adults, in which they could read and learn about Norse mythology would be really fun. I have actually had this story in mind about Thor, Mjolnir, Loki, and Sweden for many years and was urged to finally write it down by my daughters and former students.  I love history and mythology and wish to share that with my readers. I also want to remind them that kids need positive role models and can do amazing things.  We should encourage them, not underestimate them. 'Hidden Thunder' has allowed me to do just that."

The protagonist in 'Hidden Thunder', Haley Lynne Johnson, is not your ordinary teenage girl. Instead of texting her friends or playing video games, Haley dreams of far off places and slaying dragons. Haley wishes that she could travel and see the world and have grand adventures miles away from St. Cloud, Minnesota.  She travels to the town of Trollhatten, and finds that maybe there really are such things as gnomes, cave trolls, and dwarves that made magic weapons in days of yore.

Kevin Hickey does more than write great novels for young adults. He has also dedicated a section of his website to stories about kid heroes.

"I decided to create Haley's Heroes", Hickey continued, "to publicize and showcase kids from across the country and around the world who do amazing and heroic things. I often hear stories about a six-year-old girl who calls 911 and saves her mother's life or a ten- year-old boy who used the Heimlich maneuver to help someone who was choking to death. Posting their stories on the site as I learn of them is my way of saying thank you to these awesome kids.  Let us forever be aware and imagine what kids can do, what kids can be and how kids can care."

Kevin encourages everyone to contact him with their own 'kid hero' stories. Every one will be considered for inclusion in the Hayley’s Heroes section of his website.

Kevin Hickey is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at khickey4@att.net. 'Hidden Thunder' is available at iUniverse, Amazon, Google and Barnes and Noble. More information, including Hayley's Heroes stories, can be found at his website at http://www.GreatNovelsForYoungAdults.com.

About Kevin Hickey:

Kevin Hickey is a former substitute teacher and stay-at-home-dad who writes good books for teenagers and young adults. His almost lifelong love of history and mythology, especially Greek and Norse history and mythology, has helped him create a great novel for young adults entitled 'Hidden Thunder'.  The book helps kids care about themselves and important things such as bullying and standing up for themselves.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Language and International Trade from Eastern Michigan University and still speaks conversational French well. His degree consists of an academic focus on French and Marketing. He intends to write more great novels for young adults in the future by sending his heroine, Haley Lynne Johnson, on a series of mythological adventures.  He explains that as she travels to different countries around the world, kids can learn about history and mythology in a fun and interesting way.

The author also wants us to imagine what kids can do.  He wants to share his own experiences with his two daughters so that kids and parents will learn that they really can make a difference in their communities by being more involved. He believes parents need to understand that when kids care, they can do amazing things.


Kevin Hickey