Friday, November 21, 2014

Stress, Anxiety, Fear And Depression: Author Michael Cupo Offers Steps To Instant Transformation In 'It's Monday Only In Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts'

Self improvement books normally limit their approach to overcome specific problems. Michael's work moves the bar up and declares that not some, but all negative states can be overcome using a single approach

Author Michael Cupo has announced the release of 'It's Monday Only In Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts'. The new self-improvement book takes a different approach than most other books in the self-improvement genre. While most books take a constricted view, carefully limited to solving very specific problems one at a time, Michael instead takes an all-encompassing approach.

What do stress, anxiety, fear, addiction and depression have in common? They are all unwanted mental states. And every one of those unwanted states is caused by an underlying conditioned thought pattern. Therefore, if one could simply not be controlled by their thoughts, it would be impossible for these unwanted states to occur. Is it that simple? Michael knows through his experience that this is so. He is in good company, as teachers such as the Buddha stated very much the same. Michael states, "The only way one's life will ever change is when the conditioning that makes it so changes."

Michael's answer is a set of simple and easy to accomplish steps that allow us to overcome these conditioned minds patterns (as he calls them throughout his book) of thoughts that lead to these unwanted states. The result is nothing short of instant transformation. He details his message and his methods in 'It's Monday Only In Your Mind'.

Michael Cupo is not a researcher or psychologist. He is instead a man who has been there. He drank, gambled, abused drugs and bounced from relationship to relationship. Even after he overcame his addictions in 1987, those troubles stopped, but his self-centered behavior never changed. Instead he substituted one compulsion for another. Although his addictions became more respectable — taking the form of material possessions — he was still trapped, migrating restlessly from one obsession to another. Then his life changed — instantly, not magically, but profoundly.

"I discovered that I wasn’t truly dependent upon a substance or activity," Michael stated, "My need to reach outside myself for fulfillment was created by a false perception of deficiency. If this sense of lack didn’t exist in me, there wouldn’t have been a need to reach and grasp. In this book I explain what caused this. I’ve learned as human beings we are really in conflict with ourselves, and we don’t understand where these conflicts originate from. I discovered it is our own mind, which has been conditioned to constantly think about our self that makes us look for our answers out there somewhere. This is the root cause of our conflicts. It’s a mind that is leading us around like we’re puppets on a string. I have found through self investigation a practical gateway to freedom that anyone can learn."

"My book describes a step by step process on how to do this. This is not a magical solution, but is instead practical. If we ever want to be truly free, we will have to realize that we are going to have to let go of the limited world we have devised in our heads. We should learn to let go now, while there is still time to really enjoy life. Even though it seems as though we don't have a choice to do this, we really can make that choice now."

Michael Cupo is available for speaking engagements and media interviews. He can be reached via email at or by using  the information below. 'It's Monday Only In Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts' is available on his website, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. in both e book formats for Kindle and The Nook. More information is available on Michael's website at

About Michael Cupo:

Although he had a very good upbringing as a child, he always seemed to struggle with life and for reasons unbeknownst to him, he was always in trouble. He drank alcoholically, gambled, abused drugs, and painkillers. He bounced from relationship to relationship. Until one day that all changed

The transformation is shared in It’s Monday Only in Your Mind: You are Not Your Thoughts. His credentials for writing this book are that he lives this change each day. His view of life is so different from the way it use to be. Through the practice outlined in his book he has learned to allow his mind to quiet enough which has allowed his heart to open.  The quieter the mind becomes the more love becomes the default setting of ones life. This is truly a modern-day miracle, a miracle that can happen to anyone who has the desire to do what is necessary to allow this ''instant transformation" to occur.

There are also hundreds of articles written by Michael featured in a Wordpress blog, LinkedN, Twitter, and in a Facebook group titled after his book that addresses a wide range of issues that deal with real life everyday situations. Michael writes and posts a new article daily.


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