Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Permanent Peace Of Mind Through The Moran Method: James Anthony Moran Announces 2016 Tour Of US

James Anthony Moran has acquired knowledge that has the potential to change life in amazing ways and to lead others to a state of permanent peace of mind via the Moran Method

Author and speaker James Anthony Moran's goal is to provide knowledge that leads people to a state of permanent peace of mind. To this end he has developed a unique and powerful approach entitled The Moran Method.

The Moran Method is based on the concept of four worlds or states. These are:

* The Spiritual World
* The Soul World
* The Physical World
* The Virtual World

When out of balance, people experience mind states that lead directly to negative perceptions and experiences. Peace of mind is the natural result of achieving better balance across these states.

"Today we live in primarily the physical world and the virtual world," Moran stated. "Beyond both the virtual and the physical worlds lies the natural world which is interconnected and in relationship with the invisible spiritual world. As individuals and as a species we need that soul connection with the natural world which will also connect us with the invisible spiritual world. At a deep and fundamental level, we are souls here on planet earth having the human experience."
"Before the material or virtual worlds came into being, our ancestors who lived at that time knew the natural world as well as the spiritual world because those were the only worlds in existence at that time. At a deep and fundamental level, we are powerful, spiritual beings but we need to awaken to this fact. ‘Awakening’ is all about developing an ‘awareness’ of who we really are."

"Right now humanity is at a crossroads because if we see ourselves as just physical beings we are in a spiritless world and we can see the damage this has done to humanity; other life forms as well as the living earth. If we enter the domain of the virtual world we are entering a soulless world. Already we see in this world that some people are losing that vital living connection with others, but most of all, have no idea about the benefits of reconnecting with the living earth. Is this to be the destiny for the human species – spiritless, soulless beings trapped in a matrix of their own making? Or, are we going to take the responsibility to look at ourselves genuinely and honestly?"

Moran offers a host of resources that can help put one on the path to permanent peace of mind. The James Anthony Moran Channel is now on Pivotshare and at his website. There are two series of videos available, with more added monthly. The free videos include "James Anthony Presents His Personal Story & Research to Local Irish Community" - This is the recording of his most recent event where he presented his personal story and an overview of his research to date. The event was live streamed at the time and now is available on this channel.

The other free video available is entitled "A Historic Message From A Remarkable Irish Man" - This video details the 9 aspects of the mind and how when activated, the individual begins to experience another world beyond the physical. This video is unique, original and universal and is based on a lifetime of research and discovery. It is a breakthrough video in the field of consciousness.

Moran was also recently interviewed by Limerick 95FM Radio, and was featured in a Limerick Post article (

James currently offers a number of services for those who hope to create permanent peace of mind:

Skype one-to-one consultations

A subscription video library 

The opportunity to work with James over a 3 or 10-day period from the months of May through to September 2016. 

One-to-one packages, arranged on location in Ireland over a 3-day period.

Group packages up to a maximum of five people at a time, arranged on location in Ireland over a 10-day period. Activities will be focused on the development of a permanent peace of mind. This will be an opportunity to experience a unique perspective as well as experience the deep spiritual heritage that Ireland has to offer.

In the words of Dr. Cathal O’Connell, Director of Applied Social Studies at University College Cork, Ireland, "James Anthony is a devout believer in sharing his knowledge with others. Truly, it is the story of one who is on a remarkable journey."

He now firmly believes that his purpose lies in passing on the knowledge he possesses to those individuals who are finding the challenges of life difficult. Down through the years he has worked with people from all walks of life and he strongly believes that the answers people seek are within themselves.

Moran will tour the US later in 2016. His book, 'Irish Spirit Rising: The Journey', will be available late in 2016.

James Anthony Moran is available for media interviews, speaking engagements and consultations. He can be reached using the information below or by email at More information, including client booking information, a media kit and video samples, is available at his website at

About James Anthony Moran:

Graduating from University College Cork Ireland with a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in 1997, James Anthony began to look at the whole idea of how change affects people. What he has now drawn from his soul searching escapades is a body of knowledge garnered from a variety of life experiences, as well as a study of various disciplines in relation to the effects of consciousness on the ongoing evolutionary development of the human species, as well as all other life forms which includes the living earth. In June 2014, his research was validated as original, unique and universal by University College Cork.


James Anthony Moran