Tuesday, April 23, 2013

God And Science: Jerry Pollock, PhD., Recommends Caution And Skepticism When Considering Energy Healing

While it is a fact that healing can be achieved through various forms of energy work, it is not necessarily true that all forms of energy healing work. Furthermore, it is possible that, due to the nature of energy, it is possible that the attempt may do more harm than good

Out of need, curiosity or perhaps desperation, people tend to grasp onto thoughts and ideas that will seemingly solve their health problems but invariably do not. Part of the problem is the lack of knowledge and understanding, and the remainder is due to the persuasive abilities of the persons presenting the benefits we will receive if we follow their magical advice. In some cases the claims being made may indeed have partial and temporary benefits. In others the claims may be outlandish and false. In Jerry Pollock's opinion all such claims should be carefully scrutinized and have some semblance of both a scientific and God-centered basis. Nowhere should this be more required than in the holistic field of energy medicine and specifically in the healing power claims of energy transfer at either close proximity or at global distances.

"If we create two elementary particles," Pollock stated, "with opposite spins and then send one particle to the South Pole and the other to the North Pole, the particles still communicate their spin directions to each other. Einstein and his collaborators at the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton University called this instantaneous communication, 'spooky interaction at a distance.' Isaac Newton suggested that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If we hypothetically substitute spins of these quantum physics particles with the opposites - positive and negative energy - then we can also create a two way exchange. Our suggestion is only hypothetical because God’s endowment of energy to these particles is solely positive energy. However both of these states of matter, positive and negative energy, do exist in one organic system on the planet - the human body. Negative energy is found nowhere else as God designed human beings with unique traits."

"Are there dangers in receiving energy from people who claim to be able to heal others? Most definitely if they are sending a mixture of both positive and negative energy or combinations of energy that include evil energy. The latter dark energy especially can rapidly change your percentage of positive soul energy that the patient possesses and can make one sick and even cause death. Because energy is always a two way transmission according to the physicists, the healer will pick up negative and evil energy along the way and may eventually transmit this to his next victim."

Jerry Pollock is both a respected scientist and a believer. Pollock’s latest work, 'Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy Of The Soul', is a groundbreaking work in which Pollock blends science and spirituality in a way that has never been done before - through scientific measurements.

'Putting God Into Einstein's Equations' definitively answers questions about God, the big bang, Einstein’s Relativity Equations and how they fit in with God’s energy, soul mates and love, the spirit world of souls, past lives, telepathic thought-energy communication, eliminating negative body-soul energy, intelligence of the soul, acquiring spirituality, miracles, resurrection and reincarnation, the Devil, good and evil, and how we can live for the eternity. The book was co-authored with his deceased wife, Marcia Pollock.

Pollock believes that God granted each of us angelic energy to help heal ourselves when we are sick. He also believes that God endowed those He had chosen like Moses and Jesus with the ability to conduct miracles not explainable by science. However only God can pass the baton of healing energy to a person, and many who claim such powers to heal have never been sanctioned by God. Moreover very few are aware of the scientific implications of the positive-negative and the negative-positive energy transfer passage from one human body to another and the dangers of receiving evil energy from so called healers.

Jerry Pollock is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at jerrypollock@bellsouth.net. More information is available at his website. 'Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy Of The Soul' is available at his website, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

About Jerry Pollock:

Dr. Jerry Pollock is Professor Emeritus from Stony Brook University on Long Island where for thirty years he was an academic and research scientist publishing seventy-five scientific articles including seven patents. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto, a PhD in Biophysics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and has postdoctoral training in Microbiology from New York University Medical Center. Marcia Pollock is deceased and held a bachelors degree in psychology from Stony Brook University and a Master of Arts in Special Education from C. W. Post University on Long Island. Marcia and Jerry are the coauthors of their recently published unique book, “Putting God Into Einstein’s Equations: Energy of the Soul.” Jerry wrote from our earthly world and Marcia’s soul suggested and confirmed from the spirit world.


Jerry Pollock PhD