Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Author Zita Bell Releases Practical Book To Help Seniors Avoid Senior Abuse, Scams And Fraud

'Getting Screwed After 80: It's Not The Same Definition' is designed to alert seniors, friends of senior and family members of the potential problems and pitfalls of aging

Author Zita Bell recently released 'Getting Screwed After 80: It's Not The Same Definition'. The book will help not only senior citizens but also their friends and family members avoid senior abuse, scams, ripoffs and fraud.

Senior abuse and elder abuse can mean many things. Abuse does not necessarily mean just outright abusive practices. Senior abuse can take many forms. In addition to outright fraud perpetrated against senior citizens, seniors must deal with health questions, confusing legal issues and financial problems, all of which require proper preparation and planning. Sometimes the family members, knowingly or unknowing, can cause the abuse.

Seniors are not the only ones to suffer as many well-meaning family members and relatives may be taken in also and can often become unknowing victims. For some the problems do not stem from abuse, but can be caused by a wrong decision or a simple omission that can cause disaster many years down the road.

Zita believes you must “get smart before you are no longer smart.”

"I wrote this book originally," Zita stated, "because I was angry, but my anger turned into understanding as there is a problem out there that affects all of us and it needs to be talked about. Even the best of us experience these problems.

Topics in the book include but are not limited to:

Introduction by an Elder Law Attorney

Senior abuse stories and how they can happen to anyone, anywhere.

A summary of elder abuse

Falling apart - medical changes and how they can affect decision making processes that can lead to disaster

Legal issues and aging

Ways to prevent disaster and how to prepare, where to go for advice (including websites, contact information, Bar Association, SEC, etc)

Most people are reluctant to acknowledge age-related changes. even to themselves. They are even more reluctant to admit they were taken advantage of by a stranger, a friend or even their most trusted family member. But perhaps they are the lucky ones, for so many are taken advantage of and are never aware that there is a problem. Fortunately, Zita became aware quickly and was willing to come forward to recount her experiences as well as the experience of others. She believes 'Getting Screwed After 80' may help seniors and their friend and families avoid disaster.

Zita Bell is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at zitabell@bellsouth.net. 'Getting Screwed After 80: It's Not The Same Definition' is available in both print and ebook formats at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. More information is available at her website at http://www.GettingScrewedAfter80.com.

About Zita Bell:

Zita Waters Bell is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. She has launched three unique and successful businesses. She conducted most of her business ventures in New Jersey and South Florida.

While in her 30's she started two unique employment agencies. The first, ‘Desk Set Personnel’ went on to become one of the best employment agencies in South Jersey. She later opened another agency, ‘A Woman's World’ which in addition trained unemployed women to re-enter the work force.

In the 1980's, Zita retired to South Florida to collect antiques. It wasn't long before she decided to step up and she started Zita Waters Bell Inc. For 30 years her antique shows became synonymous with class and elegance. In 2011, Zita retired again after selling her business.

At 86 she is still the same smart, savvy entrepreneur she has always been. While her friends and associates know how sharp she still is, there are others who believe she is just a little old lady who can be taken advantage of. She now addresses the plight of those in their golden years who can easily fall prey to individual banking on the fact that elders have lost their edge.


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