Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Memoir Of A Hedonistic Lifestyle - Author Jack Kregas Announces New Release, 'It's All About Me And A Few Others'

Kregas gives us an inside look at what happens when one avoids responsibility and lives life to the fullest

Author Jack Kregas has announced the release of 'It's All About Me and a few others'. Good memoirs are few and far between. Great memoirs fewer still. Kregas' book lies beyond both to create what could only be called an "adventure memoir".

While the book is autobiographical in nature, it reads more like a work of fiction. From early in his life, Jack stretched the boundaries, broke the boundaries, and for all practical purposes, just ignored the boundaries. The result is a life lived to the fullest, one that the rest of us can perhaps only read or dream about.

Jack chronicles his life of hedonistic pursuits, from the Army to St. Moritz and on to Verbier in the Swiss Alps, to the Atolls of Polynesia, to Hawaii and Australia. It is a life that has been lived full of fun without responsibilities, as many ladies as possible, while having the time and some luck to start successful businesses along the way. Jack spent winters in the Alps and summers windsurfing on Maui. He eventually left Verbier for Maui to live full time with his Australian wife and small daughter.

"I wrote this book," Kregas stated, "as a document to inform my aunt as to what I had done with my life.  When I told her I would send it to her she said, 'Don’t bother. I do not want to read it'. I then made it more explicit and into a book."

'It's All About Me' has received rave reviews. One reviewer called it "the single most entertaining book I have ever read." Another said, "I would recommend to anybody to read this book as it is written in a way that we can all relate to, even if the content is beyond us mere mortals." Another stated, " . . .  if anyone wants to emulate Jack's adventures, I bet it takes you 60 years to fit it all in and this is just chapter One . . ."

"Readers will enjoy this book," Kregas concluded, “It’s escapism for the reader with many diverse and almost unbelievable adventures.”

Jack Kregas is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at: jkregas@gmail.com 'It's All About Me' is available at Amazon and other book retailers. More information is available at his website at http://www.jackkregasbooks.com.

About Jack Kregas:

Jack Kregas was born in New England in the North East of the United States. After a stint in the US Army, he was discharged in Europe and the next forty years was spent skiing while living life to the max as well as creating several successful businesses.

After spending many winters in the Alps and summers windsurfing on Maui, Jack departed Switzerland for Maui full time with his Australian wife and small daughter. After five years he moved the family to Australia and became an Australian Citizen.

Jack now lives in Brisbane. He plays golf and travels much of the year to play in poker tournaments, his hobby of the last ten years. At present he has finished his first novel, 'Choice Cruise Lines', which is available now.  He is now working on book two of this autobiography: 'It's Not Only About Me'.


Jack Kregas