Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Immigration, Deportation And The Appeal Of Democracy - Author David Palladino Reminds Us Of The Inspirational Value Of Freedom

David Michael Palladino writes inspirational fiction for young readers. His works teach important ideals and values. He utilizes engaging works of fiction to accomplish that goal

In a recent article on the International Business Times website it was noted that many churches in the United States are attempting to offer asylum to people President Obama has targeted for deportation. The article stated that "at least 250 churches" contacted Church World Service (CWS) about "joining the 300 congregations that were already playing active sanctuary roles."

Immigration is top of mind with American voters today. Politicians use the topic as means to divide voters and garner votes. As a result, the citizenry of the United States has fractured into a number of camps. All the candidates - Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz  - have taken clear cut positions on immigration.

Immigration today is multifaceted. In years gone by, immigration took place to escape persecution or perhaps to establish havens of religious freedom. Today there is an economic component as many immigrants see an opportunity to improve their economic status. While many feel the US should provide a haven for anyone, this is perhaps not always the case.

Prior generations immigrated for one primary reason - freedom. While today we can all take sides, voice opinions and argue endlessly about immigration, (legal or otherwise), the one idea we cannot argue about is freedom, for freedom is the most basic of human rights.

Escape from Soviet Communism and the quest for freedom is the theme of 'Quest For Freedom' by David Michael Palladino. Set in the Cold War era, it is the story of the beautiful Romanian, Adriana Corderu, and her quest to obtain freedom by escaping the Iron Curtain.

Palladino produces inspirational fiction for young readers. His works teach important ideals and values. As a former U.S. Army Ranger, former High School Phys-Ed & Health Teacher and Coach, and founder of “Palladino Martial Arts”, he understands the significance of instilling these all-important ideals and values in young people. He utilizes engaging works of fiction as the backdrop to accomplish that goal. This work will be especially appealing to parents, grandparents and educators. And it is  pertinent today in light of the world situation. While Americans often see only one side of the issue, that issue is much larger than many in the US imagine.

During the Cold War the world revolved around the conflict between the theologies of communism and democracy. The two main protagonists in this conflict were the United States in the West and the Soviet Union in the East. As Eastern Bloc leaders began to tighten restrictions in the lives of their people, commensurate with their increase in power, there began to emerge, in the East, a group of young people, hard and idealistic, adventurous and courageous. These would become the heroes of the movement of their time. These were the brave young souls who, with inspiration from President Reagan, began to break down the Iron Curtain.

"I wrote the book," Palladino stated, “to help restore America's 'Spirit Of Victory'. The main character, Adriana, is the classic example of what the human spirit can accomplish when it is inspired. When readers are exposed to Adriana’s story they may start to believe in their dreams again."

'Quest for Freedom' has received rave reviews. One reviewer stated, "More native born Americans need to know this story and more importantly appreciate our country as she did." Another said, "The readers become engrossed immediately in Palladino's dynamic effervescent style."

David Palladino is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at inspirationalbookauthor@yahoo.com. 'Adriana Corderu, Quest for Freedom' is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Rosedog Books. More information including samples of the book are available at Palladino's website at http://www.inspirationalbookauthor.com.


David Michael Palladino writes inspirational fiction for young readers. His background helps him in crafting messages that resonate with young readers and teaches them important ideals and values. He utilizes engaging works of fiction to help instill these values.


David Michael Palladino