Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Child Abuse From The Perspective Of The Victim - KMG Baughman Releases New Novel, 'I've Had Enough'

There are no levels or degrees of harm in regards to the effects of child abuse. In the case of Alyssa Schaeffer however, the abuse was so horrific it shattered the mind of the victim into pieces. Schaeffer now suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Baughman’s goal is to raise awareness of the devastating effects of child abuse and to help stop it

Child abuse makes headlines every day. Even so, the numbers of cases that make headlines are but a miniscule percentage of cases that actually occur. The rest, unreported, are missing from those headlines. Absent from the stories we do read about is the most important aspect of that story - the voice of the victim.

'I've Had Enough' is one such story. It is a true story. But this case is unlike any other true
story of abuse. The victim in this story suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder as the result of the abuse.

Thirty-four and a half years of physical, mental, verbal, sexual abuse, and even incest, beginning before age 2, caused the victim to split her mind – to create other personalities without her own knowledge - in the attempt to hide from the perpetrators who were her own family members.

"My goal in releasing this book," Baughman stated, "is to bring about awareness of mental illness and the consequences of mental illness when it goes undiagnosed and/or untreated. I want to provide an example. This book shows the victims point of view - not knowing what is happening - and the fear and anger that builds in the meantime."

In the story, Alyssa Schaeffer suffers from a lifetime of abuse. She is afraid of men in particular and becomes afraid of her own shadow. ‘I’ve Had Enough!’ will show how Alyssa lives her life in fear, as the abuse continues well into her adult life, leading up to a point where she has a mental breakdown. The book details how Alyssa is forced to commit herself to counseling to protect herself from her perpetrators and to get the answers she seeks.

This story is written in an attempt to keep not only Schaeffer's true identity, but also the identities of the perpetrators out of the public eye. It is written as it happened. It is raw. It is shocking. It is beyond belief and lies outside the boundaries of human decency.

What happens when the mind of an abused child breaks and can take no more? 'I've Had Enough!' answers that question.

"There is," Baughman continued, "a bit of everything in this book; mystery, suspense, horror, humor, romance, seduction, psychology, sadness, unpredictability and adventure. It is a roller coaster ride. There is more to come."

KMG Baughman is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'I've Had Enough!' is available at Amazon and at her website. More information is available at her website at

About KMG Baughman:

KMG Baughman details the story of Alyssa Schaeffer who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder as the result of years of abuse of nearly every kind. It took many years of pain, suffering and sacrifice to bring her to the realization that there is hope. It required true love, a great deal of patience and the guidance of her adopted parents and husband to show her what real parenting, true love and trust are meant to be.

KMG Baughman lives on the West Coast with her husband of 25 years, her mother and father and her child.


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