Thursday, August 14, 2014

Author A.W. Daniels Announces New Reviews For 'Genetically Privileged' and 'Genetically Conflicted'

Daniels has written two fiction novels that address the societal impacts of genetic engineering. While works of fiction, his critically acclaimed books explore a topic that many find wildly controversial

Author A. W. Daniels has announced new reviews for his widely praised novels about genetic engineering, 'Genetically Privileged' and 'Genetically Conflicted'. Both novels by Mr. Daniels address the social implications of genetic engineering.

Critics have praised 'Genetically Privileged', calling it "an insightful spin of science exploring genetic engineering" and "An inventive, intriguing novel."

An Amazon reviewer stated, "A well-rounded book of various themes, various well-developed characters, and medical technology that probably does exist. It is frightful to imagine such DNA enhancements, but what the mind can comprehend, it can bring into reality. Technology speeds by us, everyday. New gadgets, artificial intelligence, robots all really exist. So what about the Genetically Privileged? Must we accept and embrace them as our own? This Sci-Fi Thriller is so worth the read. I'm sure the technology exists for this type of experiment today. But whom would prove or disapprove the validity of the "super charged new race"? And what does fiction say to support those who live and trust in a perfect human being emerging from this not so perfect world? Genetically Privileged or genetically modified? Either way, this novel leaves much food for thought. I look forward to the sequel."

Another stated, "A taut and plausible SF Thriller, 'Genetically Privileged' is not only highly entertaining, but raises many questions in the process. The debut novel by author A. W. Daniels, there is undoubtedly tremendous scope for making moral commentary, but Daniels doesn’t allow this to influence pace, with a preference for maintaining tension and forward momentum throughout. The science, though radical, is already within the realms of possibility and the broader devices of science fiction will certainly be familiar to ardent fans of the genre, whilst the psychological elements bring warranted depth to a well-constructed plot. It’s certainly evocative at times, but Daniels isn’t one to wallow in extraneous detail. He sets out to tell a cracking good tale, but he wants his readers to trust their moral compass and leaves them pondering whether his fiction is nothing more than that, or the daunting spectre of reality in the making.
Intriguing, certainly, entertaining, definitely. A strong debut that raises expectations for future releases from A W Daniels, 'Genetically Privileged' is strongly recommended."

In regards to 'Genetically Conflicted, a recent review stated, "The sequel to A. W. Daniels' science fiction thriller 'Genetically Privileged',  'Genetically Conflicted' continues to demonstrate Daniel's narrative storytelling skills as he expands on his complexly woven world of the future. A solid entertainment from beginning to end, 'Genetically Conflicted' is very highly recommended reading for all science fiction enthusiasts."

An interview featuring A.W. Daniels is available at The Authors Show site at Daniels is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at Both books are available at Amazon, Smashwords and CreateSpace. More information is available at Daniels' website at

About A. W. Daniels:

"Genetically Privileged" and"'Genetically Conflicted" are the first two offerings in a series of works by A. W. Daniels. The author's ability to craft compelling stories has been honed by extensive travel and observation of the human nature. This allows Mr. Daniels to weave a tapestry that colorfully, and sometimes bluntly, exposes the good and evil humankind inflicts on each other daily.


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