Saturday, November 29, 2014

T. Wrage, Author Of ‘The Bed And Breakfast’, Chosen As Finalist For '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'

Wrage was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors who appeared on The Authors Show Radio in 2014. Wrage was chosen as the result of an appearance for her sci-fi mystery thriller novel, 'The Bed And Breakfast'

T. Wrage, author of the sci-fi mystery thriller 'The Bed And Breakfast' has been chosen as a finalist for '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'. Winners will appear in this years edition of the book. Wrage was chosen as the result of her appearance on The Authors Show Radio.

Wrage is from Long Island New York. Writing is something that has always been a part of her adult life. Her first fiction novel is titled 'What Darkness Lay Within', and is a science fiction book. Her second release, 'Beyond the Zone of Comprehension', is a compilation of short chiller stories and flash fiction within one book.

She has also released a children’s book, ‘Doorway to Anywhere’, a fiction story about a little girl named Doralee. Doralee is a child with a vivid imagination. 'The Bed And Breakfast' is a bit more romantic in nature but does involve ghostly spirits which inhabit the Inn and a mystery that has been buried for more than a hundred years.

In addition Wrage just released the second volume in the Beyond series, 'Beyond the Zone of Certainty'. The latest book is a compilation of short stories that are sci-fi in nature and avant-garde.

"I was thrilled to discover I had made it into the finals of 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'," Theodora stated. "This is a terrific honor, and I know I am in good company with those who also made it into the finals. Being an author can sometimes create an isolation from ones peers; it is an award such as this that reminds me I am not alone. I look forward to a future filled with bringing readers more of what they desire, and I thank all who voted for me."

T. Wrage is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at All of her books are available at Amazon. Members of the public who wish to vote may do so at The Authors Show site at More information is available at Theodora Wrage's website at

About T. Wrage:

T. Wrage writes various articles and columns for newspapers and blogs, along with a variety of short stories, both humorous in nature and biographical. Wrage write in multiple genres. As a sci-fi author she concentrates much of her effort on producing great sci-fi books and sci-fi novels. She finds inspiration for her writing any place she ventures, both in life and her imagination.


T. Wrage