Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Online TV Show, 'Paint Yourself Into The Picture' To Air Beginning February 29, 2016

The new online television show features coach Reba Linker; it is offered and produced by Your Own University TV and VCN TV

A new online television show, 'Paint Yourself Into The Picture' will hit the airwaves beginning February 29, 2016. The show will be hosted by best-selling author and coach Reba Linker. The first episode features Barry Selby, professional speaker, # 1 best-selling author and relationship transformation expert.

When we look outside ourselves for what we desire, we tend to forget that our happiness comes from within. When we don’t plan our roles in the correct way, we either get run over by the momentum of the thing –  burnout – or we become scared to embark on any new project. Yet there is no need to give up our dreams and high hopes – nor should we have to.

The 'Paint Yourself Into the Picture' program is designed to help viewers create not only what they want, but also the experience that they wish  to have – how they hope to feel while moving into new areas of experience. Viewers will learn how to create a bright vision of a new life, and let that be the blueprint for moving forward.

Coach Reba says: “All our dreams are there for a reason, and all our dreams have the potential for success, the key is in the execution. It is extremely important how we go about creating our dreams into reality, in other words, how we ‘paint ourselves into the picture’ for the best and happiest results. The right kind of preparation can make all the difference.”

Coach Reba’s first guest, Barry Selby, known as the Love Doctor to his friends and clients, is a professional speaker, # 1 best-selling author and relationship transformation expert. Barry wanted to increase his business outreach to include large speaking engagements, but first he needed to learn how to "paint himself into the picture" for greater success.

As the author of a number of inspiring books, Reba’s recent bestseller, ‘Imagine Self-Love: A Journal,’ guides the reader to strengthen the relationship with the self, and see all relationships thrive. Readers say:

“Commit to the work in this journal and you’re committing to going full-steam ahead on the powerful train to self-compassion. Deep and meaningful changes ahead!”

“Looking to love you more? Reba’s book will transform your love for you. The layout of the journal, I love. Each writing prompt will help you embrace your love for you in a simple way. The action steps are easy to do and support your process. There is much to love about this book.”

The book is now expanded into an online course, "9 Self-Love Keys to Change Your Life," and it is offered for a limited time on a pay-what-you-wish basis through the Daily OM - it’s a great opportunity to dip your toes (or dive deep!) into the self-love waters!

Her ‘Little Book of Manifesting Big', gives readers the tools to practice conscious, deliberate manifesting. This inspirational book for women has received rave reviews:

“If you thought you knew everything there is to know about manifesting, think again. In this, short, sweet, powerful book Reba unleashes some gems you don’t want to miss."

“The Little Book of Manifesting Big takes on a huge topic and makes it simple, manageable and doable. In it, Reba Linker shows how we truly do create our own reality!”

“I loved loved loved it…I felt as though I were hearing these words from a good friend.”

Reba Linker is also the author of Amazon Kindle bestseller 'Follow the Yarn' available on Amazon and a children’s book, 'The Compost Heroes: A (Mostly) True Fable for Modern Times', which was endorsed by folksinger Pete Seeger, available only through her website at

Reba is also a featured writer for Huffington Post. All of her articles can be viewed at

Reba Linker is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at The premier episode of 'Paint Yourself Into The Picture' is available at 'The Little Book of Manifesting Big', is available at and wherever books are sold online. More information is available at her website at

About Reba Linker:

Reba Linker is a master teacher, bestselling author, and life coach who leads clients on the path of self-love to a happier and more fulfilling way of life. Having created a million dollar brick and mortar business, and taken on extensive creative projects, Coach Reba is an expert in making dreams come true, working both with inner and with outer strategies and problem-solving. She helps her clients with both sides of the equation: making stuff happen in bold and satisfying ways, and developing that inner harmony that makes the experience of our achievements a true joy.

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